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Amal and George Clooney spotted with friends at Villa d’Este Italy 28.07.2018

Amal and George Clooney enjoy a stylish night out with friends.

They take a boat ride to the Villa D’Este restaurant on Saturday night (July 28) in Lake Como, Italy.

Amal showed off a lot of leg in a pair of orange shorts and a silk blouse-dress while George looked handsome in a gray suit.

Joining the couple for their night out was designer Stella McCartney and her husband Alasdhair Willis. You can also recognize Grant and Lysa Heslov or Samantha Barry.

This is one of the first time George has been photographed out since his motorbike accident earlier this month.

Thank you to USA Today for mentioning my blog 😊

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore MONSE Resort 2019

Scenic Print One Shoulder Top


Was available here


Solid Boxer Short


Was available here

33 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney spotted with friends at Villa d’Este Italy 28.07.2018

    1. Those other girls are so pretty! They look natural. Amal is decent looking but she needs to do something about that hair – it’s frizzy and needs a trim.


  1. Even though I love Monse, there is nothing attractive about this dress/top and the yellow shorts just look tacky. Maybe if she wore some white shorts or a something in silver satin for the shorts, it could work a bit better.


  2. When I saw Amal’s outfit, I looked up the Monse label. Both of the Monse designers apparently worked for and are still connected with Oscar de la Renta. That is still hard for me to believe. Anyway, I don’t like whatever Monse design is. For me, fashion is connected with shaping the body and Monse design doesn’t seem to accept this concept. What I think one aim of Monse design is, is to call attention to itself for attention’s sake. And I do believe that this is the appeal for Amal as it is important for her to be noticed. Having said all of that, I think that the color green is something I would explore in my fashion choices if I were Amal as I think it complements her.

    Lastly, a comment on hair re: both Amal and’s hot and humid in Italy and I wonder why both of them aren’t wearing their hair up? Meghan Markle for example is doing some lovely things with her hair…

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  3. I like her shoes. I hate uneven hems – and the neck piece on the blouse makes it far too busy. The hair-do is horrid and as is the shorts. That said she can pull it off because she is so slender.


  4. I disagree Angela, I believe the pairing was perfect. I think if she wore a silver satin or white it would blend in with the dress and the asymmetrical nature of the dress would not be as evident. Considering that Amal’s dress is slightly different from the model, in regards to where the palm trees land, the white or silver would be too similar. I love this outfit! She looks elegant and sophisticated. Tacky seems too harsh, it just unique. She’s know for that!

    xoxo Macy


      1. There are a lot of comments here with no point at all or no correct grammar including mine. This is an international fashion/fan blog, so whats your point Jack? You happen to be not better than Jackson, and let me spell it for you, supports freedom of expression, whether the grammar makes sense to “you” or not.

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      2. That is rather clear I think, this is not Jacksons favorite dress. I really like it though. This is the kind of Amal outfit that first started my interest in her. However I feel it is not appropriate for the occasion she is wearing it here.


      3. Tammy- I don’t understand the harshness of your last sentence. WordPress is a platform that allows you to build a web site. It has nothing to do with someone’s grammar or freedom of expression.


  5. Like Amal´s top, but not the print and the scarf which look too much. The price of the shorts and top is obscene. And George … oh dear … looking terribly aged again and sicker since last photos in Italy. Strangely he is not casually dressed, which is unusual for him, he is dressed like his father … Amal is certainly reading this blog, especially my comments on George´s looks and about his father. Unfortunately George looks older because of this kind of attire, not dapper like his father, he needs a stylist and a health check.


    1. He had a violent accident, and there was some damage for his body and mind (we will never know details but it was violent accident). Also recoup time is much much worse for a 50+ year old (that already has spine damage and age deterioration) than for a 20+. He can dress like a 30 year old and look handsome but the pain and damage is still inside. Why do we have to be so superficial ? Some people learn the hard way that fashion, luxury, fame and looking younger and handsome is not what really matters in life….


      1. also he is 57 years old. Why does he need to dress like a 40 yr old to match his wife that sometimes dresses like a 25 ? is all about perception, illusion, not reality.


      2. He really needs to stop riding his bike. He had a terrible accident many years ago where he said the pain was so bad he wanted to die….he hasn’t learned yet. I hope he will now.


      3. Tammy – George is aging rapidly and badly since some years, looking downbeat and sick too, has absolutely nothing to do with his accident. Depending on how you dress, you could look much older and worst … what is the benefit?


      4. Guys for your info: The violent back accident Clooney had was on the shooting of his movie Syriana during the scene were he was taped to a chair and submitted to some torture. The chair fell backwards and he hurt his neck. It’s from this time he suffers terrible headaches and why on Good night and good luck he had to put his own house as a guaranty as no insurance wanted to insure him for this movie. I am a bit surprised that he accepted to have kids with this health problem of which he never got rid.


    2. I agree with Paris on George’s lack of dapperness. The fit of the suit he is wearing looks ‘off the rack’ and I think he could do better with his budget. The suit (particularly the pants) looks as if it hasn’t been altered since his weight loss. Multiple photos in the media show him in casual wear with pants that are way too big and shirts that look washed out due to laundering. This has all be occurring frankly since his marriage and has nothing to do with the accident.

      I don’t doubt that Amal is making efforts to watch over George’s diet etc, but the fact is that he has a lot of years of drinking etc, that could be catching up with him and that is why he appears to have aged.

      His recent accident will no doubt impact him for some time. I have to believe that medical staff have recommended follow-ups particularly because of the preexisting issues with his back…I think they will be monitoring his head/brain for any changes.

      The series he is filming is via his own production company and I wonder why he just doesn’t hire a substitute director to finish the film for him and rest and recuperate. Just my observations…

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    3. Paris- I cannot imagine why Amal would read this blog, particularly your comments. Certainly she has better things to do than to read that you feel her husband looks sicker (whatever that means) or how he is dressed.

      PS. Anyone who uses a dictionary to understand a concept tells me what grade they are in. We begin teaching young children how to use the Internet to do research in grade school.


      1. Jackson – you seem to take everything said here way too “personal” which is weird.This blog is NOT about you unless you are Amal!


  6. Paris – of course – they only read your comments, because they have so much time and are interested in everybody`s comment – of millions of followers – .
    What do you dream at night?


  7. I love Amals outfit! I think interesting and fresh! I love this blog!! Nat two questions any id on the shoes? And isnt she wearing orange shorts not pink as shown above? Is there a link for the orange or it just the lighting.


  8. I actually like the cut of this top, the hem, neck, one sleeve. Not a fan if the big black car on it. I would have picked another color of shirts. But unlike the look with the sandals. She had such great legs. I like her half up half down hair, too.

    George needs some help from Tan from Queer Eye.


  9. Madame Amal Clooney è una bella donna,un ottimo Avvocato che difende le cause degli ultimi ed anche una affettuosa mamma dei 2 piccoli figli.Mi auguro moltissimo che questa bellissima famiglia possa durare una eternità. Grazie Gianfala


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