Amal Clooney talking to BBC Azeri today in Oscar de La Renta



Amal Clooney will speak today on BBC Azeri about human rights and persecution of journalists.

In May, the government will present his arguments to the European Court of Human Rights in the Khadija Ismayilova case.
On last week Amal Clooney met at the White House US senators to support her in the Khadija Ismayilova case.
She noted that the Congress  introduced a “violation of human rights” bill on sanctions against Azerbaijani officials .
You can watch the full interview with her today.

Full video on BBC

and on BBC Azeri


BBC News – Amal Clooney on human rights in Azerbaijan, and US politics

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New BBC video Amal Clooney: Donald Trump should be challenged on his views about Muslims


In a BBC video, Amal Clooney says she is perplexed by the success of Donald Trump in the race for the White House.
She says the front runner for the Republican presidential nomination should be challenged on his extreme views.


Amal Clooney meets Senator Mark Kirk in Michael Kors 22.04.2016


Amal Clooney meets Senator Mark Kirk to receive support for the Khadija Ismayilova case.


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Linkage :

Doughty Street International

Press Release: New filing Khadija Ismayilova v. Azerbaijan at European Court

Amal Clooney in Christian Dior at Capitol Hill for the Khadija Ismayilova case 21.04.2016


Amal Clooney met yesterday Congressman Jim McGovern, Senator John McCain, Senator Cardin and the US State Department to receive support in the Khadjia Ismayilova case.

“Our world is safer when journalists have the freedom to expose corruption and hold the powerful accountable,” McGovern said, according to an emailed statement, “and that is exactly what Khadija Ismayilova did in Azerbaijan. I am proud to join Amal Clooney in the push to free Khadija and urge the White House and every member of Congress to join me in this effort.” Washington Post



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Linkage :

Congressman Jim McGovern’s office and contact

Doughty Street International

Press Release: New filing Khadija Ismayilova v. Azerbaijan at European Court

Amal Clooney in Giambattista Valli at the Hillary Clinton Fundraiser 17.04.2016

George Clooney and Amal Clooney co-hosted a fundraising dinner for Democratic presidential candidate and party frontrunner Hillary Clinton. The event was attended by Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia De Rossi, Jane Fonda, Anna Wintour and The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons.

Amal Clooney wore a maxi dress with a black and white trimmed bodice and colorful, floral skirt by Giambattista Valli and blue earrings.

Anastasia Soare, founder of beauty brand Anastasia Beverly Hills, was also present and posted some photos and videos on her Snapchat.


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pictures via People Magazine and Anastasia BeverlyHills

Linkage : People Magazine article

Amal Clooney in Altuzarra for the New Friends New Life Wings Luncheon in Dallas 14.04.2016


Picture via Shelly Slater

Amal Clooney took her first trip to Dallas to stand up for those sold into slavery throughout the world.

She spoke before a sold-out crowd at the annual New Friends New Life luncheon on Thursday at the Hilton Anatole.

The event raised more than $1 million for the anti-trafficking organization, which offers counseling, housing and other services to 1,400 formerly trafficked teens and women every year.

Amal Clooney discussed international human trafficking, crimes against journalists and how her passion makes her good at her job. The conversation was moderated by WFAA-TV (Channel 8) anchor Shelly Slater.

Though the conversation occasionally drifted to the topic of Clooney’s husband, actor George Clooney, she remained focused on the fact that 27 million people are enslaved throughout the world.

Clooney said that if nonprofits can make a difference to just one woman, the work is worth it.

“A lot I’m hearing about what New Friends New Life does is giving hope, bringing hope to them just to show you’re there,” she said. “It’s about being resilient and not giving up.”

Clooney said her passion motivates her work in human rights.

“The reason I’m doing the cases I do is because I’m emotional about them,” she said. “I don’t think a woman should apologize for that any more than a man should.”

Clooney said she doesn’t believe in starting a career with a long-term plan. It’s better to see where the work takes you, she said. But she praised a student from Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School for already knowing what she wants to do.

“I’ve offered her an internship just as soon as she gets her law degree,” Clooney joked.

The student, Samantha Casas, has worked on anti-trafficking projects and spoke before Clooney. Casas emphasized the importance of helping victims of sexual trafficking.

“Without an organization like New Friends New Life, they may never know what it means to be educated, to be loved, to be free,” said Casas, who wants to follow in Clooney’s footsteps.

Amal Clooney said knowledge about the issues is important, which is why she said she works so hard to free journalists imprisoned in countries with few free-speech protections.

“We need them to be able to tell us what’s happening in the world,” she said.

That information, Amal Clooney said, has kept her from supporting businesses or countries that allow slavery of women.

–> Source  The Dallas Morning News


Amal Clooney quotes :

Her first trip to Texas was slightly more stressful.
“When I was coming here, I thought about my first-ever trip to Texas. It started when I first began working as a lawyer in New York … I got a call from the assigning partner who said, ‘Yeah, have you ever heard of Enron?’ The next day, my clients were on the front page of The New York Times, and I was working for the next two years in Houston. That was my introduction to Texas, so it’s nice being here in Dallas under much more pleasant and less stressful circumstances.”

Public life has changed dramatically since her high-profile wedding
Despite the luncheon’s heavy topic, Clooney spoke often with a sense of humor.
“As a barrister, sometimes here in America I am asked, ‘What’s it like working in the coffee industry?'”
She relayed stories then of living under an entirely new — and often bizarre — microscope. Like the snarky time Vanity Fair posted a photo of her wearing a traditional barrister’s wig next to George Washington and asked Who Wore It Best?
“Fortunately, I won … purely on the basis that I have better teeth,” she joked.

There has been a defining moment for her work.
When she was 24, she assisted Judge Patrick Robinson on trial against former president of Serbia, Slobodan Milosevic, who was accused of war crimes and genocide.
“It showed that no one is above the law, and since then, other heads of state have been brought to trial,” she said. “It set a new stage of international justice that hadn’t been met in 50 years.”

Her most dangerous work has been “worth it.”

Clooney discussed cases that took her on immensely dangerous journeys throughout highly insecure areas that required immense safety measures, but she says it is the “extraordinary survivors” there that drive her work.
“Around 2005, I was in Beirut in a compound with four check points and at the fourth, there was a massive crater the guard could climb into to inspect the undercarriage of vehicles for bombs,” she said, describing one of the most treacherous. “I was there for my 30th birthday and people would ask, ‘So, you left a job in a New York … in a law office … for this?'”

—> More quotes and source here


Part of the event was live on Periscope






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Pictures The Dallas Morning News / Twitter

Amal Clooney spotted in Manning Cartell and Giambattista Valli in New York 13.04.2016

amal purple

On Thursday Amal Clooney was spotted leaving her hotel in New York City, in a bright white suit, lila sunglasses and zebra jumper.

Amal Clooney always manages to captivate us with her power wardrobe.

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