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Amal Clooney spotted in London’s Electric House in Notting Hill with Stella McCartney 23.06.2015


Amal Clooney enjoy a night out in London’s Electric House in Notting Hill with fashion designer Stella McCartney. She looked looked stylish as ever in a black lace asymmetrical jumpsuit with a yellow clutch designed by Stella McCartney, which she teamed with nude stiletto heels by Jimmy Choo and earrings by Akong London.

Lace-macramé jumpsuit
CHF 3,339
CHF 2,003 | 40% off


P00083936-Lace-macram---jumpsuit-STANDARD P00083936-Jumpsuit-in-pizzo-macram---BUNDLE_1 P00083936-Jumpsuit-in-pizzo-macram---BUNDLE_2 P00083936-Jumpsuit-in-pizzo-macram---DETAIL_3

The clutch is also by Stella McCartney


Amal’s earrings are by Akong London


Amal’s heels are by

Kurt GEIGER Britton pumps



Kurt Geiger London made in Italy.

Britton is the Kurt Geiger signature style, named after East London’s ‘Britton Street’ where our design studio is based. Encompassing glamour, elegance and razor sharp style, this metal cigarette heel Stiletto has become a key icon, inspiring our ‘B’ Series collection. With our best selling ‘Elliot’ last and toe shape, elegant Italian nude patent and glamorous gold metal heels.

IMG_4727 FullSizeRender (1) 3623124139_3

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48 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted in London’s Electric House in Notting Hill with Stella McCartney 23.06.2015

    1. Journalist QUENTIN LETTS on Amal Clooney in the House of Commons 24 June 2015:
      „She had dressed for the occasion in a jacket and skirt whiter than the Himalayas’ autumn snows. Her skirt was shorter than my shirt-tails and SHE SWUNG HER LUSTROUS MANE TO RIGHT AND LEFT, IN THE MANNER OF A SHAMPOO MODEL.“


      1. Nati, my thoughts exactly! But since I don´t live in UK/London, I thought perhaps London barrister have far more freedom for clothing as in other European countries


  1. She also wore this outfit on her night out while visiting Kentucky (specifically in Cincinatti) at the beginning of the month.
    We only saw the back bodice, but in this photo op we now see that it is a jumpsuit. Perhaps this was a nod to Stella in return for the gift (?).


  2. WOW, great style!
    I like the combination lace suit and the nude pumps.
    The yellow bag makes it a bit edgy.
    AC is so beautiful.


      1. This outfit would look much better as a dress.
        Anyway I have never found jumpsuits flattering on any body type. The fact that it’s impractical makes it a total no-go for me


  3. I don’t like this jumpsuit at all – just personal taste.

    More importantly, I find it really odd that someone with such an anti-cruelty brand ethos is happy to endorse someone who regularly wears endangered skins.

    How does that work?


    1. Well, at least it seems that Amal is changing her taste to wear faux skins. However, I’m still not a fan of that clutch.


    2. Maybe it’s one of those things that they agree to disagree about. I guess you don’t have to like everything about the friend to like the friend….


  4. I love this outfit. I’m not sure I wouldn’t have liked it better with black pumps actually. I like the nude, but I think black would look great too. She could wear it again with some black gladiators and a jacket.


  5. I don’t know why precisely, but I don’t care for this outfit. It fits and suits Amal perfectly (I agree the clutch is great but not with this jumpsuit.) It kind of makes her look like she’s on the pull. It is such a contrast to what Stella is wearing. Just an odd choice for a Girls’ Night Out for a recently married lady. Maybe I am just being old-fashioned, but that is how it strikes me. And the hand in the hair looks a bit contrived.


  6. Certain styles harken an era in fashion. Single shoulder tops is reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw (late 90s-early 2000s). It’s not so long ago to be considered “retro” and not timeless enough to be called a classic.


  7. This outfit is great for Amal it gives her more volume, she has the perfect height to wear it too. Love it! She seems to be on a roll of good choices lately…

    Nati, i am glad the read you say that clutch is fake print 🙂


  8. I like this look on Amal. The jumpsuit fits her body and is incredibly flattering to her slim figure. The accessories are so Amal. The way she mixes the colors and textures.


  9. I love the combination of black and white with the bright yellow clutch, and the nude coloured shoes work well. Only someone with Amal’s figure could wear this garment and I have nothing but admiration for her looking so gorgeous in it.


  10. I like it when AC wears faux leather because other fashionistas will copy this.
    Faux leather does not have to look cheap or out of fashion.
    Hopefully she will wear faux fur too. 🙂


    1. It is unusual for AC to wear faux leather so I think she might just be wearing it for Stella seeing as SM is very against using animals in fashion.


  11. It’s a sassy jumpsuit which really suits her figure but I think it’s a bit OTT for a girls night out – even given it is a Stella design.


  12. The two of them look like they are going to two different events. Amal is disco-ed out and Stella looks like she is going to the ‘show’ . Anyhoo. The jumpsuit looks great on Amal. I think she should of done something funky with her hair – would of helped the look. Lightened it up.

    The bag and shoes – I like both but not together with this outfit. Something is not working. Maybe a sandal. The pumps are too heavy. She really can wear anything.


  13. So gorgeous and glamorous. On anyone else I probably would not like this outfit as much, but on Amal it looks amazing. Would love to see this fabric in a dress or suit. Beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. I can’t understand: Amal has a very special temperature because doesn’t wear a coat!
    See Stella with a winter clothe…


  15. Classy look. Amal really rubs a lot of shoulders with fashion icons, designers, all of which she wears. I don’t recall them being friends pre-George. I wonder why the importance or need to meet personally with all these famous designers. It appears superficial and unnecessary. The connection only being—-“I’ll wear your designs and promote your fashion line”. It’s all coming down to CLOTHES. There is no other connection or interest involved here!


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