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Amal Clooney and Ahmed Khudida Burjus meet David Cameron at Downing Street for the Yazidi cause 16.06.2016


Amal Clooney and Ahmed Khudida Burjus, deputy executive director of Yazda, have met with senior advisors to British Prime Minister David Cameron and representatives of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office at 10 Downing Street. During the meeting, they discussed efforts to secure accountability for crimes committed by IS against the Yazidi community.

Source : Yazda organization



Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a vintage dress by DIOR (not confirmed)

with Christian DIOR

Bar bag

dior20bar20black20m1056qbxm_m900_v1_z dior20bar20black20m1056qbxm_m900_v2_z


‘Susi’ pumps


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17 thoughts on “Amal Clooney and Ahmed Khudida Burjus meet David Cameron at Downing Street for the Yazidi cause 16.06.2016

  1. Elegant without being conservative, she maintains a fine balance between flamboyance and de riguer. Bold woman with a compassionate mission.


  2. Great bag and pumps. This dress does nothing for her. It may of worked in a red or white but not in dove gray. The colour does nothing for her.


  3. To look at this ensemble, one might never think this is the same person as the woman who wears the skimpy skirts and over the top, at times silly, designer outfits that Amal does. She truly wears the full gamut of styles. While I usually prefer her professional attire to her more extreme (and often too youthful) casual looks, this dress just reads dowdy to me. And the shoes are not her most flattering. All that said, however, how impressive that she can go from Cannes to Cameron in a matter of weeks. She is truly a citizen of the world.


  4. Very sophisticated. The dress looks like elegant work attire and I would love to see more pictures if possible. Shoes are beautiful. Love her hair pulled back off her face

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    1. Yes Nati – please more photos and who is the designer of this dress. Another colour would be better for her. A bold red e.g.


  5. For everyone criticizing the color of the dress or it being dowdy or too conservative, remember the Reason she has it on. She is at work and she is doing very important serious work. This dress for this occasion would look completely out of place if it were blue or red. I feel what she has on is exactly correct for the type of work she does and who she works with this dress should not look like a cocktail dress or a party dress. I think it is perfection just look at the address where she is standing. That says it all

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  6. It is appropriate in the sense that it is a minimal and serious outfit. I like the shoes and the bag, but the dress…Its crumpled, too busy around the waist and definitely not the good shape and shade of grey (no joke here). Her figure is phenomenal but in this dress, she looks slim but not more than that. Usually, when she wears grey there is a white collar or element, that makes it pop and the grey is shinier (the shirt dress). For me, it’s not her…


  7. I’m not sure if it’s the coloring in this photo, but for me it looks eery, dismal, drab and emotionless. It’s a dull and unhappy and unpleasant looking photograph. It’s like why even take it at all? I agree with the few of you who stated this does nothing for her whatsoever. I don’t find her latest selections to be attractive. They are either “old” and “matron”, not a style for someone in her late 30’s or early 40’s OR it’s the short Shirley Temple dresses that stop @ the crotch. Her outfits never seem to suit her age, or she wears summer fabrics during the winter and heavy looking winter fabrics in the summer. It’s not her fault—-I think she is full force sucked into wearing what designers are throwing at her for free & who are telling her what to wear instead of ideally having her very own style. This outfit looks like something from Downton Abbey. As in the servants quarters. Or something a very very old school teacher would wear. This outfit is all wrong. Drab color, winter looking, unattractive styling, dated, It’s too grandma looking. 😦


  8. Great shoes, although I fear they are real alligator, so maybe not so great. I think people understand she is lobbying the prime minister. There’s quite lot of sartorial options between this and a party dress, for goodness sake. She has certainly worn much less conservative and more colourful clothing on other “working” occasions. This dress is not a good colour for Amal. Above all, it does not fit her properly and does not hang well. It looks sloppy. I’ve noticed that her vintage pieces are often in need of alteration. She should add a seamstress to her staff.


  9. I like the outfit on her, even the color. It could have benefited from some alterations, though. I like the way that the pumps are pieced together, but am not a fan of mixing animal hides – ostrich on the heel and alligator on the main part of the shoe, with a suede cap toe? Would have been more elegant and modern with sleek leather – instead of the ostrich and alligator – with the suede/gold trim accents.


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