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Amal Clooney in Nina Ricci for the 4th July celebration

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A celebration for July 4  was celebrated on Monday night at Villa d’Este, where among the guests there were stars like George Clooney, accompanied by Amal and Bill Murray.

At Villa d’Este a dinner of fish was proposed to the guests with champagne rivers. Fireworks display has been preceded by the acrobatics of mimes and jugglers who have created a magical evening.

On 11pm  they enjoyed the fireworks on the lake on board George Clooney’s boat.


Style Files :

Amal Clooney wore

a white NINA RICCI
lace dungaree


from the Ready to Wear 2015 Spring collection




ninar3030611611_p1_1-0._SX664_QL90_ ninar3030611611_p2_1-0._SX664_QL90_ ninar3030611611_p3_1-0._SX664_QL90_



Floral earrings






available here on LuisaViaRoma

They are just perfect for a 4th of July 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Amal Clooney in Nina Ricci for the 4th July celebration

      1. Yes! They are an adorable couple but i found Amal’s outfit of a real bad taste, and the shoes awful sorry!


      2. I think the shoes were a ‘clin d’œil’ or acknowledgement or celebration of U.S. anniversary celebration (her husband’s country). Think U.S. flag with stars…It’s not tackier than Kate M. wearing a red fascinator hat with a maple leaf in celebration of Canada’s foundation anniversary…

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Love this on her! It seems perfect for the occasion, suits her typical choices in casual wear, and the juxtaposition of peekaboo lace with overalls is just so fun. It’s also nice to see her barefoot on the boat, just relaxing and enjoying the fireworks. Italy agrees with her!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love these overalls. I have never seen them in a lace fabric before. What a great idea. They really suite her. I have been wearing overalls for the past 5 years – so I’m a big fan of them. I wish I could afford $3,000 Euros. I would buy them in a second. Earrings are great too. They really look good together.


  3. I love this outfit. Amal reminds us that clothes can be fun and ironic. The rest of us mortals dress to hide our imperfections.


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