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Amal Clooney spotted in a Valentino dress at the Villa d’Este in Cernobbio 02.07.2016


Amal and George Clooney have been spotted hand in hand at the Villa d’Este in Cernobbio in Italy on last week-end.


What a beautiful place, simply amazing !

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a


Printed long silk dress

circa 1978

via William Vintage


100325_02_9 100325_03_9 100325_04_9


Klipper gold sandals

4942761979_1 carvela-kurt-geiger-none-klipper-leatherette-sandal-none-product-0-510882562-normal 4667761979_2

with gold earrings by MELINDA MARIA

Mademoiselle Pod Earrings Gold White CZ

available here on sale $64

Screenshot_2016-07-28-12-33-17 Screenshot_2016-07-28-12-33-05

a clutch by JIMMY CHOO


and a choker necklace by  TOTALLY TALA


35F82BEB00000578-3675403-image-m-3_1467731105619 35F82C3F00000578-3675403-image-m-1_1467731074459 35F825EE00000578-3675403-image-m-344_1467730182115 35F825F600000578-3675403-image-a-321_1467729869213 35F825FE00000578-3675403-image-a-350_1467730839007 35F826B000000578-3675403-image-m-348_1467730525335 35F8241100000578-3675403-image-a-352_1467730863080 35F8260200000578-3675403-Dapper_gent_George_55_kept_it_casual_for_their_evening_at_the_5_-m-346_1467730385214 35F82BAD00000578-3675403-image-a-358_1467730924606 35F8260600000578-3675403-Dressed_to_impress_British_Lebanese_human_rights_lawyer_undeniab-m-357_1467730916657 (1) 35F826CC00000578-3675403-image-a-4_1467731119422

35F825BE00000578-3675403-image-a-6_1467731132396 (1) 35F824C600000578-0-image-a-26_1468016387437 35F8254100000578-3681669-image-a-42_1468017108697 george-clooney-marriage-amal-clooney-01 george-clooney-marriage-amal-clooney-02 george-clooney-marriage-amal-clooney-03 george-clooney-marriage-amal-clooney-04 Screenshot_2016-07-07-16-45-491

DP1E6782_CTS_521306706_CTS-CM DL3E0245_CTS_521306706_CTS-CM COVERPROVA COVER2OK COVEROK DP1E6560_CTS_521306705_CTS-CM P1E6560_CTS_521306705_CTS-CM

Pictures / DailyMail

33 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted in a Valentino dress at the Villa d’Este in Cernobbio 02.07.2016

  1. I know that you list it/identify it as a dress but each time I look at the photos and see her gait it appears that the bottom half of the dress looks like a culotte dress.


    1. I agree with Jackson. It does appear to be culottes, or maybe even a pant suit or jumpsuit. Nice design & print. I also like the combination of colors. Nice necklace & bracelet. 🙂


  2. Mark your calendars. She is wearing flat shoes. Why is it always – more is more with her? Learn to edit. If you wear long dangling earrings, don’t wear a monstrous choker.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree Danica! Her mother, too, tends to over accessorize . It should be one or the other: a statement necklace or a statement earrings, not both.


  3. This is lovely. Normally not a fan of vintage, but this is a beautiful dress and fits her better than some of her vintage choices. Loving the jewelry, too!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Beautiful. But could have been even more so with different jewelry. A little too much.
    Looks comfortable and like it fits her well. I love it when she pulls her hair back off her face.


  5. She looks lovely, channeling Cleopatra with those sandals and jewelry. This vintage dress flatters her tall frame without seeming too trendy.
    But George, oh George. These jeans don’t even seem like dad jeans. More like grandpa jeans. If he would just wear better fitting ones, I think the jeans plus blazer look would pass muster. But these saggy baggy britches just look like he slept in them on a 12 hour flight.


  6. I love this look on her. The maxi dress is a good cut, pattern just ok. I love her hair and sandals. I think the choker is great, but don’t particularly like it with this dress, nor with the earrings. Too much. I would have liked the choker better with a different style of top. However, all in all, nice summer ensemble.

    George’s jeans are just sloppy. When a man and woman walk together, the woman is the picture, the man is her frame. He’s looking like an old discarded frame. Would a nice pair of structured jeans have killed him?


  7. Not a fan of this look in general – the chocker looks so weird on her it’s not only weird where placed on her long neck but just clashes with the busy dress- what I like are the flat sandals. It’s funny because of all the places she goes super casual it’s there and now versus other places we were determined she would tone it down more .


  8. Wow, they seem so relaxed. I love the dress, how it fits her (so well), the sandals and the messy bun. It is a true vacation look. I love the way they don’t look at the press as if they were an ordinary couple, happy to be together, by themselves. It’s fresh and touching.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Hi Nati, I am sure you already know that the chocker is by her sister’s brand Totally Tala – Amal’s sister has instagrammed it – and she isn’t shy to promote it via her brother in law’s famous surname. Still it is nice that the sisters support each other’s endeavours.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its nice that she is supporting her sister’s efforts, but the choker does not work with this dress nor with the earrings. Valentino as always is lovely.


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