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Amal Clooney talking to BBC Azeri today in Oscar de La Renta



Amal Clooney will speak today on BBC Azeri about human rights and persecution of journalists.

In May, the government will present his arguments to the European Court of Human Rights in the Khadija Ismayilova case.
On last week Amal Clooney met at the White House US senators to support her in the Khadija Ismayilova case.
She noted that the Congress  introduced a “violation of human rights” bill on sanctions against Azerbaijani officials .
You can watch the full interview with her today.

Full video on BBC

and on BBC Azeri


BBC News – Amal Clooney on human rights in Azerbaijan, and US politics

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Amal Clooney wore


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12 thoughts on “Amal Clooney talking to BBC Azeri today in Oscar de La Renta

  1. Amal is a great speaker and answered the questions intelligently. She’s right about the fact that Trump perpetuates a stereotype by insinuating that all Muslims/Mexicans (a.k.a.”they”) seeking immigration are a danger to the US. (That would be equivalent to a Syrian political candidate warning his citizens that Westerners are likely to shoot up their schools.) I thought Amal was very kind in her description of Trump’s racism… I don’t think I could be near as tactful.

    Also watch for the (not so) subliminal imagery in Trump’s first political ad (“Cut the Head Off Isis”)
    he shows two portraits, a man and a woman in a turban and hijab, looking sinister, and as their images fade, destruction from a bombing appears in their place… the portraits and horrific scene are actually overlapping for a second. This literally attaches all “Muslims” with terrorism. He also perpetuates fear… the same ad shows a hoard of illegal immigrants (which I think we are to believe are Mexican) charging the border. The footage was actually taken from Morocco.

    As well, he tweeted “statistics” which is totally false. (Note the way a black person is portrayed.)

    I could go on and on about his backward beliefs (like it’s okay for a husband to rape his wife) but this is a style blog, so I’ll say this — Amal looks ever more pretty on video than in photos!


  2. Great texture in this Oscar de la Renta skirt & jacket. Nice top, as well. (but slightly “scary” to see the top of her arm near her shoulder is the same diameter as her wrist/forearm. Kind of scary thin). Pretty hair style & make up. Who can ever go wrong with Oscar de la Renta?! Classy. 🙂


    1. Jacklyn- I’m not seeing what you are seeing. Which photo shows her shoulder and wrist so we can see what you are referring to? I am not able to take a measurement from two different static photos of the circumference of the upper arm and the wrist.


  3. Fascinating interview with Amal:

    AMAL: “I just step in when they can’t really speak for themselves”

    She knows she has power and pull of a very unique kind due to the media attention generated by her marriage. Whilst this opens up a hornet’s nest of ethical, moral and legal issues, I just hope she remains on the good guys’ side!! And after this journalist is released, I hope she starts working on bringing attention to the other 19 women political prisoners on Samantha Power’s “FreeThe20” Campaign (Khadija Ismayilova is one of the 20). Imagine Samantha Power and Amal on the same team….wow!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for sharing this link Anna. Its really very interesting her interviews on radio ( i think this is what this was) vs in person on camera. She is more relaxed – and less tense then she appears when on camera. I dont think she is really into all the lights and cameras- she has a job and wants to do it. the fact that she is pretty, has a great fashion sense and oh lets not forget shes married to Clooney catches the attention. It was interesting listening to her tone and expression without seeing her on camera.

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  4. Anastasia, i fully agree. As a German i will be grateful to America for the support After world war II forever , but due to Trump a lot of Friends and myself don’t have the interest in visiting that wonderful Country again. It is a shame, that he Can make These hate speeches (incitement of masses). Mexicans are good enough to do the Dirty work of a very rich society. Read the Book from T.C. Boyle, America. Sometimes he reminds of somebody who convinced the Germans centuries ago, that jewish people are rats. The results are well known i hope. In regards to refugees, especially from syria, he should keep his mouth, too. Due to the wars initiated by America, e.g. Iraq etc. the middle East is that instabile and which Country tries to be human? We Germans. We try to cope with the masses of refugees and Trump says: our chancellor is stupid and naive, that we help these poor people.

    Sorry, that man is very dangerous

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  5. JACKSON, I am going to ask for you to NOT comment on anything I have to say. If you wish to look at Nati’s daily posts and comment DIRECTLY to Nati’s posts of Amal’s latest fashion viewing, then feel free to do so. Focus your attention on the fashion, accessories, hair & make up of Amal that Nati posts each & every time, which is the sole purpose of this blog. DO NOT ADDRESS ME OR ANYTHING I HAVE TO SAY. I am not interested in responding to, corresponding with, or any type of communication with you. I am fully making this known to you, therefore there will be no reason for you to ATTEMPT to communicate with me. You have been very nasty to many people on this blog: Amelie, Anna, Soll, Fredisthere. I am not interested in responding to/answering to you in any way shape or form. If you continue to do so, then it will be interpreted that you are attempting to agonize & provoke. Use discipline and self-control. STOP!

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