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Amal and George Clooney spotted at Patsy’s Restaurant

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Amal and George Clooney have been spotted yesterday evening at Patsy’s, an Italian restaurant in Manhattan, for a late bite with Clooney’s mother Nina Bruce Warren.

Amal Clooney wore a leopard coat with wide pale blue trousers and wedges.

For the coat, I think it could be by Giambattista Valli. I found similar styles. And yes, the coat is from the Pre Fall collection 2015 !

giambattista-valli-leopard-leopard-print-silk-shantung-coat-animal-product-2-257338-419213221_large_flex (1) a4be1ee3c6112742e9b2c95150610c3f

The jeans are by Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney
Sunfaded Flared Jeans

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Amal’s clutch is by Hunting Season

Compact clutch large

clutch1b-300x300 (1)

Link to the video :

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George-Clooney-Amal-Alamuddin-NYC-March-2015 (2)

26 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney spotted at Patsy’s Restaurant

  1. Is that genuine ocelot, or ocelot print? In any case, I’m not a fan of this tacky outfit. The coat and shoes don’t work with the pants.


      1. Was thinking he same thing. Very tacky coat. Maybe it was a “freebie” from the designers and she had to wear it. Also not crazy about the bell bottoms or shoes . An all around fail for this outfit. The neck up looks great though!


  2. I gte to say it, but in the video that I ve posted, she is really starting to look line a transvestite. I m not sure whether it’s the weight or the styling itself, but for me is a no. No!


  3. Sad to say this but it seems my so admired lady Amal is tapping into the animal protector inside me and i dont even care if it is fake or not. Unless she wears a flag saying “i am an animal lover” with this tacky outfit, the message she is sending there to the world with this very UGLY coat is:

    “Hey! Look at me! I am a panther, or maybe a jaguar…or both! And you too can be one, just go have some animal skin removed from them alive and wear them too!!”.

    Fashion-wise, i find absolutely no beauty in these types of patterns, since i wish not to look like an animal or even resemble one. I am totally fine on looking human and feeling like one too. So, Amal my dear, if you ever read this ( i heavily doubt it), i am taking my loop elsewhere… because i find it terribly BORING the fur wear and the people inside them. I longed to see this beauty that you convey in the outside, also inside you!…but hey…perhaps it was only in my mind? Domage my “FairLady”…oooops..i meant to write “MyFurlady”…Fair would be a mistake.


  4. This look reminds me of Amal at the time of the engagement with the ripped jeans and brogues. This is definitely her casual style. Good to see George’s mom.

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  5. Das ganze Outfit ist ein Desaster.
    Der Mantel sieht billig aus und sitzt überhaupt nicht.
    Die Schuhe sind klobig und passen nicht zur Hose.
    Die Hose ist zu hell und steht Amal überhaupt nicht.
    Jedes Teil für sich ist schrecklich, aber als Gesamtpaket ein absolutes NO GO.
    Es mag ja Vorteile haben, wenn die Designer dir Klamotten schenken für Präsentationszwecke, aber der Schuss kann auch ganz schön nach hinten losgehen wie man hier eindrucksvoll sehen kann.


  6. Actually, I am shocked at how Amal has really turned to Super High End, $$$$$$$$ for every look, and very high society, since she has married George. Don’t get me wrong–I like her, but even so, she has turned into something I was not quite expecting….a Hollywood glam celebrity (glam hair, make up, etc. ) who pays $$$$$$$$ for everything. And definitely was not expecting the $$$$$$ haute couture animal prints that she keeps busting out to be photographed in. I’m a bit confused what she is always smiling/laughing at in not some, but all her photographs. Clearly, George’s expression is always just the opposite. Again, I like her and have followed this great blog since the beginning, but no need to put up a facade. It’s becoming Over the Top. George is the real deal…he’s humble, down to earth and knows what he is worth. He doesn’t feel the need to play up to the cameras in word, looks, or what he wears. He remains unchanged. I like this about him. 🙂


  7. This to me is her style when she is allowed to choose her own clothes – she can get far too casual and tacky (as someone mentioned above – we have seen her in those ripped jeans and brogues before). Amal benefits from using a stylist and it is a shame George didn’t tell her this outfit really wasn’t workng for her! I love animal print but the coat style is beyond words tacky. The collar on it makes me want to vomit! Looks like something from the 70s. The pants again – 70s fail….she can pull off the flare style because she is so tall but the color is hideous and clashed with the coat. The shoes….I won’t even go there. No excuses Amal. She has access to the best wardrobe in the world, why would she wear such ugly things?!


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