Amal and George Clooney leaving the Gatto Nero in Cernobbio 11.07.2017

Amal and George Clooney and Ben Weiss and his wife enjoyed a romantic dinner just the four of themat the Gatto Nero restaurant . While they are staying at Villa Oleandra, in Cernobbio, Italy with children Ella and Alexander.


Style Files :

Amal Clooney wore a beautiful one shoulder dress, with a gold clutch

and following shoes


Nove wedge sandals

currently sold out


All pictures via DailyMail and Splash News


36 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney leaving the Gatto Nero in Cernobbio 11.07.2017

  1. Hello, Amal Clooney looks gorgeous as always.
    can you kindly tell me the designer of this beautiful dress. I want to have it.
    Thanks so much


  2. Hello, Amal Clooney looks gorgeous as always.
    She was spotted in Cernobbio leaving Gatta Nero restaurant on July 11, 2017.
    Can you kindly tell me the designer of this beautiful one shoulder dress.
    I want to have it.
    Thanks so much


  3. I generally would refrain from interpreting any behavior because of lack of consistent information but to me Amal looks beautiful and serene in these photos. I think the dress is lovely.


      • Interesting how you “interpret” behavior when it’s flattering but anything that’s unflattering is gossip and rumor-mongering. Nice and statistically logical.


    • Hypocrisy at its best
      How do you know she is serene based on the pictures? You must realize that we cannot gather any information based on her putwaed appearance and pictures, as you always say.


      • Baige, Soos, and Amanda- My goodness it was quiet and peaceful and then the cyberbullies came out again. If you carefully read my original post I clearly state that I am giving my opinion. An opinion is a view formed about something, not necessarily based in fact or knowledge.

        Rumors start when someone is deliberately spreading misinformation or someone is misinterpreting the facts. I was not spreading misinformation or misinterpreting facts. I was simply saying I thought she looked serene. I was also cautious about my view and explained why.


  4. Very pretty summer dress. I like the off one shoulder, without it I think it would have been doudy looking, especially being mid length.


  5. That dress looks like something from Forever21. Why does she always have that haughty nose up in the air look/pose all the time? She should look at ground level as humans do not live in the trees.

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    • Wow, what a weird and harsh comment! I don’t get you. I don’t get how you think. I don’t understand why you are following this blog if you think she is ordinary people. She is a star and this blog is all about her as a star. A star is not lookig down, come on!

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      • I don’t believe that being a ‘star’ (whatever that means) makes you above anyone. I also don’t think Amal is a ‘star’.
        She’s interesting, yes, but your saying that ‘a star is not looking down’? I’ve no idea what you mean.


  6. Update. On that dress would be good. Plus what about the yellow. Same shoes. Where do they come from and who designed them?


  7. Hi Nati… is everything going on ok with you? It seems you (and Amal) have taken a break from the spotlight? I hope all is great with you Nati! Thanks for these pictures šŸ™‚ ā¤


  8. She looks suspiciously like she wasn’t pregnant at all. From a few of the photos it looks as if Amal is trying to escape from the camera,,,


    • She was pregnant and even gained a few pounds (gasp!) that’s why she’s running away from the cameras and the photos are blurry. Just wait till she gets back to her “original weight” and she’ll be beaming away, hair flipping and eye flirting in no time!!


      • I think she’s just walking to the restaurant; the photos are blurry because they are probably taken from a fair distance away.


    • HazelRae- Perhaps she has the same metabolism of Angelina Jolie who had twins and was back to her initial body structure almost immediately following birth of her twins.


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