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Amal and George Clooney arrived in Italy 05.07.2017

This week, Amal and George Clooney touched down at an airport Monday in Milan, Italy, with twins Ella and Alexander for the summer. Villa Oleandra is ready to welcome them.

First Amal’s pictures since months now. 🙂

All the pictures via TMZ


Style Files :

A white t-shirt


ripped jeans perhaps by

CITIZENS OF HUMANITY Rocket High Rise Skinny Jeans



$278 available here

ASH Cult White Rame Sneaker


available here

a large red fringed bag (by Tala ?)

and sunglasses.

31 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney arrived in Italy 05.07.2017

      1. My goodness Nati, that was along time without no exposure right? I wonder why she has suddenly removed herself form the media exposure… it never occurred to me that she would become so absent and quiet:0 Nice to see they are not shy form adventuring out with the kids:) The way to go… and for sure, it will take a jet to move all around now:)


      2. Nadia, she removed herself because the first month with a baby is absolutely exhausting…and then add in another! You are not sleeping, they are not sleeping. One is up, one is up an hour later. Sure, they might have a nanny, but I bet they are hands on parents. It takes about a month to figure it all out and catch your breath. I’m surprised to see them so soon actually. But then again, this wasn’t really a photo op either.


  1. How fun. Their first plane ride to places unknown to us. I am glad they are not divulging where they are headed or for how long. I hope they have a marvelous summer of privacy.


  2. Makes me very sad to think how lucky these babies are to ne born into a rich and nice family while others are born into such miserable conditions with no hope…wish all babies could have the living conditions that these have. Sigh.


    1. Maybe those babies might be great humanitarians, politicians, scientists! Never be sad about babies born. There will always be rich people and poor people.


      1. My parents were wealthy, I went to ivy league schools for both undergrad and grad. I will never have the same opportunities as these children.


  3. My bet is that they are headed to there Lake Como home ( a couple hours from Milan) because that is where George and Amal have spent time in the summer. His parents also have visited there in the past during the summer. As far as privacy, it seems like George and Amal have that covered…they went several months at the beginning of the pregnancy without any photos and this is the first photo of them since early April. I would be surprised to see many photos of the babies… I am very happy to see Amal wear clothes that I could afford and she is wearing sensible shoes. Though the photo isn’t that clear, I like that she is healthy looking and not so very thin as she has been in the past.

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  4. Interesting how George is such an advocate for environmental protection and awareness but flies around in a private jet …

    P.S. Amal has the worst taste in sneakers. Reminds me of the tacky Ash wedge sneakers she wore.


  5. P.P.S. She’s already tall (period). Why the incessant need to always stand out? She rarely never wears completely flat shoes. You’ve arrived honey. Relax…


    1. She’s not as tall as some think. I agree, however, that if she wore flats, it would be refreshing.
      I think it might be George who wants her to appear taller, so he appears taller.


  6. Nati, how did you find all that with such a blurred photo? You are truely amazing! Nice to see Amal smiling et relaxed. Hope Amal and George will find the privacy they want and need. Happy for them!

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  7. I am always amazed at how Nati finds the labels at all. Such as sleuth!

    So, pleased to see them out and about. Was having my Clooney withdrawal.

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  8. Les deux nanas qui promènent les chiens des clooney ont la chance de voyager de pays en pays en jet privé. Comme quoi, peu importe ton job, quand tu as de la chance, elle frappera toujours à ta porte…


  9. Nati is related to amal Clooney or is somehow connected to her. someone from amals inner circle of joy amal herself tells Nati the brands. Please.


      1. Nati isn’t related to Amal but most likely gets insider infirmation fed to her from Amal’s people.


  10. Skinny jeans? Amal is swimming in them – they look a couple of sizes too big. I think she borrowed them from George. They look more like his style, LOL.


  11. I agree with the comments about the heels. Even in tennis shoes, she still needs to look tallest. It’s the first thing I noticed in the pics above. I think Amal wants everyone to think she looks like a model. That’s why she lost so much weight after she met George and started getting all this media attention for her fashion choices. She needs to keep it going. There are even pictures of her on this site sitting on the back of a motorcycle with George in 4 inch wedge heels – the stella McCartney shoes. She’s less focused being practical and dressing up in fashion that is wearable and more focused on the show or look of it no matter how silly. Her face looks much better with the extra weight. She’s actually starting to look pretty for the first time since she married George and lost soooo much weight – her prior attempt to look like a model. She has always looked so gaunt and hollow in her face with the weight loss. Hope she will not strive for that rail thin look again. Some women can lose alot of weight and still keep their curves but others need to recognize that extreme weight loss just doesn’t suit them. We all have different body types. Also noticing that her lips keep getting gradually bigger. She is definitely getting fillers in her lips, slowly making them more and more pronounced in her photos over the past two years.


  12. It s surprising that after a month and twins, she doesn t have a buldging tummy at all. I ve had my baby, I m skinny and didn t put on one kg during my pregnancy, yet it took me nearly5months to get my stomach flat again… 😳


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