Nadia Murad and Amal Clooney meet Joao Vale de Almeida EU Ambassador to the United Nations New York 15.09.2016



Nadia Murad and Amal Clooney meet today the Ambassador of the European Union to the United Nations, Joao Vale de Almeida. De Almeida was joined by Sebastiano Cardi, Italian Ambassador to the United Nations and Per Thoeresson, Representative of Sweden to the UN.

The principal main was human trafficking and Daesh crimes againt the Yazidis and other minorities.




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Pictures via Twitter feed


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21 thoughts on “Nadia Murad and Amal Clooney meet Joao Vale de Almeida EU Ambassador to the United Nations New York 15.09.2016

  1. I’ve already commented in the previous post on how inappropriate I think her outfits are for these meetings…the flowers…just no! (Don’t get me wrong, the dress is beautiful and looks fab on her but as someone said – for a garden party)

    My one comment for this post is that it was nice to see her hair up for once as she rarely wears it that way these days. Though I think she needed more hairspray to keep things tidy.


  2. Transparent lace detail up to the top thigh makes this dress totally inappropriate. Especially when considering the context of the meeting – women’s bodies being used. It comes across as Mrs Clooney using hers.


    • Well put. The flowery print looks out of place with all the dark “somber” colors — which is more appropriate, as this is a serious subject. She and the clothes are beautiful, but more for a cocktail party.


  3. Yes, perhaps Mrs. Clooney should take style/appropriateness tips from Angela Merkel or HRC or wear a burka. She pretty much always looks beautiful and appropriate and contemporary and unique.* I’m curious what she does with the apparently infinite outfits after an appearance. I’m guessing she is in fact using her body, like a fashion model, but not for profit. I’m supposing designers lend her a piece to wear, it sells out and part of the proceeds go to some charitable foundation. Anybody know?
    *Except for the Stella McCartney.
    *Except for the Stella McCartney, whose aesthetic I just don’t get.


  4. I have to agree with the other posters about the choice of this dress for what is a serious business meeting (I do like the dress though). Amal wore some terrific outfits when she was in Greece concerning the “marbles issue.’ She wore a white chemise with a sage green band across the bodice and also a stunning white two piece suit. I think either of those would have worked here. And, there is nothing wrong with wearing a great outfit twice. I do want to compliment her on wearing her dresses below the knee recently in business situations.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. If she wears what she wants she is demonstrating strength and she keeps the interest of media boiling.
    She looks great, I love her look and wish much success.
    Go Amal go!🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Tous et toutes sont d’accord sur le fait qu’Amal est extrêmement intelligente et différente. Pourquoi lui reprocher de ne pas s’habiller comme une fonctionnaire? Personnellement, je n’aime pas tout ce qu’elle porte dans ses fonctions professionnelles, mais ses tenues ont toujours été correctes, créatives et personnelles. Amal est forte et je lui fais confiance dans ses choix de vêtements pour attirer l’attention des médias ou non et pour promouvoir ses causes.


  7. I also agree with others. I think the lace inserts are what turn it from a “business” dress to a “party” dress. Even with the pattern, a sheath without inserts might have worked. The skirt doesn;t seem to move very well, and thought waistband detracted from a polished look – it looks a bit cheap and doesn’t even seem to lie flat. Sorry – a miss for me this time. Not sure the big substantial purse worked with the summery, flowery, lacy dress. Gotta say my jaw dropped when I saw the price for that dress – $3300 USD!


  8. Oh my goodness! She looks so adorable! Love her hair and love her outfit on her.
    So adorably cute.🙂
    Nati, I cannot wait for you to post her day at the UN on Friday, Sept. 16. Her hair, make up, and white dress…..S T U N N I N G ! (Sept. 16)
    White dress with navy/red stripe ribbon belt.


  9. I absolutely love this dress/outfit! As a professional woman speaking: it is totally appropriate for a business meeting. With a slip underneath the skirt, it can be made more conservative, and thus business-appropriate. One could also wear a black business jacket with the outfit to make it even more meeting-appropriate. Floral prints are nothing new for women’s business attire (especially blouses). The lace inserts in the skirt are a bit out-of-the-box for business wear, but, as I stated earlier, lace can work if it is not too sexy/distracting.


  10. I love her hair like this. She should wear it up more often. Ok. Now the negative. This dress looks like it comes off the racks of Walmart. Not only does it look cheap, it’s totally inappropriate for this occasion. I’m not a big fan of sleeveless outfits at business meetings – except on a super hot summers day.


  11. I think the dress was fine you couldn’t see her thighs. I think she looked fine and I highly doubt anyone there cared what she wore. They cared about what she had to say.


  12. Just don’t find anything about this look appropriate for the occasion. Looks more like a summer garden party or something. Like the hair in a pony for a change, just not here. Funny she & Nadia both have their hair pulled back??


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