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Amal Clooney in Giambattista Valli at the House Of Commons meeting with David Cameron 24.06.2015

Amal Clooney was headed to the House Of Commons to attend a meeting with the Prime Minister David Cameron.

She held talks with David Cameron today as part of her campaign to free the imprisoned former president of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed.

She met David Cameron after watching him take on interim Labour leader Harriet Harman and other MPs at Prime Minister’s Questions.
She sat in the peers’ viewing gallery above the Commons chamber alongside Conservative MP Fiona Bruce, who has lobbied for Mohamed Nasheed’s release for months, and the former president’s wife, Laila Ali.
Mohamed Nasheed, who became the first democratically-elected president of the Maldives in 2008, was overthrown in 2012 in a coup d’etat after being accused of ‘kidnapping’ the chief Judge of the Criminal Court, Abdulla Mohamed. He was arrested in February and sentenced within weeks.
Human rights groups have described his detention as politically motivated by the Maldives government, which has been heavily criticised over its record on human rights.

Amal Clooney looked very elegant in a white skirt suit by Giambattista Valli, LK Bennett pumps, Prada sunglasses and a new color blocked – gorgeous- bag.

White suit by Giambattista Valli from Pre Fall Collection 15′

Cannes Laser-Cut Flower Pattern Heel

$205.00 Heel Height: 9cm

Color: Pink – BLUSH


She wore Prada sunglasses

Prada 15PS MA4 6S1 Havana


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27 thoughts on “Amal Clooney in Giambattista Valli at the House Of Commons meeting with David Cameron 24.06.2015

  1. Love the whole outfit! Very flattering on Amal, appropriate to the occasion, and very on trend. However, I’m not too sure about the very high placement of the jacket pockets. Can’t make up my mind if they look smart or silly.


  2. Thanks for giving the background information on the picture. I LOVE finding out what she is wearing and what brand her purse is, but being that she has “influence in the world”, I’d like to know about the things shes up to and what the outcome will be.


  3. Pockets too high…makes her look flat chested. Skirt could be a little longer…more professional.
    Under eyes not looking to good…not enough sleep? Wonder how she would look with short hair!


  4. Ivory is such a pretty color on Amal. It always seems to make her eyes, makeup, and hair color “Pop”! Compared to everyone else in the photos, she is definitely haute couture and it definitely stands out among the rest. 🙂
    Sometimes I wish she would leave the sunglasses, or the bag at home. Although she is so beautiful & so put together, she doesn’t always have to wear sunglasses on top of her head or on her eyes. She doesn’t always have to carry the perfect bag or carrying object. It’s okay to not be “the total package” all the time. Sometimes it looks all too prepared, too photo or paparazzi ready, too perfect. I say skip the sunglasses on cloudy rainy days. Skip the bags once in awhile. (just my opinion). 🙂


    1. – Yes, stop the sunglasses-on-top-of-the-head
      – Yes, huge statement, look-at-me-bag should be left at home or worn at situation-appropriation occasions
      – Yes, we know you wear couture clothes.
      – Yes, addendum to No. 3. Yes, we still did not forget you wear couture clothes.


      1. Agreed, Amal looks immaculate, the full package in style is always
        there, carefully thought through. Question: How many handbags and
        clutches does one need to be stylish? One? Five? Twenty-eight? Fifty-three? (No, I
        didn’t count them, and no, I’m not jealous.) I am just astonished when I
        see yet another handbag or clutch, matching exactly the color or style
        of the rest of the outfit. It reminds me of the time being a girl
        standing in the Barbie department of a toy store and looking at entire
        Barbie sets (“Gala Evening”, “Horse Riding”, “Wedding”, “Tennis”,
        “Beach” etc.), where every package would come with a new set of
        shrink-wrapped matching shoes, clothes, hats, bags. Fascinating – but at
        the same time too much. No, I’m NOT saying Amal dresses like Barbie, far
        from that; she has her own style that is miles away from it. It is just
        the “Barbiesque” over abundance of constant new-new-new that is not only
        questionable in how it stimulates the old wheel of want-want-want
        consumerism, but furthermore: It also takes away some of the charm, the
        creativity and playfulness it needs in finding new combinations for your
        old pieces, which makes styling more intricate – but also more creative
        and impressive.


  5. I could be wrong, but I’m wondering if the length of this skirt was a bit short. It just seems to me that in the presence of a Prime Minister or for an occasion like this, that one might choose a more conservative look and not so much haute couture & stylish looking. The other woman are a bit more conservative. I could be wrong, however.


  6. I agree about the jacket pockets placement being awkward, and the cut of the jacket is a bit too boxy to be flattering on her. Also, the skirt is a bit too short to be considered professional in my arena, and I’d recommend hose for the legs. Not crazy about the bag – it seems out of place here. I like the shoes, but I’m sure the constant high heels are bad for her feet. In short, she could have done better. But, I suppose that Valli wanted the product placement, or Amal is trying to make a statement about her relationship with a designer who has dressed folks like Queen Rania. Honestly, I’m really not a fan of GV’s style. It seems like it tries too hard.

    GV was born into a Roman Papal noble family, so he comes from an old tradition of white male privilege. If I were in her shoes and trying to show the world a “humanitarian” side, I’d probably be more interested in promoting someone in the fashion industry who came from lesser means.


    1. Or promoting a female designer.

      For instance, one of the reasons why I like that she wore Galliano is that he came from lesser means. In fact, both Galliano and McQueen really had to work to get attention. That may even be a factor that helped spawn their originality.


    2. I agree with you “Lady”. And I’m beginning to scratch my head as to why she is always meeting with high end designers; Giambattista Valli, Stella McCarney…
      And publicists/editors; Anna Wintour. These are all people who surround the fashion industry. These are all people who have a special interest in capitalizing on their professions because they know that Amal is getting a tremendous amount of attention for marrying George. People are following, photographing, watching her. Therefore, they are “jumping on the opportunity” to bring fame to their name, draw attention to their fashion line and upcoming seasons of clothing launches. I guess I’m really becoming taken back that Amal would “fall for that” or “get sucked into it “. I would have politely declined if I was her. Simply because she stands powerful on her own. I would have never guessed her to be the type that would get “wrapped up” in all of it. I’m surprised George is letting her get sucked into it, too. Next she will be taking off for fashion week in NYC to sit front row to pick out all the lines of clothing she wants to buy. To each his own, but I never thought she’d place so much attention on meeting with, dining with, negotiating with, designers to arrange for promoting and wearing their upcoming fall 2015 fashion lines. I’m quite surprised.


      1. I know. I wish Amal would have taken a cue from educated Greek first lady Peristera Batziana, who seems more focused on pressing issues (of her people) than how she looks. Honestly, I can’t see how any rational, educated woman would *want* to spend so much of her time in salons?


  7. Body language is interesting. In all of the photos, the people who are photographed with Amal seem to be turning away from her. Although there were multiple cameras shooting away in every single photo the body language of the others seem to be as though they were not warming to her.


    1. she is a little bit intimidating, especially when she’s not smiling and when she’s towering over almost everyone lol


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