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Amal Clooney meets Hamailok Dizayee in London 17.06.2016

2016-06-17 20.38.48

Amal Clooney met yesterday Hamailok Dizayee and the Ambassador of Iraq in London.

British Ambassador d. Saleh Al-Tamimi Bamahamah  met lawyer Amal Clooney specialized in international law, criminal law and human rights, and Mr. Luis Ocampo, former chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court and director of the organization Yazda in the United Kingdom and a group of lawyers specialists. They exchanged views and discuss relevant issues related to the protection of human rights and the need to highlight the entity Daesh terrorist crimes against Iraqis and the criminalization of acts of his and held accountable by the crimes committed in Iraq.

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With the lady herself #amalclooney

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Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a

floral scalopped floral suit


from the Pre-Spring 2016 collection

Here a similar jacket

100% silk

was available at Moda Operandi


Here a shirt with the same print

available at Harrods £725

5190324 (1)


Amal’s skirt is currently available here at Saks Fith Avenue :


Embroidered Pencil Skirt

on sale $350

0400088940583 0400088940583_A2 0400088940583_A1

11 thoughts on “Amal Clooney meets Hamailok Dizayee in London 17.06.2016

    1. Interesting print. It might be slightly overwhelming for top and bottom. Printed top/solid bottom or solid top/printed bottom. Not so sure the cut of this item compliments Amal to the fullest. Just seems like a look that the designer threw her way to wear, rather than Amal saying, “I gotta have this”. To me it doesn’t look like something she would pick for herself. I’m going with a designer throwing it at her to wear. 🙂


  1. Just cause it’s a designer label does not mean it is a good look. This outfit is horrific – she looks like an old lady.


    1. Valli Fashion is always extreme. Sometimes only great and sometime horrible. Often too short, like the wedding dress etc. but this dress is no highlight.


  2. The print looks like the iris flower, but orange. Very busy. Floral prints are totally in & I love them, but this isn’t the most tastefully selection of botanical prints out there. Just my own opinion. It reminds me of an outfit you forget in the back of your closet b/c you only wore it once, then when you rediscover it years later you think, “what was I thinking when I bought this? Or I can’t believe I wore this” !! Frompy keeps resurfacing in my mind, too.


  3. I’m sorry but for me it’s a no. Too boxy, too busy. The colour is ok, but the rest is too conservative…sorry, again.


  4. Hi Nati. This is a comment I often see here and that is that Amal receives designer clothes for free. I can’t remember that you or anybody else for that matter ever specifically responded to such comments with fact based information. If so, I apologies for being repetitive but would still appreciate a revisit on this. If true, what are the rules such as does she receive such clothes for free and can decide if she wants to wear them or not? If she does not wear them or after she has worn them, must clothes be returned? I never see her wearing the same thing twice (which means if she does not return clothes she must have a HUGE wardrobe!). Many celebrities have a working wardrobe and a private wardrobe and especially in their private wardrobe they may repeatedly wear same thing. Also, looking at Duchess of Cambridge: she recycles many of her favourite outfits but I really can’t remember if I have ever seen Amal recycle anything.


  5. Don’t like the dress at all. The busy print is overwhelming her and is exhausting just to look at. It also looks uncomfortable with the high neckline, boxy cut, and what appears to be a heavy fabric.


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