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Amal Clooney co-hosting the MET Gala 2018 Part I 07.05.3018

Amal Clooney has arrived as one of the hosts of the 2018 Met Gala – and she has George Clooney by her side!

The power couple were one of the first on the red carpet at the annual event, held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday (May 7) in New York City.

This year’s Costume Institute Gala Benefit celebrates the opening of the Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination exhibition and is hosted by Amal, Rihanna, fashion designer Donatella Versace, and Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a bespoke suit with train by RICHARD QUINN


Diamonds triangle drop earrings, bracelet and ring

Beauty by CHARLOTTE TILBURY here for more information


59 thoughts on “Amal Clooney co-hosting the MET Gala 2018 Part I 07.05.3018

  1. As Tom and Lorenzo, the great red carpet critics, wrote: “Amal Clooney Fails to Lauch…..”

    With access to just about “any” wardrobe in the world with money as no object, this is the best she can do for a met gala co-chair? I read in one article on this was her idea of displaying women’s empowerment within the Catholic church theme: by wearing pants with a dress, to fight the oppression of women in many societies…..ok so she wanted to do something symbolic which is admirable but this is all wrong with the blue pants, pointed tip earrings and and an ice blue floral gown that has a hideous ruffle at the bottom. If this is best she can do with her symbolism to represent disadvantaged women in the world, it’s embarrassing to the rest of us intelligent, professional and successful women that one’s idea empowerment is so tacky and focused on attention-seeking above all.

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    1. I second this opinion. 70% of the time she has a good fashion sense but this isn’t not one of those moments. It just screams Look At Me, Look at Me! And how awkward is it to have 2 slaves constantly rearranging the back of the dress.


  2. Aside from the fact that this is a blasphemous event and offensive to Christian religions – she looked amazing, though I would’ve much preferred a long pencil thin skirt than the pants. I’m glad she did not go for a religious motif on her dress – I think that would’ve been disrespectful from a HR lawyer.

    I think the winner of the night was Blake Lively. Knocked it out of the park!


    1. Blake’s dress was lovely but I thought zendaya’s Joan of arc was amazing creative and the best outfit of all.


  3. The outfit is a very similar cut to the repulsive red thing she wore to the private vogue dinner last week. That I think was the lead in to this outfit which then makes it a plagiarised piece.

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    1. Glad u spoke up. That’s exactly what I thought. The red lace dress was a prelude of what was to come at the met gala.


  4. Ridiculous outfit (can we call this a dress?) for a ridiculous stairs climbing full of mess because of the train and this woman jumping in all the time to display it correctly. It totally lacked elegance. She couldn’t even walk in ther towering stillettos.
    I can notice one thing: We never see Angelina Jolie at this kind of circus, she is a serious woman who is really interested in her activism. Amal is an operette lawyer. I never did and will never take her seriously. My mom used to joke that she must have been put aside when she was a kid and now took her revenge over her past by marrying a coveted guy and getting attention. And funnilly I got confirmation of it in the Vogue article when by the end her cousins said she was always the last of the pack.
    The fact that she changed several times outfits in the same evening is also quite superficial.
    Anyway the best dressed was Blake Lively in Versace. I’d never go on the red carpet without Versace or Roberto Cavalli….

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  5. The Catholic church backed this event and loaned over 50 artifacts for this event. The choir from the Sistine Chapel performed at the event. The Catholic Church obviously had no problem with the theme. So those who have a problem it would seem to be theirs only.
    I loved her gowns, the first one was simple and fit the theme, .


  6. This was definitely an EVENT dress and the length of the train was perfect for a grand entrance! I saw the train was detachable and the foil top with the navy pants was stunning by itself- I would have worn that for the rest of the evening if it were me. But there’s so much fun fashion to choose from and it was an evening about costume and fashion, it’s no wonder she did the dress changes! And George always looks so handsome in a classic tux!

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  7. It’s a very flamboyant ensemble, but she rocked it! George’s expressions were great, too. Looks as if they had a wonderful time!

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      1. Annabelle- Do share with all of us how the Met Gala was a life changing event for you. It is a fund raising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Instititue in NY City. I think we would all be interested in how the Gala changed your life.


      2. Jackson why are I foolishly minimizing this event? There are countries where their museums and artifacts are completely destroyed And are critical parts of history. You literally wet urself about how one speech from Amal was amazing but minimize other events or activities but others can express the importantance of others. Get out of here


  8. Not a big fan of this outfit. I agree a pencil long skirt would have looked better. The whole ‘pant symbolism’ thing is just petty.

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  9. This is my opinion. I’d like to preface this with two things: 1: this is my opinion and I hope everyone can be respectful to it. 2: I am a fan of Amal. I am Amal’s fan in a fashion sense as well as a fan of her work and dedication in the legal field.

    I was rooting for Amal, we were all rooting for Amal co-hosting the Met. This would be the moment the build up everyone was waiting for- this was AMAL CLOONEY- partaking in the most hyped up fashion event of a lifetime- the reason why she was probably selected!!! Her sense of fashion, style, elegance, quirkiness, etc. is what has drawn many of us to her from day one.

    That said and here I go: This was a total fail. She (and at times George) looked uncomfortable with the train itself. The pants- oh the pants- the fit in front was completely off.

    The designer claims that this this was “her idea of displaying women’s empowerment ” I DO NOT BUY IT. Wearing pants does nothing for us woman to make us suddenly feel empowered. Sorry, try again. This was a fail- the look, the material , the design. Aluminum Foil ? Really? And coming from Amal Clooney who we rarely see in anything BUT stilettos and short dresses 99% of the time. What I do know is this EMPOWERMENT STATEMENT he claims Amal was trying to make WAS CHANGED OUT OF within minutes inside of a GIFT SHOP into a glamorous dress and within a few hours into another stunning dress to Rihanna’s afterparty.

    She was struggling with that damn train and by George’s looks at times he wanted nothing to do with it.

    Her hair was a refreshing change- nothing too drastic of a change but a change. I preferred her hair at Rihanna’s afterparty personally. Her makeup- was young and fresher than usual as Charlotte T. was not getting the previous messages that she overstates and makes Amal’a natural look into a too bold aging Amal look most of the time. (I personally want to sign a petition to keep Charlotte away from Amal!)

    I am going to upset many of you ( I am upset myself) if you want to know the truth- what Amal wore on Halloween (pants, if the empowerment thing is bought by any of you ladies here) looked better on her and was probably more of Met statement and aligned better with the theme of the evening!!

    Amal was one of the hosts for the Met Gala- she should have knocked it out of the park. Blake Lively and a few others took that title.

    I want to forget this look ever happened.


    1. You nailed it! Spot on! I agree with you 98%. I liked that her hair was not the same old same old but I would have preferred a more structured updo instead of the loose ponytail she went with. The shoes were not right for the dress either. Or the event. She paired the shoes to the ill-advised pants instead of the train or top. The outfit was off-theme and hideous. In MY opinion Amal was not the worst dressed but she was the biggest disappointment.


      1. You described the hair better than me – I wasn’t a huge fan of the boppy ponytail either.


    2. I agree with you…make up by Charlotte T. is not the best choice for her. Makes her looking older and more tired.
      Her complexion is to pale. And in the red dress she looks a little bit like a drag queen. Too much at all.
      But I like the pants and her hair. Even I think the corsage is to big and the zipper on the back is not a beautiful solution.


  10. I liked this outfit, only, of the 3 that Amal wore that night. Also, Gigi Hadid looked amazing on the red carpet – I actually liked her dress the best out of all the outfits that night..


  11. If a famous and handsome male lawyer was stylish people would praise him for it. But no. Yet again women are criticized for being confident and bold. Amal – keep doing what makes you happy. I don’t always agree with your fashion choices but what you wear is your right.

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  12. Soos- As I said, I do not tolerate stupidity of others. Since English is not your first language you are not reading the words of posts, you are reacting to emotion. The Met Gala was not a life changing event for anyone on this blog or they would have mentioned it. Instead there are ridiculous comments about Amal’s hair or makeup and so on that you defend. If Amal’s hair was a life changing event for those who chose to criticize it, no wonder this country is in the shape it is in as I imagine these people vote as well. I will continue to comment on what I like and comment on ridiculous retorts.


  13. Her behaviour behind the scenes of the met gala was tacky and uncalled for. She might be an average lawyer (her last case on the Hooded men didn’t turn out so well, like half her cases, I might add) but its her greed for the limelight that is really off -putting. Here’s a great summation of what happened:
    Despite Amal’s PR team trying to do damage control in the pages of People, her reputation with the fashion elit is a bit damaged now. And I’m glad. I hope she goes back to doing the work she trained for and stay off red carpets and away from cameras (it’s hard, I know) for a long, long while.


      1. Honestly and I prefer not to get into much detail but there was a lot of drama and pressure after she showed up in this first pant look. Her family ( cousin and Tala) contacted her and said she should have went with the other dress. If u pay attention there was some stress during her red carpet walk. She changed because she did get immediate feedback while on the carpet. Since some of u have issue with my insider details or discredit it I’ll leave this alone now.


      2. Soos most of the mentally-healthy people on this blog appreciate your insight. The stalker Jackson may not want to accept that someone other than his fantasy life has insider knowledge on Amal. He’s just jealous that you know intimate details, that he will never be privy to …

        I also wish Nati would block him from this blog. I think he has dangerous potential to Amal and her family. I hope they’re reading this blog and take note and add his name to the list of stalkers.


  14. Soos, I think you are right. I think that’s why Wintoir chose to humiliate Amal on the talk show, pointing out she changed in the gift shop. I think she was trying to tell Amal to step back in line. No one else was ridiculed by Wintour. I actually felt awful for Amal. It became a Twitter storm afterwards – ” who changes in the gift shop? Only if you’re Amal”. Wintour should’ve just been graceful and let it go. She made Amal look stupid and vain in front of the whole world.


  15. I’m not a fan of pants with a skirt, so I didn’t like the outfit. Then I saw video of her trying to walk with the skirt and it was just so awkward. I couldn’t figure out why she chose this ensemble. Was the skirt bunching around the front, or can she not walk in stilettos. I do know her posture is terrible. I liked her hair, though. It was nice seeing something different,


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