We love Amal’s style. She is brillant and so stylish. I share the news and IDs on this website. If you take information from this website please share the source too. Thank you !photo 2


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  1. Please advise what handbag Amal was carrying in the pictures published in the daily mail newspaper today when she is boarding a flight



  2. Hi I would like to know about her black sunglasses.. also there is new pics of her all in black with white pants could you ID those as well!!! she is simply amazing


  3. I’ve been trying to find out for AGES where Amal’s beautiful brown tote is from but can’t seem to! She’s worn it quite a lot and she was wearing it at the Global Summit to end sexual violence on 12th June 2014. Any answers very greatly appreciated!!


      • There are plenty of pics of her hair natural — it’s very pretty. Check out the pics when they were on safari, traveling in Africa, at the beach, some in restaurants.


  4. hooray!!! very excited for this blog! just thought I would pass along that my BFF who is also enamored of Amal’s style (and she works in high fashion) had a fab idea for your guys. your name and URL should be Amal Almanac. 😉 can’t wait for the wedding gown photos!!


  5. Hi, i would like to know the designer of that simple beige dress she wore at the airport of milan, she was with her mother the 25-06-2014, thank you!


  6. The photo Amal and De la Renta at her fitting for THE DRESS is on page 330 of the October Vogue Magazine and it’s rather fabulous; understated and demure, but, body conscious.


  7. She made a fabulous choice selecting Oscar de la Renta! Everything he does is so feminine, ruffled, and pretty. My prediction is the dress was long, tight, figure flattering, but with dimension and some intricate detail. I’m picturing lots of eyelet-like lace design. And my guess will be that she wore her hair down, rather than an updo. Any guesses or predictions anyone? I’m anxious to hear her talk…trying to imagine the accent she would have being born in Beirut, but raised British. 🙂


  8. You managed to ID the bag, hooray!!! Did you manage to ID her colourful flat pinklewicker shoes (black and white with colour that she wore with brightly coloured pants and black jacket top) as yet?? I can not find the shoes anywhere.

    Oh and she changed her name to Clooney, according to her company website at Doughty Street Chambers in London.


    Oh and thanks for posting her lipstick colour, I bought it today as I love it so much, so thanks for finding out what it was called.


      • Hi Nat,

        I’ve probably spent about two hours in total trying to find those shoes. I’ve checked out five individual designer websites, three sites that have a range of designers on them, then also I googled ‘black and white spats’ ‘black and white oxford shoes’ ‘black and white winkle pickers’ and a lot of variations of this with orange heels or red laces, I mean, I spent ages looking at Shopping on Google and also on Images. You can tell I really want to know huh, lol. I love your site. Keep up the good work. 🙂


    • ‘Supremely self-confident’ – wow. Yes she looks it. I’ve watched a couple of her TV interviews, seen all her photos and then her talking and walking on the news and you just get a sense this is correct. In such a nice way you can tell she is a happy woman inside and it’s that which gives this confidence. It’s like beauty from the inside. I only know one or two of the girls from school who came out like this. It’s so beautiful, I wish I was like this. I am confident but not in the all encompassing happy way Amal is. I expect that her parents had a lot to do with it and her mother a foreign editor role model too. Plus Amal got to grow up in London with her parents there too and work in London with her parents living nearby too. Something a lot of young graduates in London don’t have the luxury of having parents nearby and it makes a big difference. Both Amal and George are children of journalists too.


  9. This is a terrific blog. I do greatly admire Amal’s eclectic, bold and confident fashion sense. Especially in the accessories she chooses to complete her look. Love the the background you provided on Sara’s Bags. Was really interesting. Have a question. Her hairdresser said in an interview that he has been doing Amal’s hair for about a year now and it was Anna Wintour who suggested him to Amal. Any background on how Amal may have known Anna?


  10. Nati, I don’t know how to contact you by email or any other way, so I’m leaving this comment on the “About” page; it seems to be a kind of all-purpose page.

    I wanted to say in a private email that I find it simultaneously amazing, fascinating, and disturbing that so many people are leaving bitchy comments at several of the posts. I mean, it was bad enough that they took apart Every Single Stitch of everything Amal’s ever worn, that they impugned her credentials, maligned her taste, belittled her intelligence and accomplishments, and even criticized the fact that she inspired Halloween costumes. Now they’re bitching about the type of candy used in the wedding favors!

    I really don’t know what to make of such people. Maybe we need to ask a shrink. You have such a beautiful blog and give so much information out to people, yet they respond by carping and sniping. Why don’t they go over to one of the supermarket rags or on-line tabloids to spew their venom?

    Anyway, thanks, as always, for your blog!


  11. Hello, I love Amal’s style too, I was so excited when I saw your blog, thank you for sharing all the photos. I was wondering if you know the ID for the brown-olive-ish sunglass Amal worn after the wedding (the ones she worn with the flower dress) in Venice, I think it was the day after the wedding, it’s like a cateye shape. I want to get a pair for my dearest friend for her birthday, I was wondering if you might know and could point me to the right direction.
    Thank you for sharing – love your blog and happy holidays to you.


  12. Nati hello, please what happened with the Amal’s blog, I cant’ open the page? Try to see what wrong? Waiting your answer as soon as? Tks
    Today 19th March.


      • From the many posts of Amal’s clothing and style pre-George, I thought you were interested in her style pre-George and while married to George. Please clarify. And, may I ask why you removed the link I included to the pale pink coat and your policy on links to other sites? I thought links were okay, such as the link to the Daily Mail below. And, why do you think this image is pre-George? Given the paparazzi in the background, it would suggest this is a fairly recent image, although I grant you there’s no date associated with it and the paparazzi may be photographing someone nearby. Just curious.


  13. How much does it cost to dress like Amal Clooney? It’s not cheap…
    AOL.com Apr 9th 2015 7:04AM

    …The 37-year-old’s latest head-turning look came on Tuesday, when she stunned in an eye-catching orange Gucci top and a matching tan belted Gucci skirt in New York City. Pairing the ensemble with a chic pair of nude heels, it’s safe to say she pulled off this retro ’70s look flawlessly.

    …The Gucci top — which has a detachable python leather collar — is $995 alone, while the Gucci pencil skirt will set you back $850.

    And we’re not even counting the accessories. Her black Balenciaga bag retails for $2,025, while her L.K. Bennett pumps are $205, making the total outfit a whopping $4,075.

    In February, Amal celebrated her first Valentine’s Day as a married woman in $178 Citizens of Humanity skinny jeans and a show-stopping $3,990 Saint Laurent suede fringed cape. Paired with a $390 Akong London rhinestone necklace, $1,595 Gucci snakeskin ankle booties and a $1,650 crocodile Nancy Gonzalez clutch, this look will set you back $7,803.

    …Amal was stunning in a white sleeveless Stella McCartney jumpsuit on a double date with journalists Tina Brown and Sir Harold Evans’ in New York City on Friday, but it’s her amazing Versace Suede Zip-Up Palazzo Boots — which retails for $1380 — that really stole the show. Along with her glam waves – seriously, her hair is giving Kate Middleton a run for her money – and her $245 Sarah’s Bag “Safety Pin” bag, Amal looked like a million bucks.

    This all adds up to a grand total of $13,503 — and that’s just for two and a half of her most recent looks!

    Comment on the Internet:

    …gerald_fleck1: All the hungry kids are looking at it like “dang, that is a lot of Subway samiches we could have had”

    My comment:

    Amal’s 2-1/2 outfits could have provided a Subway lunch (estimated at $6 including tax) for 2,250 hungry kids. At an estimated $5,401 per outfit (not including underwear, make-up, skin care, hair care, manicures, pedicures…) and assuming she wears 1 such outfit per day for 5 days/week and 2 outfits /2 days per week (this doesn’t include work-out clothes, robes, etc.), that’s a whopping $48,611 per week or 8,102 $6 Subway lunches. And, since she rarely wears clothes twice, that’s $194,444 per month and more than $2,333,328+ (haute couture for red carpet events, coats, hats, etc. are not included) annually or more than 388,888 lunches for hungry kids.

    When I look at pictures of Amal, I see a vain, arrogant, extremely ambitious woman who chose to defend monsters like al Senussi and the King of Bahrain, not the media darling her PR people are working hard to create.


    • Dear DW, eonline steal everything from my page and published wrong IDs too. It is her money. If you don’t like her, stay away and use your time and energy for a positive action.


      • Amal’s weekly clothing expenses are slightly less than the 2013 annual median household income; which means she spends more on clothes annually than 52 average (median) American families make per year.

        If I’ve made at least one person who reads this at least think about how the top 1% of the top 1% amass and spend wealth (when they could be using their wealth and position to make positive change in the world), I’ve done a positive thing.

        Nati, the “celebrities” you list above don’t purport to be and use the media to pass themselves off as humanitarians; they are what they are.


    • Anyone in the public eye, especially one who makes the clothes look so good and gets her clothes so scrutinized in the press, has designers sending them loads of clothes for free. Stella McCartney is a friend of hers, so I’m sure she’s not walking into stores and paying retail. I’m sure the vast majority of these clothes are given to her by the designers — you can’t buy that kind of advertising, and everything she wears promptly sells out.


  14. We are interested in doing an interview with you for Entertainment Tonight about your site. What’s the best way to reach you? Thanks


  15. Hi Nati, I’ve been following your blog almost from the beginning and I was wondering how you came with the idea of doing a blog about her. I saw that your very first post was from may 2013 and I wanted to know how and when you first heard of her?
    Thank you!


  16. Hi I posted a comment to your most recent post last night. I wanted to ask if you would please not publish. I was tired when I decided I was tired of the kind of commentary that was appearing 🙂 On reflection I really do not want to engage with this person in any way. I would very grateful if you would just delete my comment.


  17. Hey Nati, I’m originally from China, and I’m now a law student in Australia. I want to start a microblog on Weibo (the counterpart of Twitter in China, and Twitter is blocked there) to introduce Amal’s style and work relating to Human Rights law. I wonder if I could use some pictures and maybe quotes from your blog. I will cite your site every time I do so. Please let me know if you feel it’s not appropriate.

    I am personally interested in international human rights law, and I want to raise more awareness of the relevant issues in China. I guess, Amal may not like this, but many people are first attracted to her style and then to her work. Thus I’m planing to introduce both so as to make the microblog more interesting and attractive than a serious legal blog.

    Please let me know if you will give me the permission to use materials from your site. Thank you very much!


  18. Hi there – can someone tell me where is this blue suit from that Amal wore in the Maldives (from blog from 21 September 2015):


  19. I found an amazing look a like dress the other for the stripe Dolce and Gabana dress Amal wore in Venice just before the wedding http://www.portmans.com.au/shop/en/portmans/dresses-portmans/sorrento-striped-poplin-dress I would love to know if you have found any look a like dresses lately, even if off Ali express for the Stella McCartney Petra dress or floral Michael Kors carwash dress she wore recently or the obsession print Alexander McQueen dress

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  20. Do you know the brand of the handbag Amal was carrying while leaving Paris last weekend? It was the floral & black leather satchel. Thanks in advance!


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