Amal Clooney spotted in Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana at Palm Restaurant in Los Angeles 22.10.2015

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Amal and George Clooney have been spotted in company of former Labour MP David Miliband after a lunch at Palm Restaurant in Los Angeles.

Amal Clooney was amazing with a light pink pleated dress, suede pumps and a bag by Dolce & Gabbana.

And I have Amal’s dress in black 🙂

Two days of research. So please before to steal again my IDs think to credit me.

CHANEL Vintage

was available here

From the Ebay-seller : “This is a vintage dress by Chanel. The dress has short sleeves and has a CC logo back button closure with gold metal hardware. This dress has a pleated design and has a round neckline.. The dress is composed of black silk crepe fabric and is partially lined in the same silk fabric.  This vintage Chanel black silk logo button back dress would be a fabulous addition to someone’s wardrobe! “

Price $920

    Screenshot_2015-10-25-11-51-00 Screenshot_2015-10-25-11-51-15

Screenshot_2015-10-25-11-51-29Screenshot_2015-10-25-11-51-19 $_1 (4)

The bag

Dolce & Gabbana
Blue Green Colorblock Miss Sicily Bag
Grained leather shoulder bag in colorblocked green, turquoise, and pale blue. Gold-tone hardware. Carry handle at top. Leather trimmed cylindrical accents at top of bag. Adjustable shoulder strap with lobster clasps. Foldover flap at main compartment with magnetic press-stud closure. Logo plaque at bag face. Bumper studs at base. Zippered welt pocket, patch pockets, and logo plaque at bag interior. Lined in floral print textile. Tonal stitching.

Approx. 10″ length x 9″ height x 5″ width. Leather. Made in Italy.

It was available here

51003F070001_1 51003F070001_2 51003F070001_5

And we have the earrings !


Camilla‘ Drop Earrings

CHF 134


Beautifully faceted onyx stones in a rich emerald-green hue add fresh-for-fall color to these statement-making earrings ringed with pavé crystals and warm 14-karat gold plate.
1 1/4″ drop; 3/4″ width.
French wire.
14k-gold plate/green onyx/cubic zirconia.
By Melinda Maria; imported.


Sunglasses by Salvatore Ferragamo

Tortoise cat eyes sunglasses


And with thanks to Kaykay we have the shoes !

They are still avalable here 🙂

Bette suede sandals
Original price £685 45% off


Dolce & Gabbana antique-rose sandals
Made in Italy
Heel measures approximately 110mm/ 4.5 inches
Caged straps, open almond toe
Zip fastening along back
Fits true to size, take your normal size
Italian sizing

638725_fr_xl 638725_cu_l 638725_in_l (1) 638725_bk_l

Beauty files

Her hair has been done by this hairstylist and it is not the first time

Used products 

L’Oréal Texture Expert Expansion


L’Oréal Texture Expert Volume Elévation


Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray


The Palm Restaurant in Beverly Hills is a gorgeous place

1100 S. Flower Street Los Angeles, CA 90015


2DAE171700000578-3285555-Awww_George_recently_admitted_to_feeling_less_intelligent_than_h-m-131_1445561258953 2DAE184F00000578-3285555-image-m-123_1445561152580 George-et-Amal-Clooney-le-22-octobre-2015_portrait_w674 George-et-Amal-Clooney-le-22-octobre-2015_portrait_w674 (1) George-et-Amal-Clooney-le-22-octobre-2015_portrait_w674 (2) 2DAE16C000000578-0-image-a-38_1445555837394 2DAE16EA00000578-3285623-image-a-8_1445559615007 2DAE191800000578-3285623-image-a-10_1445559722582 2DAE3BDD00000578-3285623-image-a-7_1445559520476 Amal-Clooney-a-Los-Angeles-le-22-octobre-2015 George-et-Amal-Clooney-a-Los-Angeles-le-22-octobre-2015 (3) George-et-Amal-Clooney-a-Los-Angeles-le-22-octobre-2015 (4) George-et-Amal-Clooney-a-Los-Angeles-le-22-octobre-2015 George-et-Amal-Clooney-le-22-octobre-2015_portrait_w674 (3) George-et-Amal-Clooney-le-22-octobre-2015_portrait_w674 (5) 2DAE15D300000578-3285555-She_gets_it_right_every_time_The_brunette_attorney_had_on_an_ivo-m-132_1445561282427 2DAE16FA00000578-0-image-m-40_1445555946806 2DAE191800000578-3285555-image-a-136_1445561423756

1553118-amal-clooney-nous-epate-dans-sa-petite-768x768-2 1553128-george-clooney-a-une-vilaine-chemise-768x768-2

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 22: Amal Clooney is seen on October 22, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

LOS ANGELES, CA – OCTOBER 22: Amal Clooney is seen on October 22, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 22: George Clooney and Amal Clooney are seen on October 22, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

LOS ANGELES, CA – OCTOBER 22: George Clooney and Amal Clooney are seen on October 22, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)


105 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted in Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana at Palm Restaurant in Los Angeles 22.10.2015

  1. She actually looks lovely in that outfit (shoes don’t do with that dress or purse). Too many handbags!!!
    George needs a tailor, a style consultant, and barber. Geeze!!


  2. Thank You Nati ,
    You answer me of my question ( houx do you know that Amal wear the extensions )with one picture .
    The picture , where Amal wear the red boat .
    “Volume and curls for one my favorite client “


  3. Heavens GOURGEOUNESS!!! Ai ai ai, i want this dress so bad! All looks flowless in there, even though very different each piece and unique.. but for somehow came together in such an Amal way 🙂 … This dress and this bag are a dream… that is the advantage of she being so slim, that dress falls impecably on her. That is a NINE right there! ❤


  4. She looks lovely in the dress. The shoes don’t go with the dress nor with the handbag. Too many handbags…where does she store them??
    George needs a barber, a tailor, and someone to advise him about what to wear. Geeze !!!


    • hi rose – Perhaps the items she only wears once (and you don’t often see her repeating outfits as the Duchess of Cambridge does), are returned after she is photographed in them – so storage is not an issue. I agree with you about the accessories – looks like she is getting stuff for free and like a child in a lolly shop is just wearing everything at once. Who can blame her – she may be smart – but she’s also human and it would be hard to resist all the attention and freebies coming her way.


    • Yeah, George is somewhat bland & unexciting.
      I feel bad for him b/c he’s aging a lot. More so in the past year. He’s starting to look like Sean Connery, which isn’t a bad thing. :-/


      • Nati my love, no pressue here hahah but I CANT WAIT for you to ID this dress!! I am in love with this dress… already afraid for the price though … it is absolutelly gorgeous… maybe by D&G?? “Chloe” is definitely a great guess too Nati!

        Liked by 1 person

  5. could this lovely dress be by Camillo Bono. Nati in a previous blog you quoted the designer saying she has purchased 5 of his dresses – just a thought….


  6. These shoes are very cute. The dress is light & airy, soft spring-like colors. Color block purse is nice. This purse looks familiar; did she carry it once before? 🙂


  7. It has been very warm in LA recently and Amal’s dress was perfect for hot city dressing. The pleats of the dress and Romanesque sandle-heels gave the outfit a feminine, modified ‘toga’ vibe. The handbag broke it up a bit and saved the outfit from being too costumey as well as adding a much needed punch of colour.
    However, when I tried to move some of the photos to my Pinterest board, the pic would always transform into an advert for The Palm restaurant! This has never happened before. What’s up?


    • I posted photos on Pinterest , share , Pinterest , pick image . I usually click on the photo and share it , but now the photos are associated with palm website , CopyRight things .


  8. Whilst it may be a beautiful dress if that older cinched waist “frock” style is your thing, it is totally wrong on her and most people’s body shape. She has a great body and you can see the dress sags at the back exposing the under-sheath. Ivory is best on second time brides. She rocks and explodes in colourful edgy outfits. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear as they say. Dress too conservative in design for the shoes. The hand bag is another attempt that doesn’t work to make the dress work. She usually gets it so right.
    George really needs to lose the grey beard thing. It is ageing and not a good look.
    Amal rocks everything but this matronly look


    • I think that Amal was perfect and apparently it is also what People magazine wrote. About the dress and the shoes you can find similar combinations on Net-à-Porter. She has the chance to be in a warm country. Here in Europe it is currently colder.


      • Nati, I just discovered this blog and I agree amal’s purse is beautiful and I love the contrast with the flowy white dress. Very appropriate for the occasion! I dislike the shoes though, not going to lie because the colour is not right in my opinion ! Nati do you get paid to write this blog? Just wondering if you are a some part of a professional team or if you do this just for fun. Cheers


  9. Nati
    People magazine has also repeatedly said that she was either pregnant or her marraige was in tatters!
    If it was Vogue I would give it some cred.
    We all have a right to comment about her style.
    Please print my reply


    • I completely agree with Anna. The dress is beautiful but could look awful if worn by the wrong person. However, in Amal’s case, it’s perfect.


  10. Do you have an ID for the shoes? I love

    Also, are the earrings the exact ones or just similar ?
    I love the earrings and would love to get a pair of them. Are these the exact ones or just similar?
    I love the dress, love the buttons down the back! I wish I had the money and the figure to wear a dress like this!! So beautiful!
    thank you for your work. It must be so much fun!


  11. The dress is ill fitted as Sally Rogers noted. Does nothing for her. She looks good in anything but this is not her best. She looks best in bold/bright colours or real white. I think the ear-rings look cheap. I often question her taste in jewelry. I love her Harry Winston earrings she often wears.


  12. I don’t think she has extensions at all her hair is naturally thick . If you look at her mothers hair it is thick as well .
    We hardly see Amal unless at work or the odd dinner with George. She obviously repeats her clothes and as George has said pays for most of them he has also said she has clothes she likes and wears them. We don’t see her in her day to day life to assume she doesn’t repeat her clothes is just strange.


  13. I like the outfit looks very classy and comfy as well. Well we are still enjoying a very warm weather here in western Canada late October and still can go out without a jacket. Ugh not too long before snow though.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. I also wonder if Amal has been getting free bags and accessories and even clothes from designers fighting to have her as their walking billboard? If I were Amal I’d accept the items I like, wear them and then sell them off and donate the proceeds to charity. This is a win-win for everyone and perhaps she has already thought of that!

    Liked by 1 person

  15. I think her style is very tailored. She wears tucks, darts, pleats, lines of buttons….To me it’s very 60’s. The elegant part of it, not the hippie. Even though she can wear something hippie, mix it and always comes out elegant.
    Love this dress, imagine georgette! And the one she had yesterday for the interview at their house in LA. The draping in the fabric! I would have never thought of mixing spandex with any other material! Plus the hemline, so much proper!
    Let’s not forget her figure, girls. No trace of fat! She can wear anything with that figure!
    Go Amal ! Can’t imagine you with maternity clothes!

    Liked by 1 person

  16. I wish they were in NYC or at least go there next weekend. 🙂 I am flying there on October 29 to run the NYC Marathon. I plan to go to some of the restaurants featured on this blog. Patsy’s, The Monkey Bar, etc. If anyone has suggestions of any other wonderful “must go to” restaurants, bakeries, cool shops, please let me know. Staying in the Central Park area. Around 54th street. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • YOU GO GIRL!! Jacklyn for restaurant, i LOVE the Carmine, great price, delicious Southern Italian cuisine and HUGE plates!! I love their Caesar salads 🙂


    • Jaclyn , La Maison du chocolat and payard bakery are musts if you have a sweet tooth! The Carlisle where George and Amal have a place also has a cute restaurant and nice tea time. Enjoy!

      Liked by 1 person

  17. I understand Amal wanting to have a nice beautiful blow out for her hair, perhaps for a nice Hollywood look while on the red carpet with George (special occasions), but really don’t understand why she wants to look “high end” and “haute couture” and “celebrity looking” absolutely ALL THE TIME…simply because she is already a natural beauty who doesn’t need much of anything (make up, hair) because she already looks just fine. I really don’t understand why she feels the need to have a glam team available 24/7 in every city she spends time in NYC, LA, London and for every single public outing. I’m not quite getting it.


    • i know what you mean Jaclyn. Celebrities and royals are also seen casual and having “down time”. Is anyone here old enough to remember pictures of Princess Diana going to the gym or picking up her children from school? Natural, simple and authentic. Amal is neither a celebrity or a royal. I couldn’t believe the instagram from her hairdresser promoting that she had done her hair (and make up no doubt) to go to LA Airport! I think this sudden fame bubble that has been thrust upon her – combined with Clooney driven public relations spin – is going to burst – one way or another


      • I certainly appreciate Amal’s fashion, for the most part, but “perfection at all times” is getting a bit stuffy. Maybe George can’t keep up & that’s why he is aging so rapidly. Who knows. I think you’re right Casual Observer….how long can one really keep up such high haute couture. That’s really not what George is all about, he doesn’t feel he has to display himself to perfection. They are starting to appear as a real mis-match. She’s starting to run circles around him and also “upstage him”. And yes, Lady Diana was the classy of all classy. And down to earth. 🙂


    • The hairdresser, on his Instagram page, wrote that Amal is “always camera ready”:

      So Jaclyn, there’s the confirmation of your astute observations – and the explanation you sought. 🙂


  18. Love the dress the buttons on the back 👌🏻 Amal really rock it & heels perfect ( similar version at Zara -leather & crossover ) .
    LOreal products * i’m going for it .

    Liked by 1 person

  19. As much as I think this dress would not look good on the majority of women, it does look pretty good on Amal . She wears it well along with the shoes and handbag. The whole outfit is very elegant and classy. The other day, I finally had some time to watch the hour long frontline interview with Mohamed Fahmy and I found her to be very down to earth, cute and very funny! She seems to be much more comfortable when in her professional setting, but not as much when photographed by paparazzi in which she appears somewhat haughty . George on the other hand is looking quite old and sorry to say but a bit sleazy in this suit( almost like a used car salesman ) or Vinny Gumbacci as we say in America .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes the frontline club conf – the sense of humor that she has shown , i really love it . I admire that she didn’t show up on celebrity show yet & hope she don’t ( never) but in the same time i really wanna know her more .

      Liked by 1 person

  20. WOW Nati, you are a fashion detective. I am deeply impressed that you found the ID of the dress. 🙂
    How nice the earrings correspond to the bag.
    I love this elegant summer look and the fact that AC wears high fashion vintage too.
    What a lady!



    • Thank you Samba. Fortunately I am not alone to search Amal’s looks. Kaykay helped me with the shoes and she found the dress too. .And this time we have some beauty advices for the hair.


      • Even as a hobby, and pieces of advice here and there, it is really time-consuming. Bravo Nati ! You’re doing an amazing job of research ! You are the Sherlock Holmes of the fashion !

        I also hope that some media will credit you after stealing your IDs …. Let’s be optimistic ! They’re not all rotten !

        Liked by 1 person

  21. I like the outfit, but what’s the point of those buttons on the back of the dress? Personally, they seem like they’d be a bit uncomfortable when sitting down or leaning back onto something. Sometimes, I wonder what designers are thinking….


  22. Nati ,
    I am sorry , but the beauty advices are very bad , there are a lot of silicones .
    There are not good for the hair .
    Looking on internet .
    L’oreal and marroconoil


  23. I like the outfit, overall, but it seems a bit impractical here for a couple of reasons: 1.) uncomfortable buttons running down the back of the dress – imagine sitting down or leaning back in a chair with those brass buttons poking you in all kinds of places, and 2.) the bag doesn’t seem able to accommodate the folders/documents, so that they have to be carried separately (inconvenient).


  24. For some reason, your webpage is swallowing my comments so that they don’t even appear to go to “moderation” anymore, Nati. Anyway,

    I like the outfit, but there are 2 main problems with it:
    1.) the buttons running down the back of the dress seem like they would be uncomfortable whenever one sits down or leans back in a chair, and
    2.) the bag doesn’t seem able to accommodate the folders/documents, making it a bit awkward, as the folders/documents must be carried separately.


  25. For some reason, your webpage is swallowing my comments so that they don’t even appear to go to “moderation” anymore, Nati. Anyway, I like the outfit, but there are 2 main problems with it:

    1.) the buttons running down the back of the dress seem like they would be uncomfortable whenever one sits down or leans back in a chair, and
    2.) the bag doesn’t seem able to accommodate the folders/documents, making it a bit awkward, as the folders/documents must be carried separately.


  26. Such a lovely dress. I love the band at the lower waist – it ensures the dress doesnt look bulky around the waist. Wonderful, wonderful shoes and the bag picks up the colour in the earrings. This outfit is superb.

    Liked by 1 person

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