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Amal Clooney at the MET Gala part II 07.05.2018

Amal Clooney’s Met Gala red carpet gown—er, pants and skirt combo—made a statement on the first Monday in May, but it was her second dress that really had us talking. Amal Clooney, who was one of the co-hosts of the event, did a quick change inside the Met, transforming her into a walking, talking piece of art. Makes sense for a gala held in a museum, no?

While her first gown was captured by hundreds of awaiting photographers, her second dress was so discreet, you might have even missed her outfit change. Clooney wowed in a deep red mosaic Tom Ford gown covered in thousands of tiny tiles that hugged her every curve. She paired it with a rich satin clutch, pumps, and matching lip, committing fully to the monochromatic styling.

Picture via Donatella Versace instagram

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore

TOM FORD Broken glass dress

Here a similar dresses by Tom Ford from the fall 2014 collection


Satin Clutch

Sold out

Here a velvet version


Satin pumps 105

Available here


45 thoughts on “Amal Clooney at the MET Gala part II 07.05.2018

  1. I loooove this dress….although it would look much better on someone who’s hip bones arent sticking out betting get stonach. The main issue with this Whole look is that Amal loves herself soooooooo much more that she can’t eveb hide her over-the/top self-love from the cameras.


  2. Is that a photo of Miley Cyrus covering up her chest?! Hysterical!

    Amal with Miley and Amal with Nadia… hmmmm, am I the only one for whom this doesn’t sit quite right…? How does one hold such wishy-washy values simultaneously…?


  3. I come here because I like looking at the photos and really held high hopes around what Amal could achieve in her role as a human rights lawyer with a PR mum and married to a Hollywood elitist. Over time, I’ve come to accept my hopes and her aspirations are very different indeed, and that’s okay.

    But, I am really struggling with the disparity between her work and her lifestyle. Can we please acknowledge that celebrities are the prime beneficiaries of a society that rewards a few whilst creating insurmountable problems for the many. Can we please critically examine the systems that underpin this disparity and which celebrities like Amal work hard (via events such as the MetGala) to guarantee their maintenance, in order to promote the reciprocal and ongoing benefits to the prime beneficiaries.

    Can we please, no demean our collective intelligence by praising or otherwise, an outfit worn by a human rights lawyer to a couture event, whilst the world bleeds.

    My brain just cannot assimilate the disparity between the images of greed and vanity against the backdrop of purported advocacy for the disadvantaged and downtrodden.

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      1. She’s gorgeous no doubt about it. Her clothes are fabulous too. But she/they leave a bad taste in ones mouth. By that I mean she needs to make her mind up – does she want to be taken seriously or not? If not, then keep on parading the clothes/playing dress ups and display the ‘vanity and greed’ that comes with it. If not, tone it right down. Please. The two worlds don’t mix. George doesn’t look happy.

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    1. Operette lawyer. She should at least be an entertainment lawyer then it’d make sense. As I said previously in my remark about her first dress. We don’t see Angelina Jolie doing this kind of stuff. and I’ll end up taking her more seriously than Amal even without a law degree.

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      1. Well you know she was in fact studying entertainment law in the U.S. before she moved back to london to be hired as a barrister by Doherty Chambers where she currently works. It’s no coincidence!


    2. Ladies, this is a blog originally created about her haute couture choices, about what we wears, not about her barrister work (she helped the wikileaks team back then so so much for the human rights stuff).
      She has not changed that much really. She just have the chance (now that she is Clooney), to be herself, to fulfill her real dreams and ambitions. Yall can see that the press is with Clooney (money buy press, yes it does), that means that weather you like it or not, weather there are 30+ countries out there failing human rights, she will be in the magazine covers for what she is good at, her clothes, her designers, her hair, her super skinny body. End of story. Moving on to her next dress choice and have a great time all. Come on this is fun :- )))


    3. Spot ON.

      & I’m a little upset with my own ‘expectations’ of her… hoping she indeed was different.
      After all… George sought her *because* she wasn’t like the thousands of models/actresses/elite before her…
      & it’s starting to very much look like she is allowing herself to *look* like the rest of them.
      I’ve got a pic of her when she was representing Julian Assange… she looked NOTHING like this.. & her heels were only 2 inches high too.

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    4. I think that the whole human rights advocacy thing is just a way to give credibility to her celebrity status. It allows her to “appear above” the Kim Kardashian’s and Jennifer Lopez’s even though Amal no better. At least the Kardashian’s know who they are and know their place and don’t pretend to deny who and what they really are: attention-seeking and fame-needy. Amal seems to mainly publicize her probono human rights cases to enhance her fame and need for attention. If she was not publicizing her probono cases, she would be just another celebrity but with a law degree. The publicity stunt has been quite successful in taking her world fame to another level. Look at the Clinton’s and all the charitable rip-off they pulled off in Haiti. Many celebrities attempt to align with charitable causes to enhance the image of their celebrity status. While some celebrities genuinely want to be charitable without ulterior motives, that does not seem to be the case with Amal.


      1. My thoughts exactly. Amal is certainly a talented and intelligent woman, she should focuse on her work if she wants to be credible as lawyer in future, instead of acting and looking more and more like a socialite desperate for attention.


      2. I doubt she could live without her designers dresses and the cameras attention… she is full of it. I guess we will see how far she can take both…. it will be challenging because i dont really think she has that much of a human rights soul, as we have learnt to see. she is for sure no Mother Teresa, or even Angeline Jolie, when in action for their causes.


  4. What she does for work is serious. I for one respect what she does. She dresses appropriately at work that is what matters. We all have lives outside of work and dress for that Amal is no different.


    1. I don’t think those obnoxious red laced boots she wore when photographed meeting Nicky Haley, our UN embassador, would be considered dressing appropriately. There are many similar occasions of such behavior as well.


    1. Jackson just like your comment after she spoke at the united nations was focused on the color of her dress- Annabelle made a fashion observation herself –

      Jackson IF U THINK U ARE ABOVE THIS BLOG AND PEOPLE MAKING COMMENTS OUTSIDE OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND POLITICAL DISCUSSIIONS. I’ll remind ur petty ass u are joining a WordPress blog – maybe even a borderline gossip site – why don’t u just go to another site or article and stay there? You have these expectations and forget where u are as if we are speaking at a White House press conference .


      1. That’s his comeback? Jackson recycled that Abe Lincoln-era ‘come back’ to someone else he was trying to retort. So so sad. I


  5. Are women who love fashion shallow? No. So what if she loves the cameras. If it makes her happy who are we to judge. And BTW, her celebrity brings attention and results to important causes.
    I love the red mirror dress, I think she looks stunning.


    1. You should dig deeper when you pull up your google research – coined by Saint John -its from the Bible – Corinthians – brush up on your history – it is quoted throughout history more notably by Abe Lincoln.

      Kendall’s comment still stands – that’s the best comeback u got ? Coined by Soos – so u don’t have to google Jackson


      1. I hope Nati publishes this comment. I believe Soos has quite a bit to contribute to this blog. Whether Jackson chooses to believe it or not, Soos has insider knowledge. I don’t know if Jackson is jealous or just a rabid dog when it comes to protecting Amal. It’s strange and borderline creepy. Fine, admire Amal, there are worse people to admire, but his knee-jerk defensive position is very odd and like a jealous boyfriend.


  6. Did you hear about the controversy with her and Tom Ford because she was supposed to originally wear this dress on the red carpet? Sounds like it offended him that she changed her mind last minute.


      1. Yes, ha that’s George and Baria doing PR work … I’m surprised that Amal is getting away with being such a spoiled, entitled smug person? Why Nati don’t you call her out for her behavior? The People ‘source’ is an obvious cover up. George always goes onto Gossip Cop to respond to negative press.


      2. Sadly in this case Jenny is right 😦 vogue folks are in tight with Amal and will never go on record against Amal too. Amal is not a pro at this I don’t think it was intentional


      3. Soos, I have to disagree. She is a pro at this. She’s been on countless high profile red carpets and has been dressed by a litany of the highest tier designers.

        You have the insider knowledge, why did she wear the Tom Ford dress when she was specifically told not to wear as another celeb could wear it at another event? Why was that unintentional? She presents as a person who basks in the limelight … she’s getting to be more and more outrageous in her attention seeking. It just seems in line with that behavior.

        Thanks for responding …


  7. Totally Glam in red. Love it! 👠
    Amal looks like she is getting very skinny again; I can see it in her face & also an even leaner frame.


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