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Amal Alamuddin radiant in floral lace dress Giambattista Valli 28.09.2014


The first post-wedding sighting of Amal alamuddin and George Clooney on Sunday, the day after their sunset ceremony, caused a frenzy amongst locals and tourists alike.

The newlyweds, who married at the seven-star Aman Canal Grande in Venice, were full of joy as they were seen leaving their hotel by taxi boat.

Amal Alamuddin looked radiant and this dress is so gorgeous.

This dress is by Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

The bronze pumps seem to be the same as during the catwalk.

ID via Sara 🙂


The sling pumps are by Giambattista Valli, Haute Couture Spring Summer 2014

Specchio pumps



The cat eye  sunglasses are by Heidi London £165


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amal-closeup_3054356a TOPSHOTS-ITALY-US-BRITAIN-PEOPLE-WEDDING-CLOONEY Byop9QtIAAIGd4R A wedding ring is seen on the hand of Alamuddin as she stands with her husband U.S. actor Clooney in a water taxi on the Grand Canal in Venice U.S. actor Clooney and his wife Alamuddin arrive at the Cipriani hotel in Venice U.S. actor George Clooney and his wife Amal Alamuddin stand on a water taxi on the Grand Canal in Venice ITALY-US-BRITAIN-PEOPLE-WEDDING-CLOONEY U.S. actor Clooney and his wife Alamuddin leave the seven-star hotel Aman Canal Grande Venice in Venice

57 thoughts on “Amal Alamuddin radiant in floral lace dress Giambattista Valli 28.09.2014

  1. OMGosh, these are amazing pics! Thank you so much for posting, you are so ahead of our British press. What an amazing weekend for us A & G fans, an amazing experience thanks to your feed.


      1. Thank you nati3873 for saying that. I was wishing I could give these nasty commenters a comeuppance myself. I absolutely love this dress and her overall style. I look forward to seeing what she’ll do next. I say if you have legs like hers (besides the brains and accomplishment to boot) then wear dresses like this that show them off!!!


      2. Where can I get this dress for less as I know I can’t afford hers. Just want a look alike but affordable price. You when they say dress like a celebrity for less. Please advise thanks


    1. Nati3873, I LOVE your blog. Thank-you for creating it. Anyone writing nasty comments here are simply lacking and jealous, otherwise they never would have searched for and clicked on Amal’s beautiful face.


  2. She’s lovely but it IS a bit too short for the thinness of her legs and her whole frame. The model-thin look is for the runway – I’d like to see her just 8kg or so heavier at the least.

    That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if these pictures were the only nuptial photos we’ll see – they may keep many photos – her wedding dress, for example – private, just for themselves. I read that there was a tremendous effort made to maintain the privacy of the service and reception, that the public events on the water were the teaser for the rest of us. I can respect that.


    1. Amal and George have sold their actual wedding pictures to American Vogue with the proceeds going to charity. That’s why Anna Wintour was able to be there (perhaps she should’ve stayed a bit more in the background, but I have a hunch she and Damon and the Krasinskis, Bill Murray, etc. were decoys to keep the press away from some of the other high-profile guests, because I think Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock were there and I’ve seen no photos of them yet, so who knows what the guest list really looked like).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Totally agree with you, Hope, I was thinking the same thing. 90 guests and we saw the same ones’s; Bill Murray, Matt Damon, Cindy & Rande, Emily Blunt, etc. This was so well done and well orchestrated. Quite fabulous & truly unlike anything I recall ever seeing. All of it so far has been glamorous. 🙂


  3. What a fun blog, thank you for keeping us posted on all of Amal’s looks. Amal is both wildly intelligent and a wonderfully inventive dresser. The dress is exquisite. I do hope that you are correct and that we can have a peek at the wedding gown in Vogue. I can only imagine how lovely the gown will be. I wonder if it will have an asymmetrical hem as her rehearsal dress and today’s lunch dress feature.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh my goodness! I forgot that there is another ceremony tomorrow! I will visit again to see more pictures. She is such a beautiful person, in all ways. It is nice to see such happiness and such a beautiful setting for a wedding! Thanks for keeping us updated!

        P.S. whose shoes do you think Amal is wearing with today’s beautiful dress?


      2. Thank You Nat. When I came across your website I was excited that someone did this. Nice job & I, too, appreciate the updates for I have been following the celebration, as well. Amal is stunning and intelligent. I’m so happy for George Clooney who so deserves to spend his life happy & whole. Love is grande! May they have many happy years forever. Thanks again for creating this wonderful site. 🙂


      1. Totally agree! This dress is fun, whimsical, delicate and fresh. If you look at pictures that are out there of Amal, you will find she has quite the quirky & whimsical style. I love it! 🙂 She has had a nice array of styles this past weekend. The stripe dress was a touch of nautical, the red dress was stunning and glam, the post wedding-soft, fresh, delicate, whimsical. Tomorrow–remains to be seen. BUT, you can bet people…the best will be saved for last. The wedding gown, no doubt will be revealed. We know what he looked like, and now…the best surprise is yet to come. No doubt–we will see this dress. 🙂


  4. Thank you for this great blog! I love all these pictures! I love Amal’s style so much. This dress is beautiful. I want to see the wedding dress so much!! I was hoping they would release at least ONE picture of the wedding dress. Then I read yesterday that Vogue has the exclusive rights, so I’m kind of bummed that we have to wait to see it. I want to see the wedding dress!! 🙂 I’m sure it is spectacular. Can’t Vogue just release ONE picture of it, and then save the rest for their magazine?


  5. Thank you for the pictures! They look so happy. Do you know where I can find the tie George Clooney is wearing it’s so elegant. Thanks!


  6. I have been following this Amal Alamuddin blog since it’s inception. I have never heard a bad word spoken on this blog and I hope it continues to maintain it’s innocent classy vibe. This blog provides lovely pictures of her unique and divine style. Mrs. Clooney is a intelligent, beautiful, bright, ambitious, lovely, classy lady who was a good girl and followed the rules for this she was rewarded and deserves every happiness blessed to her. Mrs. Amal Clooney is marvelous and simply a picture of perfection!


  7. I would also love to know what brand her sunglasses are – searching for them brought me to your blog. Classic and elegant but the coloring makes them that little bit different. Thanks!


  8. Whatever I think about the dress’s length, the detail on it is just fantastic. Very bridal with the lace and beautiful flowers.

    Now if it were me, I would have kept it a minidress but brought in the poofiness of the skirt–made it more streamlined. The way it is, it looks like she’s almost having a Marilyn Monroe moment and the skirt is going to fly up. But it didn’t! Whew!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Apologies, that first link went to the red ones!

        I actually emailed one of the Heidi London stockists about them and they said they are the Khaki so very confused now!!


  9. Love the dress! I think it could have been a touch longer but love it regardless. Would love to know what the price of that dress was (although she probably didn’t have to pay for it). Go Fug Yourself is reporting that the original rumors of American Vogue are wrong and that People and Hello! will have the wedding photos.


  10. I liked the surprise of the hat today. Cream seemed to be a color she kept revisiting. The cream and black stripe. The cream & floral. The cream jumpsuit. Sunglasses and no sunglasses. I loved it all. Stripes, florals, lace, all so very pretty! Now that this celebration comes to a close….it kinda starts all over again somewhere else for the honeymoon! I wonder where this is going to be? Hmmm…any guesses friends? And Nati3873… please continue this site for the honeymoon. Keep capturing all the special moments and great styles. I think they will go super casual and shift to a comfy laid back dress down style now. Just a hunch. 🙂


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