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Amal Clooney in Giambattista Valli at the Hillary Clinton Fundraiser 17.04.2016

George Clooney and Amal Clooney co-hosted a fundraising dinner for Democratic presidential candidate and party frontrunner Hillary Clinton. The event was attended by Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia De Rossi, Jane Fonda, Anna Wintour and The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons.

Amal Clooney wore a maxi dress with a black and white trimmed bodice and colorful, floral skirt by Giambattista Valli and blue earrings.

Anastasia Soare, founder of beauty brand Anastasia Beverly Hills, was also present and posted some photos and videos on her Snapchat.


Style Files

Amal Clooney wore

a top with a maxi skirt



Hiver 2014-2015



And earrings by


Opal and diamonds earrings


Beauty Files

Rod Ortega, celebrity hair stylist, made Amal Clooney’s hair with L’Oréal Studio products and T3 Micro dryer.

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pictures via People Magazine and Anastasia BeverlyHills

Linkage : People Magazine article

52 thoughts on “Amal Clooney in Giambattista Valli at the Hillary Clinton Fundraiser 17.04.2016

  1. Not as I expected but nice , no glamor just a simple dress .
    I wish her a happy life.
    And the woman in red dress (next to Emma Watson) is probably shocked by the heels .


  2. I don’t think I like the black top matched with such a colourful skirt. The form, fit and style all look odd to my eye. She has worn much prettier ensembles at previous functions.

    The makeup is lovely. Understated and elegant. Not garish this time.


  3. I hope Amal thanks her stylist for the extra attention to detail. Did you notice the skirt blended with the floral arrangements AND Hilary Clinton’s gold coat. Strangely enough I think Amal often gets the earrings wrong – and I think what she has chosen here is a good example. I imagine the earrings are what she chooses herself and show that quirky side she is supposed to have


  4. What a beautiful outfit for Amal. Everything is understated and elegant including her makeup. I just love Amal when she looks herself. Thanks Nati Beautiful

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      1. I actually believe that this is a maxi dress from what I have been reading. When people wear a top and skirt the fabric moves when they are standing next to someone, especially with their arms around someone and nothing moves. Not even the waist band on the top. If it is two items please share the two items on the GV web site.


  5. The skirt is lovely, but I’m not too keen with the style of the top. I like black with floral, but something is just off. Earrings don’t look good with the ensemble.


  6. Love the natural look on her- very mild makeup and simple- it suits her so much better than the bold colors they often do her makeup in. THe dress was perfect for the California weather we have been having. this dress accents her torso perfectly!


  7. I love this look. It’s a combo of casual and formal. Perfection in my book. Her choice of presidential candidates , not so much.


  8. I like both the skirt and the top, but not together. But so what? Amal is lovely in it and she makes it work. Her make-up is perfect. I like this soft look on her.


  9. In the one picture, she is standing next to a blond with a white silk like top…that would have really been elegant and informal if paired with the skirt.


  10. Nati: Be careful that you do not print the Esquire Magazine article until we know for certain that the article is real. Already it is sounding suspicious.


      1. Nati:

        What Jackson means, is that you shouldn’t pick up this story until it’s clear that it plays out positively in the press. I find it so interesting that George, Amal’s husband, is publically gushing about his great marriage (again) after the bad press from hosting an obscenely expensive, patrician political fundraiser for Hilary Clinton in recent days. The release of the Esquire article is pure PR to deflect off negative PR for the fund raiser…IMO.


      2. Amelie : Have you heard about the movie monster money ??? george clooney and julia roberts are making the promotion of the movie


  11. Amelie,
    I have to agree. George and Amal are beautiful to watch but I also feel the fundraiser was repugnant, obscene and against a democratic society’s base moral values – in my opinion, no amount of rhetoric or PR will make it less so. To associate themselves in this manner and open their home to this circus, to me, shows how far removed they are from the concerns of ‘commoners’. Politics and real world affairs are not their realm. I have no problem with actors and celebrity campaigners taking pretty photos, dressing nicely, lending their support to raise money for causes etc etc, as long as they’re aware that other people are doing the real and hard work and they’re just players or pawns on the periphery.
    This fundraiser causes me significant moral revulsion. It is wrong on every level.
    Neither George nor Amal have ever known poverty or economic disadvantage, despite their repeated assertions about their families’ economic migration to Britain and USA. Neither were refugees and both migrations occurred bce their families already were ladden with advantage and money. This fundraiser is simply out of touch with the reality of what families are experiencing across the U.S.
    Kind regards,
    Anna GC


    1. Anna: Wow, your comments are so harsh. We have a lot of very wealthy people in the US who give to important causes. Bill Gates comes to mind and we should all be grateful for his wealth and where he places it. He was not poor or a refugee (your criteria for why Amal and George should not be doing what they are doing). If wealthy people want to support a fundraiser to — hopefully — offset the possibility that someone like Trump or Cruz could be elected, or worse in my opinion, Sanders who has no plans whatsoever for his grandiose ideas, far be it from me to tell them not to support Hillary. We would not be in this predicament if the Supreme Court had not passed the Citizens United Act. It has remade how campaigns are run in the US. Instead of bemoaning what you think or feel is wrong, do what you can to overturn the Citizens United Act.


      1. Although I do not support Bernie Sander’s many socialist ideas, he is right about bringing government back to the people. He showed that a candidate can run thru garnering many small contributions and LOTS of work. As an aside-both he and former GOP candidate Rand Paul, are the only candidates with a clear ideology; they are also IMO two of the most earnest elected representatives in Congress. So no, $ is not the answer. Reducing the issue of excessive influence of $ in politics to Citizens United is simplistic.The Hillary fundraisers cosponsored by George & Amal Clooney were PR debacles and prime examples of the ‘haves’ trying exert political influence over the ‘have nots’.


      2. The real reason is Donald Trump. Do you think that your world will be safer with Donald Trump as president ? US made many mistakes in the past and the currently tragical situation in Irak and Syria is the result of G. Bush wrong decisions with an illegal war in Irak. UAE are bombing everyday the Yemen with US bombs. The real problem is not Amal or George.


      3. Nati:

        Aside from Trump running as a GOP candidate, he has nothing to do with U.S.foreign policy in the Middle East. I fully agree that U.S. intervention in IRAQ was a complete mistake. There never were any weapons of mass destruction. It’s a tragedy what has happened to this country and its people. Granted that was under Bush 43’s tenure, but Obama has likewise made many multiple foreign policy mistakes during his. For example, Syria and Libya. All of these miss steps have destabilized countries, cost thousands of lives, facilitated the growth of ISIS and IMO-not mentioned enough-helped eradicate the cultural history of Iraq.

        No one ever mentioned any of this in connection with George/Amal. There are different issues with them–one of which is using their money & George’s actor status to exert influence over U.S. elections & international issues. Does anyone believe that if the UN can’t come to agreement on how to address the refugee crisis,that G/A’s meeting with Merkel has somehow clarified the issues & identified a plan?And, I actually found it humorous that during G/A’s meeting with refugees in Berlin that George talked about the discrimination his Irish ancestors experienced in the U.S. (in fact every ethnic group coming to the U.S. has experienced this!) He didn’t appear to know the difference between a refugee (fleeing bombs and terrorism) and a migrant leaving their country for other reasons. I think the best way of characterizing their actions is that they are delving into waters that are not suited for their skills & talents.


      4. Nati:

        it’s not clear what your point is about Trump. But to clarify, Trump is financing his own campaign. That’s a huge distinction with buying influence vs a vs fundraisers for candidates. Also, I think it is worth mentioning that the notion of someone who is a citizen of Great Britain/Lebanon-not the U.S.- sponsoring fund raisers to influence the presidential campaign of another country is dubious at best.


      5. Nati:

        You continue to focus on Donald Trump for his position on issues and frankly, the discussion here is about influence peddling.

        To respond to several of your comments, the fact that Amal-a person who holds dual citizenship in the U.K. and Lebanon-is married to a U.S. citizen gives her no standing at all, i.e. she can’t vote; she cannot legitimately take part in the legal process in American that elects someone to the most influential government position in the country. Yet, she lobbies U.S. Congresspeople for her clients and cosponsors lavish fundraisers for U.S. presidential candidates. As I said before, this behavior is at best dubious. Your know in the U.S., professions in each state have practice acts that govern both the professional and personal behavior of those issued a professional license. I have really been wondering about the guidelines in the U.K. as I have observed her…


      6. The fundraiser for H. Clinton was organized by George Clooney. He already made the same action for Barack Obama. Finally Amal has the right to support him in his choices independently of her nationality.


      7. if we can Trust the German, English and American press, i fully agree to Nati’s comment. The only reason for all the Support for Hillary Clinton is just to avoid Trump being the President of the USA . His pronouncements in regards to Muslims, Mexicans, refugees etc. in Europe, especially here in Germany are obscene.
        The results of Violence due to Bush politics of wars are Even more wars, e.g. Syria and the establishment of ISIS.
        The humantarian Desaster is inconceivably.
        We, here in Europe have to cope with all the Problems, caused by this politics.

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    2. Anna, $350,000 dollars was given. Actually it was donated by one couple to be able to be seated at the same table as George & Amal and Bill & Hillary Clinton. That was the price tag: pay $350,000…get to sit with us. There was really negative press on TV and negative press toward George for going on TV stating the idea….”For $350,000 dollars, you get to sit at the table with Me & Amal and Bill & Hillary Clinton”.


      1. Amelie, Jacklyn, et al: You seem to be insinuating that big money influences outcomes. It certainly can, but if you think about it it is no different from Sanders “little money” that he brags about. The money Sanders brings in influences him and the direction he believes in for this country. There really is no difference in my mind. We do not see any evidence that the “big Hollywood” donors that gave to Hillary’s fund raiser have influenced her. We need a complete campaign overhaul in the US. Just choose a candidate and support the candidate.


  12. Beautiful looking Amal…simple and tres chic. Looking relaxed and just enjoying a fun evening out with her hubby. This lady can wear almost anything and make it work!

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  13. This is a wonderful combo! 🙂 For me, the black top draws my attention immediately to the skirt, which is light & airy, delicate & soft. I like it for this occasion because it’s not “overdone” or bold or a statement outfit. She dressed comfortably, instead of glam, red carpet, or Oscar. And I give it 2 thumbs up. Floral is the “IT” print right now; tops, pants, shorts, jackets, shoes, bags, hats, dresses, skirts, and, and, and. This skirt is a lovely floral piece. 🙂

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  14. What I especially love about this campaign is the fact that Sanders and Trump have encouraged conversation. Sanders has caused Hillary to “up her game”. It’s been a good challenge for her. It is encouraging her to be her best. Trump has caused everyone to “up their game”, too. Regardless of who is in what place. That’s life, too,…when one is challenged you want to “up your game”. You “want to win”. You want to “be your best self”. Regardless of party, regardless of views, regardless of what place they are in…..each party has been challenged. This is a good thing. May the best man or woman… 🙂


  15. Jacklyn: You and I must be watching a different MSNBC and reading a different NY Times. What are some examples of Sanders “upping Clinton’s game”? What are some examples of Trump “upping everyone’s game”? Trump has been such a disaster that he has embarrassed and alienated not only those of us who live in the US but also those who live abroad. That is not upping someone’s game nor is it being your best self. We just end apologizing for his offensive behavior.


  16. It’s nice to see what a great support they are to one another. If every marriage was like this, what a wonderful world this would be. 🙂 He supports all aspects of her life & interests and she supports all aspects of his life & interests. And they seem to have many joint interests. Their life is fulfilling, fun, and balanced. 🙂


  17. Nati, there is someone on this blog that continues to SHRED each and every person who obviously she does not agree with and/or does not think exactly how she thinks. I choose NOT to respond to such viciousness. However, I would appreciate if you would consider being more mindful of stopping this person from being so nasty (this is putting it mildly), to everyone. Every time you post something new, she is RIGHT THERE (it’s becoming predictable, actually because she is so easy to profile) to pounce, belittle, correct, interrogate 2-3 people each and every post. This person “sours” the blog. Always RIGHT THERE to pounce 2-3 people at each and every new post. It’s every time and all the time. Ten out of ten times I ignore this person because they seem/appear to be so detached from having the ability to be rational and sound. 10 times out of 10 times this person misconstrues, invents, fabricates, imagines, fantasizes, twists & turns what is being said or intended. This person has adopted an ongoing theme for herself TO ATTACK at every opportunity and window and opening that she/he can possibly get. They are becoming a real real real DRAG on this blog. It’s quite evident who the person is who keeps doing this each & every time you post something new. Again, he/she has become very predictable. Nasty in their thoughts and of their words to others. STOP IT!
    I am encouraging others on this blog who are often ridiculed, put down, criticized by this person to take the high road and IGNORE her/him. He/she is hungry for a response, but will get nothing out of me. I refuse to reduce myself to their level, nor will I. 🙂


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