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Amal Clooney in Paule Ka for her interview with Public Radio of Armenia 16.10.2015

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For her interview with the Public Radio of Armenia Amal Clooney wore a dress by Paule Ka Fall 2015-2016. Probably the interview was filmed at George Clooney house in Los Angeles.







–> Watch again the video here :

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29 thoughts on “Amal Clooney in Paule Ka for her interview with Public Radio of Armenia 16.10.2015

  1. When is she getting a new hair style. It’s the same loose waves. Swept to one side. Long stringy and dry at the ends.


      1. As it is, it’s so over processed from the daily blow outs and straightening. It damages hair follicles and the only way to regenerate is to cut the dead part of your hair.


  2. I can see that some posts were removed nati because I was simply gonna say to those…leave this creature alone what difference does it make what’s in the background of the interview? What matters is the content and transparency of the interview itself ! Always find something to pick on..


  3. I really like this dress, especially the folds in the fabric. Nice colors and it fits her well. It’s tailored very nice. A classy simplicity to the overall look. It’s a really ‘clean’ & polished dress. The dress looks like something Amal would shop for, pick out, and buy for herself, rather than a designer asking her to wear it for a marketing move. I also really like her “Popsicle stained” lip color. It’s a chic pop of color. πŸ™‚


  4. I like the dress and hair. I agree though,a transient change such as a pony tail, chignon, or up do would be nice on occassion as long hair is very versatile. Class, warmth, and charisma are great accessories to any outfit and after hearing this highly articulate lady speak it is evident she rocks all of these attributes.


    1. No she probably won’t ever cut her hair. She hides behind her hair. Even though it’s looking so dry, ravaged with damage from the daily blow outs… a “fashion icon” would be able to take a look look at her/himself and see when a look is no longer working…


  5. Actually, I do feel this hair style IS “New” for Amal. When she met George, her hair was naturally flat and a lot shorter. Leading up to the marriage, she appeared to grow it longer and has continued to style it with high volume and curls/waves. I feel Amal is happy with this look, it’s “new” for her (styling it this way for a year) and she likes the look for herself. My guess as to why she’s not wearing it up, in a ponytail, or any other way. She seems to like it this way the best. It was also cute the one time she braided it to the side while in California. I liked the whole look with the braided hair, the suede booties, and the dress. πŸ™‚ It was carefree and adorably boho! πŸ™‚


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