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Amal Clooney spotted in Rosie Assoulin in Antibes 11.05.2016


Yesterday Amal and George Clooney have been spotted at Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, France.

Today Amal and George will hit Cannes red carpet for Money Monster screening. 🙂


Style Files :

Amal Clooney wore

a top by


Brush Ya Shoulder Off silk-taffeta top


available here at MatchesFashion

outfit_1045917_1 1045917_4 1045917_3 1045917_5


trousers by


Miss Direction cotton-blend wide-leg trousers


available at Matches Fashion here


1045918_1 1045918_3 1045918_5


With her PRADA sunglasses

available here


340D739700000578-3585531-image-m-73_1462997325936 340D767C00000578-3585531-image-a-51_1462995567555 340D718E00000578-3585531-image-a-70_1462997186319 340D727A00000578-3585531-image-m-71_1462997252912 340D722900000578-3585531-image-a-58_1462995654396 340D745100000578-3585531-image-m-74_1462997350458 340D747200000578-3585531-image-m-75_1462997367080 340D750200000578-3585531-image-m-61_1462995682187 340D752700000578-3585531-image-a-59_1462995660520

Pictures DailyMail

20 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted in Rosie Assoulin in Antibes 11.05.2016

  1. She always look great in red! It’s going to be fun going on here during the festival to see what else she wears! You predicted right Nati that she will be going to Cannes.


  2. I don’t like the trousers. But if someone can wear them, it’s Amal. She is fascinating , Most of the time I like what she is wearing, but not everything. Most of all I admire her for who she is: an intelligent, beautiful woman, with her own career. Allthough I don’t know her, she seems sympathetic to me. A comment on her clothes though, is not a comment on amal as a person. I hope that comments of persons who don’t like what she is wearing, are respected. After all, a blog that is an applaud machine, is not interesting. Nati, thank you for all the work and effort you put in.

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  3. I have a question to all those here who are family or somehow connected to Amal. Do you only tell her, that she is beautiful and is looking phenomenal and nobody of you all is the slightest bid worried about her weigth? She has become dangerously thin and if you all want to see her in let’s say two years time from now, you better start telling the truth. You don’t do her a favour by lying. You will loose her! And please don’t tell me, that I am a hater and just jealous, because I’m not.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Claudia, ich gehe davon aus, dass Sie deutscher Herkunft sind.
      Hier sind sehr viele Personen, die sehr kritisch über Amal urteilen. Obwohl Sie sicherlich Recht haben, dass sie viel zu dünn ist, muss man einfach sagen dürfen, dass sie klasse aussieht in diesem Kleid und ihr auch diese Farbe extrem gut steht.


  4. I love this outfit. The pants are rad and the top really pulls it together. I really like her hair curlier. In Cannes you cannot expect your hair to stay straight. It is so humid there.

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  5. I love watching her fashion, she is willing to take risks whereas I don’t tend to. If anyone can make these pants work, it’s Amal!


  6. I love the outfit and, as she usually wears clothes better than catwalk models, I wish we could have had pictures ‘pleine grandeur’, of her. It is so totally Riviera style, appropriate, relax and elegant.

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  7. I love this look! The top is stunning. The pants…only could be worn by someone tall and slim like Amal and she pulls them off! The red is certainly divine. Bravo.

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  8. QUESTION – do people think the top has been modified for Amal? Just in the pics of Amal it looks like the material only overhangs the shoulders to the back, but in the designer’s modelling pics, looks like there is material overhanging across the shoulders at the back, AND at the front?


  9. Silk Taffeta and the dark raspberry color of this top is very pretty. The attached flowing & fluid fabric makes it interesting. I don’t know why, but Madame Butterfly comes to mind. Lots of drape to the pants & top make this ensemble comfy and casual and sophisticated for gathering on a veranda. The selections for this trip to Cannes appear to be loose, fluid, draped, and with attached flowing pieces. It’s cool and very European. So far, I like it all.


  10. Amal does continue to look very thin to me and as others have mentioned, as well. But I think this is the look she likes for herself; extremely thin with no extra flesh or muscle tone on her. You can see this in her arms and as well in photos when she has a bare back. When her shoulders are revealed she is very square shouldered and very little “meat on the bones”. Perhaps, after all, this is the look she wants and is going for; a model thin body.


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