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Amal Clooney spotted in Giambattista Valli in New York

Amal-Clooney-Out-Dinner-March-2015-Pictures (3)

Amal Clooney was spotted stepping out in New York yesterday evening.

She wore chevron trousers  by Giambattista Valli Pre Fall 2015 collection with a geometric clutch, black coat and fur top.

The trousers have been available here :

Embroidered Yellow Chevron Pant


The top is by Giambattista Valli Haute Couture S/S 2015

2015-03-26 05.38.33

The earrings could be by Harry Winston :


Amal’s clutch is by Hunting Season

Compact clutch large

clutch1b-300x300 (1)

amal-2_840_472 amal-1_840_472

26F71F4D00000578-3010402-image-a-65_1427250080593 26F71FAC00000578-3010402-image-m-55_1427249754216 26F71FB000000578-3010402-image-m-64_1427250041247 Amal-Clooney-Out-Dinner-March-2015-Pictures (1) Amal-Clooney-Out-Dinner-March-2015-Pictures (2) Amal-Clooney-Out-Dinner-March-2015-Pictures (4)

51 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted in Giambattista Valli in New York

  1. There we have it..SHE WEARS FUR! …I am suddenly turned off. My doubts are pretty clear now on those two points. The second one being that she must have cut a deal with Valli…There is not such a thing as that much love for one brand and wear it non stop, when i bet a lot of other designers are sending her stuff.

    I do give her one credit though: She never promised to be anything our minds wished she were…we are just discovering more about her day by day…and the fur wear for me is a let down 😦 She is definitely not thinking about her impact on animal extinction and abuse causes. Not aware of these issues. So no, we wont see her wearing a pin that will read: “AniAmal Lover” any time soon i guess ;-(


  2. Die Augenbrauen erscheinen mir auch dünner gezupft. Ist wirklich ein “much better look”.

    Ihr Outfit ist typisch Amal. In Kombination mit dem Mantel auch gut, und trotzdem… mit diesem Fake Fur Top… sehr ungünstig gewählt.
    Das Top ist bauchfrei und in ihrem Alter sollte man davon absehen, egal wie schlank man ist. Außerdem dieses Zottelfell den ganzen Abend beim Essen unter dem Kinn zu fühlen, ggf. zu schmecken durch die Fusselei – nein danke.


  3. Love the pants and the top – although I wish is was fake. I can’t get over her love of real fur. It’s such a turn off. Makes her look ignorant.


  4. That top is particularly hideous, even from a non-animal rights perspective. The rest of the outfit is OK, although the pants are a bit bright. Maybe that’s the plan – blind us all with the pants.


    1. I think she is overdoing Giambattista. He is just using her. There are clothes from others that are brilliant. Like the ones she wore before, they were very smart also!


  5. Hmmm. At 37 she is too old to show her stomach, it doesn’t look particularly classy. Now it looks like she’s trying to hard. I don’t care for her plucked brows and she better be careful of that. Fuller brows are a sign of youth and if you pluck too much it won’t brow back. As you age, your eyebrows thin naturally and if you’ve overplucked, now you’ll be penciling them in. Careful with that.


      1. probably she got sick of the mommie dearest comparisons 🙂 i like her eyebrows either ways. but the thinner version softens her features.


  6. This outfit is a tad “mutton dressed as lamb”. She is dressing for the papparazzi now, which is sad. Maybe she likes the publicity. Perhaps she should get back to work and show us some sophisticated work style. How many coats does she own????


  7. This is the first ime I see her a bit confused. Loving the paprazzi attention she usually smiles for the camera…this time it all seems a bit awkward


  8. I don’t mind her last two outfits, this was her style from the beginning. apparently, she only wears “professional” outfits when she has a work-related meeting. I just wonder how tall is she?


  9. Ihre Kleidung wird immer fragwürdiger. Bauchfrei mit 37 – das geht nicht, es wirkt billig.
    Schade, sie ist eine Superfrau, sie braucht diese Teeniekleidung nicht.


  10. According to Amal was having dinner with the designer of those pants, Valli at The Monkey Bar in the city. Nothing wrong in my opinion with a woman her age to show a little midriff. Perfectly appropriate.

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  11. According to People magazine, she had lunch with Anna Wintour on Tuesday and then wore the Valli cropped top and pants to dine with Valli himself, who is her friend. It explains the free clothes. There were rumours that she would feature in Vogue. All the articles hype her career, but is she even working anymore? She just seems more interested in living the jet set life and the attention. It’s a shame. I respected her for the career. (PS those Valli pants only emphasize her thinness and the fact she has no hips. Vogue likes that sort of look!)


  12. And one quick thing – Wonder if there’s any comment from designers on the ‘Amal effect’ 9like the Kate Middleton effect’ – more sales, more recognition?


  13. I think I am beginning to like the Kate effect a bit more. Kate has remained consistent. She has never gone from being a commoner to marrying the prince to going over the top haute $$$$$$$$$$ couture. Her style, class, elegance has never waivered pre marriege, post marriage to William. She’s grounded & classy. Although, I do like Amal & love this great blog, which I have followed since the beginning…..I have to be honest…..I never thought Amal would change as rapidly as she has since meeting George. She has turned immediate High Glam, Haute Couture, $$$$$$ high end, animal print,in an instant. No doubt, connections galore with George, but she sure is taking the ball and running with it. I DO love that George, despite his wealth and accessibility, has remained humble, down to earth, etc. Rande & Cindy Gerber are the same way. George does not play up to the cameras in words, style, or clothing. I’m truly not understanding Amal’s constant hair toss in public, her $$$$$$ haute couture for everyday wear, high volume glam daily hair do’s, and smiling/laughing for every photo whether it’s at the airport, walking into a restaurant, getting out of a car, etc. It’s becoming over the top. I’m not understanding the daily facade. Clearly, George’s expression never matches hers, so it’s not like they are both laughing,smiling at an experience. It’s just her laughing & smiling. It’s too artificial. I’m not understanding it. I hope she doesn’t start losing sight of who she is. I would have never guessed she would unfold like this. Just Sayin’.


    1. Agreeing with you. What is with all these outrageously expensive clothes? She has changed.
      With her position…she could do so much good for human and animal rights. Buy off the rack and use the money saved to stop all the animal abuse/suffering going on in China and Southeast Asia in the name of the leather industry. Go to PETA and see the videos of what they are doing to animals in the name of greed. She could do sooooooo much to help.


      1. I agree with you Rose, I’m especially surprised she would “take a chance” wearing anything animal print, knowing she would inevitably be in the scope of the public being curious or wrongfully judging her about it.


    2. Agreed! I picked up on this from her Lax airport video . Humility is a very important virtue and she is losing sight of what should be important. Maybe we are reading her expressions wrong and she only means to “look friendly”, but she needs to start toning it down a bit, with the $$$$$$clothing and attitude.


    3. It could be that she smiles because there are not many good alternatives when you are faced with an army of cameras. I suspect the hair toss is something she may have been doing for years – only now she is being photographed. I also suspect it is a nervous habit. I am not sure about the smiles either. I see discomfort and some nervousness in the expressions. I don’t see her loving the camera at all – I see a very poised grown woman dealing with stalking photographers and having few choices other then 1) stop living her life 2) decide to deal with it. Very gracefully in my view.

      There is a video of the two of them leaving a restaurant where for a split second it looks as if she is about to turn and go back into the restaurant – away from the scrum of cameras. George stops her. Because, I assume, it is a huge mistake to be seen to be backing away. At least that’s what I see.

      She likes clothes. She has interesting and unique taste. This is not new. Nor is her taste for higher end fashion.

      None of us can put ourselves in her shoes. Or know why she makes the choices she does. And since we can’t know I would argue that jumping to conclusions based only on what we see in a camera shot or a few seconds of video, where we normally don’t see the stack of telephoto lenses aimed at her, is perhaps not entirely fair.


      1. True Ballycroy, but that’s why most public figures make a bee-line from point A to point B. George does it, Jennifer Lawrence, Oprah, Carolyn Bessett Kennedy, and all celebrities have done, and continue to do it. In other words, you go about your business and don’t play up to the cameras. I cannot think of a celebrity who does not do this. Of course, they all know they are & will be photographed. They all ignore the cameras. Including George.


    1. I totally agree. Indeed, she is not new to high fashion…I do believe she has gone really haute couture, as in Runway looks for everyday wear. As I expressed above. To each his own, but I still think she raised the bar (no pun intended), once she married George. The fact is, there’s no need to, other than the simple fact of marrying a multi multi millionaire. And connections galore to anything & everything, once she married him. let’s be honest, it just comes with the territory. I agree with Sarah…I liked the pre-wedding look. I’m gathering that she really doesn’t have a personal interest in the world wide attention given to the cruelty of animals.
      Just a guess because she has the black horse hair wedges, the leopard/ocelot coat, black fur midriff top, and a few other pieces. It’s not vogue these days. I guess her focus is about Human Rights…….not Animal Rights.


      1. PETA is doing so much to try to help the beating and skinning alive of dogs in China for their “leather products”…your cat toys, and the gloves you wear are probably made from dog skin.
        Go to PETA and see their undercover videos of what is being done to dogs…they are also being eaten in Southeast Asia. The videos haunt my every waking moments. I have written letters to many officals…even to Amal. No response. And she bought George two spaniels in England!
        You would think she would have compassion and use her power to help the cause…her money (at least) could help PETA with their mission. I donate every month to 3 different animal abuse
        groups….I’m 67…still working…and I can find money to help.


  14. She is not showing much stomach she looks fine for a 37 year old. She is probably working all her cases are not high profile so we won’t see her dressed for work often.


  15. Ugh. Although I love the subdued makeup, the outfit makes her look like a stick figure. That’s the problem with being a slave to fashion — you end up wearing stuff that is not at all flattering for your particular body type.


  16. I’m really disappointed in this woman. When she first appeared, I really loved her quirky style which seemed to be her own and not at all dependant upon high-end designer lables. And while I didn’t like everything she wore, I loved that she was so confident in her own taste.

    Since her marriage and her international rise in profile, her quirk has disappeared and she’s now little more than a Gambattista Valli clothes horse, including his – and plainly her – love of fur and there’s nothing left to see but expensive price tags,

    Sorry, Nati, I do love what you do here and the effort you put into it, but style has nothing to do with price tags.


    1. I agree with you Morna. She’s gone to complete “Off the Runway” looks. Literally. Fall 2015 ?? Are we even there yet?? I thought the calendar just recently turned to 2015 and the outfit is already purchased from fall 2015? Anyway, it’s all haute couture. High dollar $$$. Certainly they can afford it, but seriously, who wears couture to a “pizza shop” during a week day? Um, probably not Rande & Cindy Gerber and ….definitely not George. 🙂


  17. Again, don’t get me wrong. I genuinely like Amal and absolutely love Nati’s blog. I’m just afraid Amal might be creating such an “over the top” change that it makes her appear pretentious, unapproachable, “not like us” kind of person. George is humble and “like the neighbor next door”. He’s very much about being grounded. Six months into the marriage and she did a 180…High Volume Glam hair every day, professional make up application every day, Huge carrying bags and purses in every size and color that alone hit the $2,000 plus (+) price range (each). Every day. Haute Couture clothing–WoW! Totally not necessary. 1. She can afford it, no doubt. 2. If she is getting it for free….well then, why would you succumb to letting designers “use you” to sell their product? !! Either way, not necessary. Also, I would bet from here on out, and for quite some time in the recent past and present, we will not be seeing her in anything twice. I highly doubt it. We will see her now in everything new: coat, handbag, shoes, outfit, jewelry, Etc. She shouldn’t let herself get sucked into any one designer. She should just wear an array of styles, price ranges, dressy & casual. This will make her look unpretentious and very likable by all.


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