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Amal Clooney in Giambattista Valli at EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year in Monaco 11.06.2016


Credit Andrew Bounds


Amal Clooney was present on June 11 2016 at EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year in Monaco.


She was interviewed by EY chair and chief executive Mark Weinberger. She looked elegant in a floral sleeveless dress with her Paul Andrew Zenadia pumps and pearl drop earrings.

Amal Clooney says she and her husband, George Clooney, are looking for businesses to help them launch their first projects within a foundation that will help fight human rights abuses.

She made an appeal: “I actually have a couple of requests. My husband and I are setting up a foundation at the moment and for two of the first projects… I would like to be partnering with the private sector.”

She said she would be grateful to hear from businesses that can help bring schooling to Syrian refugee children.

“There are 2m Syrian refugee children who are not in school… we cannot just abandon this generation. Technology has evolved; there’s a lot that we can do with tablets and many organisations that have used the idea of school in a box.

“That means you can bring the education to the child in instances where the child can’t get to school. So that’ll mean partnering with technology companies and the private sector. If there is an offer of assistance, we will take it.”

Another project the pair are working on, in conjunction with the UN, is training and dispatching a team of trial observers to bring further accountability to courtrooms globally.

“One thing I’ve noticed in doing my work is that oppressive regimes are increasingly using the courts to silence opposition.”

Amal Clooney added, “the way the private sector can help is that, for instance, we could be designing a software programme that allows these observers to input information in a more uniform manner, so that we can ultimately compare one trial to another and eventually get something like a justice index, where you can compare one court to another. And [that would mean] governments could no longer hide behind the courts to the extent that they do at the moment.”

The event was organized at the Fairmont Hotel in Monte-Carlo.

Amal Clooney was accompanied by her mother Baria.

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a

Floral-Cloqué Dress

Resort 2015


No Longer Available on Moda Operandi

Floral appliques in a full palette of pinks embolden a sleek sheath in Giambattista Valli’s floral-cloque dress. The european purveyor of the ultimate feminine fashion continues these pursuits with this prismatic frock classic in silhouette and striking in effect.

With thanks to Edward Barsamian from Vogue 🙂

large_giambattista-valli-pink-floral-applique-dress large_giambattista-valli-pink-floral-applique-dress (1) large_giambattista-valli-pink-floral-applique-dress (2) large_giambattista-valli-pink-floral-applique-dress (3)



Zenadia pumps $675




Twitter feed

I will update the style files later.

31 thoughts on “Amal Clooney in Giambattista Valli at EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year in Monaco 11.06.2016

  1. Amal est en beauté.
    On a le sentiment qu’ elle et son mari regardent la vie dans la même direction et partagent de solides convictions soutenues par des actions d’ envergure comme une fondation.
    Source d’ inspiration.


  2. I feel like this is almost sort of a transitional phase for her, from lawyer to humanitarian, with these two (or even more) projects that she and George are trying to start up. They definitely want to join forces and be the new humanitarian power couple. Amal said that George is a great addition to her life and I think it’s also the other way around. They both benefit from having each other in their lives, Amal with her new found celebrity, that she’s trying to direct to the legal cases that she takes on and the public speaking, and George becomes more credible when doing humanitarian work because his wife specializes in international law. I have a feeling that this was their plan all along. And if it can benefit people in need, then that’s good.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “George is a wonderful addition to my life in every single way. The foundation is a way we can put our heads together”. What a lovely way to talk about her husband! ❤

    I think this might be the first comment she has made on their relationship. Usually Amal restricts her comments on her work and humanitarian matters. This comment sheds light on her personal life and it truly reflects thoughts of a woman who is happy, loved and content. It also shows that her marriage has a good solid foundation and that she has truly found her soul mate. I think she and her husband share their lives and values and their marriage is based on mutual respect and complicity. She has found something everyone would be happy to find: true happiness and love. I think this is a remarkable love story and it keeps inspiring people all over the world.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. can anyone tell me shoes brand of Tala Alamuddine in the photo with blue dress, straw hat & green grass bag? in 2014 article.


  5. She is so mesmerising to watch speak. I’m glad they are using their celebrity (which can be quite intrusive to their lives) for something tangible and positive such as the foundation.

    Also, she’s coming here to Sydney soon. I would love to see her but wondering if $2000 for a VIP ticket with photo is a bit too indulgent. Haven’t decided yet.

    Lovely dress. She definitely loves the red, white, pink hues together as it come up a few times in her repertoire.


  6. I’m impressed that she is using her new found celebrity to good use. In videos taken of her when she is just walking, portray someone who is a bit aloof and standoffish, however in interviews, the real and
    Genuinely kind ( and funny ) Amal shine through.


  7. Awe, always so pretty. 🙂 Wonderful dress & shoes. Clean and summery. Make up looks really fresh and dewy. She looks slightly different, as if she sculpted her eyebrows a bit different; maybe shape? Thinner eyebrow? Higher arch? Not sure, but something is lightly different. Looks nice. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  8. George has always used his celebrity for causes he cares about , he has said that if cameras are
    going to follow him then they should cover important issues. I think he and amal are a perfect match. Agree with you Mary.


  9. As always…a beautiful..elegant and well spoken Amal. And how wonderful it must be for both her and George to have so much love and admiration for one another and to share common dreams for making the world a better place…

    Liked by 1 person

  10. So feminine and elegant. The fabric looks opulent. Once again, Amal wears a dress better than a catwalk model! The length is perfect as well. She is a lovely and classy lady indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Now that we get a closer look at the fabric with the latest pictures, this is a double WOW for the gorgeous dress!


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