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Amal and George Clooney at Gatto Nero restaurant, Cernobbio, Italy 03.08.2018

Amal and George Clooney were spotted having dinner with friends at Gatto Nero on Friday night (August 3) in Cernobbio, Italy. Samantha Barry was with them.

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a


Striped wrap dress from the Resort 18 collection

Available here on sale


Nina bag

To buy it

Please note that it is not available for immediate purchase

With thanks to Amal mon Idole for the ID

And I think that Amal is wearing GUCCI Allie sandals

Here in gold

Or here in a floral version

17 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney at Gatto Nero restaurant, Cernobbio, Italy 03.08.2018

  1. Somehow this dress looked weird but I couldn’t figure out why till it dawned on me: Amal has wrapped the dress the wrong way! In the picture of the pruduct the stripes continue diagonally all the way from top left to he waist. In Amal’s picture the stripes collide on the waist and the stripes coming down from the right take the upper hand. This makes the dress look bulky and ill fitting on Amal.

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    1. Yes, I see what you mean. I really like this dress, but more so worn the correct way. Not a fan of black earrings with grown hair, you don’t even see them. Nice to see George dressed up.


    2. OMG Mary – you are so correct. She does have it the wrong way. Regardless, the dress itself is very nice and must be the least inexpensive clothing she has ever worn. It is fitting for her age, position and figure. I am not crazy about the purse. It seems too heavy and the colour doesn’t work. Her makeup looks very natural and for once she is not posing for the cameras – she looks relaxed and happy.


    3. Mary -What you describe makes perfect sense. I’ve noticed a few times where it appeared she was given an entire outfit but not “taught” how to assemble it. I wonder if this could be one of those time.


  2. Yes looks she wrapped the underneath part on top (opposite the model), but I think she wore it that way on purpose due to personal preference. Don’t care for the dress….too much going on with an asymmetric shoulder, strange opening in the back, a wrap and stripes…..doesn’t flow, not even on the model. I like the purse, but maybe in a different color (that color of beige is just too plain) and the earrings look fun-too bad there’s no ID on the earrings. This is one of her least expensive looks, but she’s still looking for the cameras. George seems in pain in just about every photo since his bike accident.


    1. yeah agree, the purse color doesn’t match the dress, but maybe it was given to her and she had to wear it for the photo shoot :- ) And yes she looks at the camera and yes, G looks in-pain and tired, he probably rather be at home resting and laughing with his old friends. They probably have excellent chef and cooks at their villa and the place is so big, perfect for entertaining many people….


  3. Hey Nati – Amal’s bag looks like the one Oprah wore to the Meghan/Harry wedding. Maybe these two gal pals are sharing accessories!


  4. I like this couple, they are so sweet and pretty / handsome, but last time I donˋt like Amal dresses – these are not lady like.


  5. I definitely think that dress would be better if worn the proper way. The way she has it looks bulky. I like her hair and make up, very nice and fresh. I don’t particularly like the bag


  6. This is off topic, but the photo of Amal in Architect Magazine (See Tweet section above) is a really nice natural photo of her.


  7. Maybe she started out with the dress the way it was supposed to be. Let’s remember she’s there to eat, be comfortable and gracious. Have a nice dinner with friends. If after a meal, I changed my ties on my dress that would make sense.


  8. Dislike this dress, looks too busy … “piano keys“ comes to my mind, not her best dress. Amal is all smiles … smiling for the cameras … her face looks different, she looks changed … don´t know what it is, in fact since the last posting (Villa d´Este). George in formal attire again, but this this time the fabric and cut are smooth, which looks better on him.


  9. Amal looks “buzzed”! That moment when you are leaving a wonderful dinner and feeling no pain after a couple glasses of wine. 🍷🍷 “Life is Good”


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