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Amal Clooney arrived in Antibes in Monse 10.05.2016

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Amal and George Clooney arrived today at Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, France,  ahead of the 69th edition of Cannes festival and the screening of Money Monster. Grant Heslov is present too.

They were warmly greeted upon their arrival.


Style Files :

Amal Clooney wore

MONSE Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear



Amal Clooney carried her


Ghianda Bullrope Small Saddle Bag
Available here at Barney’s


504052429_2_bagfrontqtr 504052429_3_bagback 504052429_4_bagopen


with her  PRADA sunglasses

available here


Black patent slippers

chunky heel loafers

were available here

11123940_5368928_1000 11123940_5368934_1000 11123940_5368931_1000 11123940_5368929_1000


3404165B00000578-0-image-a-91_1462906130680 3404166C00000578-3583511-image-a-107_1462908118245 3404166300000578-3583511-image-a-92_1462906953243 3404167600000578-3583511-image-a-106_1462908112816 3404166800000578-3583511-image-a-105_1462908052589 Screenshot_2016-05-10-22-52-03

Screenshot_2016-05-10-19-05-50 (1)

source Instagram

-2sFl6zvlM0 (1) 34057C7000000578-3583511-image-a-64_1462915449496 34057C7400000578-3583511-image-a-65_1462915455782 34057C7800000578-3583511-image-a-63_1462915194227 34057DD000000578-3583511-image-a-67_1462915490428 Amal-teamed-a-puff-ball-skirt-with-a-cream-jumper-535626 FFN_BRK_Clooney_Alamuddin_051016_52049893-795x1024 FFN_BRK_Clooney_Alamuddin_051016_52049898-834x1024 (1) FFN_BRK_Clooney_Alamuddin_051016_52049900-817x1024 FFN_BRK_Clooney_Alamuddin_051016_52049902 FFN_BRK_Clooney_Alamuddin_051016_52049905-697x1024 FFN_BRK_Clooney_Alamuddin_051016_52049907-806x1024 FFN_BRK_Clooney_Alamuddin_051016_52049908-730x1024 FFN_BRK_Clooney_Alamuddin_051016_52049913 FFN_BRK_Clooney_Alamuddin_051016_52049907-806x1024


The-couple-were-pictured-arriving-at-the-Hotel-du-Cap-Eden-Roc-535621 The-lawyer-s-legs-were-impossible-to-miss-535624 The-pair-looked-cosy-as-they-walked-into-the-hotel-535627

More information about the

Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc


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36 thoughts on “Amal Clooney arrived in Antibes in Monse 10.05.2016

      1. I hope Amal Clooney and her PR people appreciate the lengths you go to Nati to continually defend her and portray her in such an immaculate fashion. Either that, or you are on the payroll – Ha Ha – just kidding Nati. Seriously, No one is always flawless. To be flawless is to deny what makes us all so very human.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Sorry, how can one be always flawless and so stylish??? That is too much.
        She can wear a lot of clothes, what normal woman cannot wear, but for me – and Nati as everybody already mentioned here – you are the Boss of this blog – but your reply to Casual Observer is a objectively exaggerated Statement.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Casual Observer – I understand that you were mostly joking 🙂 But I wonder again why readers would expect a fan/style blog to be a forum where you would see much criticism. There are often comments on this blog critiquing a particular outfit. – which seems very reasonable. People love to debate and discuss fashion. But all this is in the context of a fan blog. Which to my mind means that the majority of the people who visit this site, most of them silently, come because they admire Amal Clooney and are interested in both her work and her fashion. This is really the essence of a fan blog. Most of the folks who are here are here because they admire this woman, her quirky fashion sense and style – and the important work she does. As a total package – simply flawless 🙂

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    1. Not me! I like the shoes but the rest is a style-free mess. I’m really puzzled by her insistence on wearing outfits directly from the catwalk rather than putting her own stamp on them? ie. although I’m not hugely keen on that sweater, it could have looked really nice with a pair of faded jeans or a long delicate flowy skirt and some pretty (flat) sandals. Her casual style is really very hit and miss.

      But I’m sure she’ll raise her style game for the red carpet. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Hello there, been a lurker for quite a while.

      There was and is SO much buzz on all the traditional fashion outlets (ie Vogue, Elle, Harpers etc.) about Amal and how she is so chic and “undeniably” fashionable. Rarely is she ever described without a fashion-oriented modifier. Gasp, she is even compared to Carolyn Bessette Kennedy.

      I came to this blog after a quick Google search (as Nati has the most comprehensive listing of all photos of Amal, pre and post George). Being inquisitive and working in fashion editorials – I wanted and needed see for myself.

      Over the years, I have yet to realize why she is considered a household fashion icon? I tried, really I did. Women and men with impeccable style are like musicians and artists. Their selections always form a distinct harmony and never a single note. All I see with Amal is off-the-runway Designer (designer with a capital D) items and no harmony. Her street style is not a dear cousin to her couture choices but a foreigner who does not speak the same language. Her accessories often fall flat, and her hair … really needs … a renovation.

      “Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose..”

      – Lauren Hutton

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      1. How do you know with such detailed accuracy the exact designers of the clothing and accessories she wears? It’s like *magic*


  1. Ok….love each piece individually but not together. I super love her top and purse. The skirt could work but not with those shoes or top – way too much going on. Having said all that, I like that she has her own sense of style and that it’s a tad quirky – so good on her. I can’t wait to see what gown she wears for the festival gala.


  2. Her hands when she was greeting that guy and when she was trying to reach her handbag . Amal always had a slim figure but here she looks skinny (too skinny ) . And the dress and the jacket are similar to other pieces Amal wore before . The dress remind me of her wedding anniversary dress . and the Jacket of her outfit leaving her house in London .
    I wish the clooneys a happy and safe life .


  3. If I were such a clothes, I would be ridiculous but on her it’s very stylish. Love her own taste of fashion!


  4. Just loving the sweater!

    I have noticed that Amal often wears combinations directly from the catwalk, just like here. She doesn’t pair different items of clothing herself but rather takes a ready mix combined by the designer. This somewhat takes off some of the style factor points of her outfits I think. But she looks lovely anyway even if her skirt is an itsy bitsy bit too short in my opinion.


  5. I agree with Samba that this is definitely an ‘Amal outfit’. It may not be the kind of look which many can carry well but Amal wears it and somehow makes it her own. She really has her own style and knows what looks good on her. Am sure she will look gorgeous in Cannes!


  6. I love everything about this outfit on Amal! It’s playful without being tacky, and it suits her very well. The skirt is a bit short, but it fits the occasion and climate.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. MARY, I agree about the style points. There is a difference between style and fashion. Wearing her little pink shift dress with the purple and pink “mismatched” shoes was style; this outfit is fashion.

    Those poofy skirts were popular in the 80s and should stay in the past. Sorry, but Amal has done better. Those sleeves just get in the way and the shoes don’t work with this outfit. Sometimes I think she dressed nicer and more stylishly before she got married and got designer clothes.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. I do LOVE this outfit…. the whole thing! (except the bag and the glasses). I know it is kirky, but that is so Amal! Come on people! She IS this outfit… That 15th00 je ne sais pas quoi… the shoes a la Louis XV… LOVE this blouse and the baloon skirt ( i have one) and being so tall, she wears it great! It is fashion irreverent yes… but LA CROISETTE is a lot of fun too (have been there for the festival)… so she is showing some fun. Love the loose hair too! So my note is….8.5 for this one 😉

    I greatly dislike this purse, PERIOD. And those glasses a la sixties… nay… not with this outfit.

    Nati, it is pointess to look in another site for best photos and updates. Here is where we can find the BEST photos and the best updates, and your always plus… like this hotel clin d’oeil. Thank you! You rock!! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Poofy/balloon skirts or dresses whatever you call them are very trendy/popular here in France. They have actually been popular for about 5/6 years now with different patterns or colors…..
    Saw a few in Antibes and Cannes yesterday and they looked great whoever was wearing them 🙂

    Robert Clergerie shoes are definitely shoes for people who don’t like to wear what everybody else wears and here in France/south of France, they are always the sign of a special taste.

    You like it or not, people don’t care, they just like them….Amal is a someone who likes to surprise, she never wears boring clothes or shoes. Saying that, I must add that I wouldn’t wear everything she wears, but she is a free spirit ! And it feels soooooooo good in this world of narrow-minded /jealous/envious/negative people.

    I have pity for a couple of readers here who systematically ‘like’ every post sounding negative……

    I have a balloon skirt, I wear Clergerie shoes and really don’t care what other people think about it ! C’est comme ça !

    What Nati’s great blog reveals as well, among great interesting posts, is the amount of frustration that eats up some people, hidden behind a screen name……. that’s interesting nevertheless, great material indeed !

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I wouldn’t wear it but it looks fine on her to me. All fashion repeats so bubble skirts are back as are bell bottoms and platform shoes.


  11. Looks like they made it to France, after all. 🙂 Interesting sleeve on the top. I like the drape on this piece. The skirt is cute & billowy. I have never heard of the brand Monse. Nice style. Also like the cuts & angles of the shoe. It’s very different. Amal looks like she has “warmed” up her hair color for the summer. Overall, nice look and nice outfit for travel. Cute & comfortable. Hotel du Cap looks nice & inviting. Lovely looking rooms and pretty decor. 🙂 The black bag she is carrying is one of my favorites with the braided strap and movement of the tassels. 🙂


  12. I agree with Morna and Donnie. The individual pieces are fine but not together. That sweater with skinny jeans/trousers would have been nice….or the skirt with a tighter top to show it off. Wearing them together doesn’t do justice to either piece.

    I am curious why AC wears a sweater in the South of France when it’s 20+ °C and sleeveless in the middle of winter in NYC though.

    GC looks like a little old man hobbling up the stairs. 😦

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  13. Just an addition to my post. On second look, I gather this is when they arrived in Antibes…so, likely this was what she wore on the plane…makes sense for the sweater. So, please disregard my earlier statement about the choice of clothes in Antibes vs NYC. It was obviously made before thoroughly reading/assessing.


  14. Well, Amal would love to wear a sandal. If she were to do so, everyone would jump on the condition of her feet!


    1. Sadly, I think that’s true.

      I think criticism of what she wears is fine but I really don’t like the focus on either her weight (which is her business) or aspects of her physical attributes (which she can’t do anything about).

      Unfortunately, when someone is presented as perfect in every way, as the pr behind Amal has done since her engagement to Clooney, it does open her up to excessive scrutiny – that’s just the world we live in.


    2. Unfortunately you are right! People are fierce and vain…criticizing her feet, her FEET….really? She is not a professional model for feet care advertisement.To me, such critics are a nonsense. As for her outfit, il find the sweater gorgeous. Not so sure about the skirt, but she looks great in it.


  15. Not her best look IMO or to my taste, but I think she being true to herself here – it is the “Amal” look when she is actually picking her own clothes rather than relying on a stylist. I actually LOVE the shoes though. Practical for travelling and yet classy with a feminine edge.


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