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Amal Clooney has a Personal Assistant and a Stylist 05.11.2015

The Devil wears Prada movie

How Amal does it ? One day in London, the day after in Los Angeles and always flawless styled with perfect hair and make-up. Yes, Amal Clooney has a stylist and a personal assistant. I read it in the interview done by Pret-a-Reporter to Anita Flavin, creative director at Ennio Mecozzi.

“Initially Amal’s stylist corresponded with my team, however since our relationship has developed I liaise directly with her PA at present. We were delighted when Amal ordered more shoes and is currently reviewing our party range.”

Othe point : she makes online shopping like you and me.

Here the new Amal party pumps

by Ennio Mecozzi


390 Euros


39 thoughts on “Amal Clooney has a Personal Assistant and a Stylist 05.11.2015

      1. Guys maybe when it said it it was true but since them shes hired a stylist and an assistant. Either way as far as im concerned shes now a “celebrity” in every sense of the word


      2. He is repeatedly, single handedly and systematically making Amal look silly and ruining her reputation through these small acts and his stupid interviews. I wonder if that’s what he actually wants to do – and whether he is doing it in “the nicest possible way”! Gotta love those Hollywood mechanisations.


    1. I think it’s too odd that George even comments on such an issue. Who cares if she has an assistant or not. I enjoy this blog. Nati is on top of Amal’s news.


  1. I am not surprised.
    There are more important things for her to do than shopping.
    In the last months her style became less edgy but more high fashion inspired.
    I could not imagine how a much travelling and busy woman could manage being so gorgeously and perfectly dressed without any help.
    Her assistants will hopefully help her going her own way of style.


  2. Hi Nati,
    do you remember Piper?
    That is not her real name ( I happen to know her real identity), but she was one of them, and when she would write or tell certain things like that she knows for a act that clothes were sent to amal as a present, and that amal seeks advices on what to wear, I was surprised to read that either you wouldn t publish her comments or that people would put her down…..I remember when she said that she would no longer write here ( she mentioned it even on her blog) and I couldn t belive it…now, a year later you guys are all ready to admitt that amal has a pa and a stylist….what a shame… 😦


    1. I too remember her posts. Luckily, this blog has moved on from those days of blind devotion. The comments are far more varied and nuanced now.


    2. That is a real shame ginevra. I recall piper also. There were some other interesting bloggers that also left.

      I have often wondered why there is so much resistance on this blog with accepting that Amal is a three dimensional person with faults and insecurities like the rest of the population, and unfortunately, because she is so famous now, those insecurities have magnified and have become more apparent – primarily through some of her inappropriate clothing choices and behaviours at some events.

      When people are put in a fish bowl or under a magnifying glass, all of who they were before becomes exacerbated and more obvious.

      Piper was right to help people understand this.


  3. Guys maybe at that time SHE DIDNT have a STYLIST or PA but as time went on she got one. BUt we all have to admit Amal’s look is much more refined and polished and I AM SO BUMMED because she brought that Lebanese TWIST and funkiness that we all adored and now its just copy paste from a high end catalog. Please AMAL- you can di it all alone!! Burn through the money and still buy the expensive stuff– that we dont mind but keep your edge!!!!


  4. Amal Clooney is a human rights barrister and the wife of a Hollywood actor and to function she needs a personal assistant and a stylist full-time! I wonder how many more assistants she will need when her husband decides that he wants to go after the presidency of the USA? If George wins that election, I’m sure that the first thing he will do upon becoming president is to order an annex be built next to the White House to house each one of his wife’s innumerable assistants!


  5. Ladies let’s get real. Do you remember the last time you got ready for a special occasion in your life? You may have got your hair done, nails, makeup professionally done. It takes HOURS. Consider that Amal always goes for high glamour – a heavily made up face, painted nails, extensions in hair. She is not a natural bare-faced beauty, happy to be seen lunching with friends in her gym wear and her hair in a mess. (does she have her own friends anymore? Or the life of a 37 year old?)
    So of course she would need a team of people to support her present the image she wants to portray, I am not saying this with judgement – it’s clearly what she wants to do. As we know from this blog – Amal gets her hair and makeup and outfit styled just to go to the airport or to a lunch. We know this, because her hairdresser put it on Instagram, Frankly, I think her style was more original before marriage – the thing with stylists is that they create an image, rather than a personality. And obviously, they have to do deals with designers, hairdressers etc. You’d have to be pretty naive not to consider how much time and effort and external help this would involve. I’m surprised she doesn’t have a stylist and a personal assistant based in LA. London and Lake Como!!!! I think the days when Amal went shopping with girlfriends and bought home a few nice outfits in a shopping bag are long gone. Everytime she leaves the house – it has been the result of lots of preparation.
    Why did George lie, Well maybe we need to ask – Why did he get married? Everyone on this blog regularly comments on how he has aged badly since married. Did he marry to make a statement that he was a serious man, not a 50 something dirty old man always dating young women. (Though he still married a much younger woman) Did he think Amal was the ultimate “trohpy” wife, upon which he could hang his credibility? Maybe he lied because he wanted to show the world and his peers (and possibily himself) that Amal was the pinnacle of everything. The most amazing human rights lawyer on the planet. The best dressed. The best…everything.
    They both seem incredibly concerned with the image they present to the world.

    Nati, be brave – post this comment


      1. Good on you Nati for posting this comment.

        And – a big hello and welcome to Amal’s stylist and PA who I am certain are both either/or blogging and/or reading here. Be honest in your feedback back to Amal please ladies 😉.

        Although, I’ve a feeling Amal’s aunts, sister, mum and herself also check here often Nati – I know my family would!!😄


  6. There could be a reason why George may not have wanted to tell or even knew that Amal has a stylist. Think it’s pretty harsh to call him out as lying. And to suggest he has lied about other things is a pretty broad accusation without citing specifics.

    I find fault with the opening paragraph of the story where the author misspoke describing the outfit Amal wore was “before” her wedding. Amal wore the Stella pantsuit the last day in Venice when she and George signed the official marriage certificate before departing the city. And the boat they were using was obviously not a yacht, nor did it belong to George. Since this story is about Amal’s fashion choices the author should have had the basic facts right.


  7. Why are we shocked?? No doubt, she has had one all along. Clearly the PA is not for her professional practice, and absolutely all for the public display of celebrity. Again, why does she need it? A woman would only need a PA when she wants nothing other than to look super glam, perfect make up, high end haute couture. Does Amal not feel up to par, pretty enough, acceptable enough just by simply….being herself? Why the need to have others shop for her, dress her, paint her up,to perfection? How long can one keep up with wearing $12,000 dollars worth of clothes & accessories, bags, shoes, for every outing?? And why?? Who is she trying to impress? The public? I’d like to see her go back to her $4,000 dollar a day wardrobe and not worry so much about being photographed wearing brand new shoes, carrying a brand new bag, wearing the designer’s future next season (2016) collection. Amal sure got sucked into that state of mind. I can see for her wedding, red carpet events, & special occasions. Eh,it’s all the time. It’s becoming foggy to me what is real & what’s pretentious. The lines are blurring together.


  8. President? Are you out of your mind??!! George has absolutely no experience whatsoever for that type of position nor the influence to do so. You are joking, right? George is what happens when you have a dad in the local TV/news anchor business on the Kentucky/Ohio border and a relative named Rosemary Clooney! It’s called “a shoe in”. That does not make for one to snap their fingers & become president! (???) You’re being silly, right??!!


    1. Jaclyn, your memory seems to be defective . Have you forgotten that before becoming president of the USA (and prior to that governor of California), Ronald Reagan was an actor? And, are you also forgetting that before being president, Barak Obama had been a senator for less than two years, and prior to that, he was only a “community organizer.” By casually looking, neither Reagan or Obama seemed to have the experience supposedly needed to be the president of the most powerful nation on earth, but as we all know (well . . . I don’t know if YOU know), they both became presidents! It is widely known that George Clooney is interested in politics (well . . . I don’t know if YOU know. YOU seem to know very little!) Whether George one day will decide to get fully involved in politics, is not known, but the door is open to him if he desires to go in. Before disdainfully dismissing other people’s comments, you should inform yourself, Jaclyn!


  9. Guys like I said in my above post maybe at the time George made that comment she did not have a stylist and as time went on she got one!!!


  10. She uses Georges assistant when she is with him in Los Angeles and has a p a in her office in London. She is busy so they keep her schedule together. George has already explained he has no interest in being president it is not the life for him. He can get more done and raise interest by being who he is.


    1. aw: You, of course, believe everything and anything that George Clooney says, poor dear! How can you believe that George Clooney, the Hollywood actor, can get more done and raise more interest in anything than George Clooney, the President of the USA? I am not saying that George Clooney will become president of the USA. I’m saying that he is interested in politics and that is not too farfetched to say that one day he might become interested in running for president! That is all! You people do not need to make a big fuss out of nothing! Anyway, only time will tell!


    2. AW….question. “Can get more done”. More done doing what?? What is George doing?
      “Raise interest by being who he is”. What interest is George raising?? I’m completely unaware of any causes he is diligently working on or is passionate about in an ongoing influential way.


  11. You know, her life has changed quite a bit. She does seem to be going places, jetting around here and there, this party, that party.

    Perhaps she really just doesn’t have time to pull all this stuff together, nor cares to. She probably doesn’t have a clue as to the cost of most of it. I’d probably hire do someone to just deal with the clothes crap, and just give me a choice at the end of the day to wear. Has anyone thought that maybe it’s not as important to her as we all think?

    She obviously likes to look pretty…I do, too. But if I was as busy as her, I’d love it if someone, an assistant, showed up and said….here are 3 outfits for tonight,,,pick one. Heck, why not?


  12. I’m reading some of these comments about him lying about her having a stylist. People taking it so personally as if hiring a stylist and an assistant post-interview is out of the realm of reality. In the meantime, I am sitting here thinking about this woman, who is an internationally-acclaimed lawyer, who fights for people’s basic human rights, a woman who has accomplished more than I will in my whole lifetime.


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