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George and Amal Clooney adopted a dog 28.10.2015

Facebook/San Gabriel Valley Humane Society

George and Amal Clooney went to the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society yesterday to adopt another dog, Millie. Millie is a four-year-old bassett hound. She was found without a home and hoping for food scrapss outside of a local restaurant in San Gabriel earlier this month.

Amal and George Clooney were searching for a basset hound and saw Millie’s picture on Petfinder. They did a “meet and greet” with her and spent time introducing her to their rescue, a cocker spaniel named Louie.

Millie   –  San Gabriel Humane Society
Facebook/San Gabriel Valley Humane Society
Instagram/San Gabriel Valley Humane Society

2015-10-31 16.41.05
Instagram/San Gabriel Valley Humane Society


The San Gabriel Valley Humane Society is committed to provide a compassionate environment for the well being of the animals in our care. With the dedication of our staff and volunteers, we strive to find permanent, loving homes for all of our companion animals and provide opportunities to enhance the human animal bond.

Official website :

George Clooney with Einstein for Omega watches


Amal and George Clooney in New York with Louie and Einstein


Amal Clooney wore a dress by


from the Pre-Fall collection 2015-2016


I found the same dress in green on Farfetch


Star print dress


Multicoloured star print dress from Emanuel Ungaro.

11116838_5358155_1000 11116838_5358164_1000 11116838_5358170_1000 11116838_5358177_1000 11116838_5358184_1000

Or a sleeveless version


Star print sheath dress

835.00 €

Multicolour sleeveless sheath dress featuring an all-over star print pattern, a round neck, a rear zip fastening, a contrasting flared bottom and a lined internal.

iKRIX-emanuel-ungaro-short-dresses-star-print-sheath-dress-00000050486f00s003 iKRIX-emanuel-ungaro-star-print-sheath-dress-00000050486f00s006

With thanks to Christina, we have the shoes 🙂

Michael Kors Collection Val Bow Sneakers
Color: Black

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The sunglasses are by DiOR

Here a black version. Amal’s version is blue.


1/S 0807 Black 56MM

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77 thoughts on “George and Amal Clooney adopted a dog 28.10.2015

  1. I have followed this blog for awhile now, but never left a comment. Now I really do have to comment on this one; as a rescue dog owner myself, I have to congratulate Amal and George for opening their home and hearts to a dog in need of care and love and Millie for having found a home! Whatever the dress; Amal always amazes me with her smile and warmheartedness and now even more so. Way to go, George and Amal! I love you both! 🙂 ❤

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    1. “The hair flip is an unconscious message sender. It tells the world that you want to be noticed: As animals, we are attracted to movement; when we flip our hair, we draw attention to ourselves. Usually, this is done in order to gain attention from the opposite sex, however, it can also be done in an aggressive manner to make an individual appear larger and more threatening.”

      Read more:


      1. @Vera Ha, yes. Why does one need to add in the “lights, camera, action … here I am” preening and self-centeredness along with simply getting hair out of one’s face?

        Please answer that simple question 😉


  2. This is priceless advertising for all homeless pets. The Clooney’s are to be commended for this kind and loving act and the positive impact it will have. I have never seen Amal more beautiful or George more handsome, inside and out. Love the adorable dogs, such cuties. 😀

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  3. Great for them for adopting rescue dogs. I love the photo of George and his dog Louie. Quite the expensive dress to be walking the dog. Amal’s the real deal – designer dudes 24 hours a day.

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    1. Nice gesture. But, most likely, the last time the dog will be walked by with Amal. She doesn’t seem like the type. Speaking of which, can’t she just wear a non-designer, casual, low-key outfit that doesn’t have a neon – LOOK AT ME – across it? This is an event for rescue dogs for crying out loud…. the Maldives, Greece now rescue dogs….

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      1. I would bet that she wears so many designer clothes because the designers give/or lend them to her because they are eager for the free advertising that’s a sure thing with Amal. Designers are a greedy, arrogant lot, after all. Clothes are way over priced. Can you imagine the closet space that would be required to house all the clothes, shoes, bags, etc? Mind boggling!


      2. Of course she has a closet in every house. If the clothes were gifts..not lenders…surely each closet is full. If she only wears each garment once…would be great to put it for auction and give the proceeds to animal causes! Winner !!! Winner !!! Winner !!!


      3. “the last time the dog will be walked by with Amal. ” * tragedy *
        OMG a big judgment to make and it is quite unfair


      4. Or the more positive view. These are not candid shots. They were taken with permission and posted with permission. All for the best reason possible – to promote the adoption of rescue dogs. So – if you know you are going to be photographed and if that photograph will be telegraphed across the world almost instantly, if you care about how you look and can afford it, why wouldn’t you dress well? I think we forget that the photographs we see represent a tiny tiny percentage of their lives – professional and personal. No one has any idea, not should they, what Amal chooses to wear when not in the public eye. These days we seem so often to look for the most negative read on just about anything. Frankly I don’t believe it’s a very productive approach – life is challenging enough as it is – without adding the burden by looking for the worst in everyone and everything. And before you jump all over this – yes you have a right to an opinion, yes you have the right to state it in a public forum, yes you have the right to form an opinion as to the motives of others – including those you don’t know at all. I am just saying that perhaps there is another way.


      5. Nati, of course, fashion and animal-loving are not mutually exclusive. It’s just about … discernment and respectfulness: it’s a subtlety that is called humility and graciousness.


      6. I’m saddened to read your harsh comments of Mrs. Clooney. The article is a positive description of the Cooney’s kindness by adopting a dog in need and their generosity by allowing this adoption to be published. I hope that in the future you can appreciate a positive story, allow the story to brighten your day and to share it with others so that others will be inspired in doing good for all living things and our planet.

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      7. Rose…she could always say no. Instead, Amal is “saying” FREE clothes? “Yes, Please”. “Sure, why not?!” Amal sells & designers know it. Um, could this be a publicity stunt? In other words, is this truly genuine or is this more, “Let’s be the face of dog adoption” Not to mention that they could be approaching them to promote, & George and Amal might be saying, “Sure, why not?” It makes both parties look good, in other words. Just sayin, cute dress, shoes, and all. Just sayin.


      8. I agree with the people pointing out that these photos were meant to be taken for publicity. That said, although I understand the reason to dress for the camera and I even more so appreciate anyone advocating and promoting the adoption of shelter animals – I don’t see why “dressing nicely” or “chic” or “fashionable” necessarily entails dressing in designer clothing. There seems to be some confusion out there on this topic. For centuries, “dressing nicely” actually meant that people wore hand-made clothing in the latest fashion, made with the best material that one could afford. Buying a piece of clothing made in a sweatshop, even though it has a designer label, doesn’t really mean that it’s “nice” or good quality. Furthermore, “chic” or “fashionable” doesn’t imply designer. The most fashionable people I know look fantastic regardless of what they wear. As the saying goes: “they wear the clothes; the clothes don’t wear them.” In fact, Amal would likely have endeared herself more to the public if she had chosen an outfit that was more down-to-earth – jeans and a simple t-shirt, with some comfortable, simple canvas shoes. I would have recommended an outfit like that when she visited Kentucky, earlier, too.

        Also, being the “real deal” doesn’t mean that one wears only designer clothing. I know people who come from diplomatic/aristocratic backgrounds, and/or who are extremely wealthy, or who could be considered true intellectuals, and these people tend not to be rather low-key with regard to their casual clothing choices.


      9. OOPS! That “not” in my last sentence above is a typo. It should have read “… and these people tend to be rather low-key with regard to their casual clothing choices.”


    2. To Vero, jelouse? What a simplistic response to a critique. Can you handle a discussion that is not reduced to primitive argumentative reasoning that reduces criticism to pure jealousy? Is it possible that every person who doesn’t workship at the alter of Amal is not jealous?

      Waiting … for your erudite and well-reasoned response.


  4. Amal looks good here.
    Wonder what they are doing to advocate for the dogs in China that are being skinned alive for their skin, which is made into leather gloves, cat toys, and other products. If your gloves, cat toys are made in China…you are wearing dog skin. You cannot tell the difference in the leather from dog or cow. True…go to PETA and see the under cover videos of the slaughter houses where dogs are skinned alive for the greed of leather products. Makes me ashamed to be a member of the human race.
    Please do not delete my note…the word needs to get out to the world in order to stop this unspeakable cruelty. Research PETA…see for yourself that I speak the truth. God help them.


  5. The only reason we know how much her clothing is and who it is by is because of sites like this. Which is a fashion site about Amal. She wears what she likes the dogs don’t care the people at the shelter don’t care so why does anyone else find it so important.

    Even when she is doing something good someone has to find a way to knock her people are sad.


    1. It’s not knocking her down. It’s acknowledging that there’s a lack of discernment in her fashion choices. When it’s red carpet – go glam. But, when it’s visiting a national such as the Maldives, where the GDP per capita is $14,400 (2014 est.) why not leave the $5K outfit at home? Show a bit of humility.


      1. Haha. Yes, yes. You mentioned that George is promoting his tequila, twice. Pardon my ignorance – I don’t understand why noting that Amal’s outfit is inappropriate would be countered with George wearing his tequila tee-shirt? Yes, both use their celebrity to their advance. I hardly disagree with you? Not sure what the issue is.


      2. People are always criticizing Amal about her hair, her clothes or her feet. But Tequila and alcohol are dangerous for your health. Amal is not promoting her clothes. She gave a new life to this dog.


      3. Nati,
        To be fair, she has no hesitation abusing (and exploiting) human rights where they are associated with the harvesting (and torture) of pythons in third world countries.
        Please please please, let’s be transparent in her arbitrary line of advocating for certain animals over abusing others.
        George and Amal and both equally caught up in their PR machine. I like her – but she is increasingly confusing her values.


  6. Regarding the new dog: very cute! Thank you both for choosing a shelter animal and publicizing it! As for the outfit – another pass. That dress is embarrassingly short, and I’d rather wear my trusty old vans than those shoes. But, to each her own.


    1. Lady, I agree….a woman drawning near to 40 should dress appropriately (length of dresses/skirts). Amal is no longer 20. The short dresses/skirts only accentuate how very thin her legs are. Just sayin’……..


  7. Also, I’m not sure that I could wear so many stars without feeling somewhat ridiculous, and that pleated patch of fabric just looks out of place.


  8. Interesting comments! Aw, you are quite right, they are supporting a great cause, let’s not detract from this with negative thoughts on the price of Amal’s clothes. Also I say never judge a book by it’s cover, Amal may not look like the dog walking type and most people who don’t know me would say the same thing about me when in fact I have 4 rescue dogs, one of which I picked up on a busy highway that I walk every day in completely awful clothes, it is just that I am not photographed every day in either my ” expensive” or awful clothes.

    Rose, you are correct about the slaughter of dogs and cats in China, some of them are even stolen pets, and they are primarily tortured before death as the adrenaline is supposed to make the meat taste better and the fur from these poor creatures is very marketable and people didn’t know what they were buying. Activist groups such as HSI and Animals Asia brought this to light and dog and cat fur was banned from many countries including the one I come from approx 10 years ago but this is still a huge issue.

    Animals Asia continues to work on the ground in China and are making remarkable progress as they have inspired many Chinese people to set up their own animal welfare groups triggering a domino effect in the progress of animal welfare all supported by Dr Jill Robinson who is the beautiful lady that started this organisation to stop bear bile farming( this is where bears are kept in tiny cages and milked for their bile). She has and continues to work relentlessly for this amazing cause.

    Sorry if I am harping on but I have volunteered and been a supporter of this group for 15 years, as well as supporting other groups……… Yet people have been known to ask me ” and what are you doing for the children? “…….which I find quite infuriating. I do not have unlimited funds or time and even if I did this attitude would still annoy me.It is a classic statement of seeing the glass as half empty rather than half full.

    George and Amal may be doing something for the dogs and bears in China or helping children in Africa, we don’t know exactly what and that is really their private business.We can all do our own bit and be thankful that George and Amal are generously using their celebrity status to promote homeless shelter animals which is such a great cause in my opinion.If even one person abandons the idea of going to a pet shop and not supporting puppy farms were dogs are bred in squalid and horrendous conditions and instead goes to a rescue shelter the domino effect has began.

    Nati, promise I will stick to the fashion only if you allow this to be posted.

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  9. You people need to understand that these are the great humanitarians of our time. No one, and I mean, no one out there is doing the type of incredible work they do. Big thanks to George and Amal for being the modern day Gandhi/Mandela and Princess Diana! Also I love Amal’s designer outfit for this photo shoot!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Elsa, I’m sorry but I disagree with you. Indeed, they do incredible work – I’m not taking that away from them – but they are not the only ones in the business. At the time, Audrey Hepburn was doing incredible work as well, and many many more… either or not in the business.


    2. I am not sure what the Clooneys have done what would compare them them to Gandhi, Mandela or even Lady Di. Or any humanitarian, actually. Except for doing their job for which they get paid generously, parading around in great outfits (Amal), selling tequila (George) and looking smart while doing it. Have I missed something or was your remark actually ironic?


    3. Woooahhh calm down there. Ghandi/mandela!?!!? I hope ur being sarcastic. I for one appreciate that they are at least making the effort toward humanitarian and animal rights but reign in ur worship before u come off sounding ridiculous
      Lets not forget angelina jolie etc.


    4. Was your comment meant to be hilarious? No celebrity, including Princess Di, should even be mentioned in the same sentence as Gandhi and Mandela, unless the statement is meant to illustrate a contrast.


  10. On another note: anyone else notice that devastated look on the emaciated Emanuel Ungaro model’s face?

    Also, I’m beginning to suspect that Amal may wear some designer clothing to turn people off of it or to show the ridiculousness of it.


    1. Lady: Earth to Lady! Earth to Lady! Amal does not wear “some” designer clothing “some” of the time; she wears designer clothing (and designer shoes & handbags too) ALL of the time, 100% of the time! Amal even wears designer clothing when she visits imprisoned clients (remember the case of the former president of The Maldives!)

      Darling, have you failed to notice all the extensive and detailed information about Amal’s clothing, shoes, etc. which Nati so wonderfully posts right here on this blog (names of designers, prices, and where the items can be purchased.) Nati does a great job of identifying every single outfit, shoes, handbag and accessory that Amal wears. You must have seen it!

      About your suspicion? Well, I’m sorry to tell you that it does not make any sense at all! How is Amal going to turn people off purchasing and wearing designer clothing when she herself loves it so very much that she wears it all the time and looks amazingly beautiful while wearing all these fabulous clothes! On the contrary, I think that Amal has turned (and will turn) lots of women into purchasing and wearing designer clothing!

      And anyway, what is ridiculous about wearing designer clothing? Amal NEVER looks ridiculous in any of her designer outfits. Not even when she is at the dog pound adopting a dog! The dress she is wearing there might be designer, but it works perfectly well to go to the pound. I think her entire outfit (dress, shoes, handbag) is perfect for the occasion. She manages to look lovely, and at the same time carefree and casual. Nothing ridiculous about any of that! The best designers do not design elaborate and fussy clothes. The beauty of well-designed clothes is in the sleek and simple, yet masterful cut of exquisite fabric.


      1. Hi Aimee, because you read my comment wrong, here is some clarification for you: I was pointing out that *some* of the clothing that Amal wears is utterly ridiculous. Some of it is not. If she is a truly intelligent person (which I am sure she is), I have a hard time believing that she could be entirely clueless about it. Maybe she is, though? Judging by the photos I’ve seen, she’s not the only person in her family to wear ridiculous things, so maybe it’s a tendency that runs in her family?

        As for any alleged impact of Amal’s clothing choices on other women’s shopping tendencies, I am pretty sure that not a single woman I know (and I know many high profile, professional women) cares what she wears. I certainly don’t see any influence of Amal’s fashion choices in my life, either. As for me, I only visit this blog to give helpful (constructive) criticism to Amal, since I strongly suspect that she reads here. Either that, or one of her assistants reads here.


  11. Nati,

    You are correct in noticing George’s T-shirt – he has said he wears them at every opportunity because he knows he will be photographed and sees it as free promotion of his alcohol.

    So they both left the house in the morning knowing that these shots were to be taken and dressed for the occasion.

    Meaning the observations above regarding their showiness are valid, and it does somehow detract from their kind act when they turn it from a selfless act to an opportunity for self promotion.

    And Nati – I think they are both at fault in this. Not one more than the other.

    Kind regards,


  12. What is it with George and that darn Booze Shirt??? He’s got tons of money…let loose of some of it and spend it on advertising . He looks silly and probably –many of his friends are laughing at him.


  13. Nati, why are you always shooting arrows at George Clooney? The other day, you wrote that you “were starting to think that Amal was too good for him.” Then, when they were at the “Our Brand is Crisis” movie, they kissed and, of course, Amal smeared lipstick on George’s face, which he then wiped off (this is an action that is performed worldwide by men after being kissed by a lady wearing lipstick). This wiping off was ridiculously interpreted by many as a sign of George’s disrespect and disdain towards Amal! You immediately and unfairly criticized George for this! Now, in trying to defend Amal for her penchant for always wearing expensive designer clothes for the most casual occasions (even adopting a dog), you keep pointing out again & again that George was wearing a “Casa Amigos Tequila” T-Shirt, that he was promoting his tequila brand, that alcohol is bad for people, and that Amal does not promote her clothes!

    First of all, yes, George promotes his tequila brand any chance he gets, this is not new. He wants his business to succeed, and he uses his fame to help achieve this, what is wrong with that? Are you suggesting that every single alcohol-beverages-producing company in the world should be shut down, and the drinking of all alcohol beverages be prohibited by law? Or do you just want George’s company closed? Why? And about Amal not promoting clothes, who are you kidding, Nati? You know full well that designers give Amal clothes, shoes, handbags, eyewear, etc. for free so that she can parade around and be photographed wearing them! These pictures appear everywhere online (for example in your blog), magazines, and newspapers all over the world! Amal does not carry a sign listing the name and price of the designers’ stuff she is wearing, but bloggers such as you and magazine editors take care of that! So, yes, Amal promotes everything she wears! Amal gets super expensive and couture clothing, etc. to wear for free and through her, the designers get tons of free worldwide publicity! That is the deal between them, and you know it!

    Another point is that Amal is married to George, and she seems very happy accompanying him to all his endeavors (including anything to do with the tequila brand!) So, I guess, she approves of everything he does (which I might add George was doing long before he met and married Amal!)

    Please lighten up your unwarranted criticism on George Clooney! He does not deserve it! I like and admire Amal very much, but that does not blind me to the fact that before George discovered her, Amal was a hidden jewel to all of us! It was George who, by first falling in love and later marrying Amal, made her a worldwide-known glamour queen! Plus, Amal’s union with George has helped her immensely in her law career (the more exposure she has in the media, the more power she can have as an international human rights barrister!) Amal has that media exposure and has become a force to be reckon with because she married George Clooney! But, most important of all: George loves Amal, she loves him; and they certainly seem very happy together! That is what counts, and I, for one, are delighted for them!

    Nati, please forgive the very long post, I got carried away! But, I felt the need to defend George. I hope that you publish my comment. Thank you!


  14. First of all I really do not like this dress. Just my opinion.
    But now some points of view, which i am looking forward to be commented in a friendly and respectful way. Please.
    I really cannot understand, that the discussions regarding the price of AC’s wardrobe do not stop.
    Since the wedding last year every body knows, that she loves to wear the most expensive clothes, she loves to be photographed and being part of the High Society. O.k. Why do we visit this blog? Because we want to see pretty pictures of a pretty woman, who was able to marry a very handsome, famous in the whole world actor, who often explained in Interviews, that he would never marry again, because he is not good in being a husband.
    As i understood Nati in many of her comments, this blog has been created to show AC’s style.

    We all do not know, wether she gets all the clothes, handbags and shoes for free. We do not know, if she has to give all that stuff back, after wearing it in the Public and getting photographed.
    We all do know just a little of the Clooney’s real life. But we judge and want her to do things, which we find ok., e.g. to sell all the clothes and spend the money for not well treated animals.

    I really think, that everybody should do with her/his money, that she/he means to be allright. Of course life would be much better, if any millionaire would share his Fortune with the poor people.
    But not every person has a social conscience. We have to accept it.
    All the Syrien refugees here in Germany have to be supported. Here we do everything to give them a home and this is not easy due to the great amount of people. But we cannot tell the world, that it has to act like we do.
    This is a kind of freedom, i will never miss.


  15. There was a big star studded Casamigos Halloween party last night. Wonder why George and Amal didn’t make an appearance since he’s a co-owner?


      1. Nati, this is incorrect information. The Halloween party was held on Friday, October 30. The Hollywood Film Awards were held on Sunday, November 1.


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