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Amal and George Clooney in Augusta 02.06.2015


Twitter Feed Susan W. @whatupitsusan

George Clooney brings Amal Clooney to Augusta in Kentucky to spend some time with his family. Amal looked relaxed in a casual look and I loved the floral scarf. This look reminds me another person : Kate Middleton leaving Brisbane airport in 2012, the shoes are from different styles, but the scarf, navy jeans and shirt are quite similar.


The power couple were spotted around George’s hometown of Kentucky enjoying a low-key getaway.

Here another picture viaΒ Augusta Kentucky Historic District


A couple locals took to social media to post about the A-list sightings in the area nothing that the actor and lawyer were friendly to everyone.

Amal Clooney’s sandals are by Manolo Blahnik – with thanks to Ginevra for the ID πŸ™‚


Instragram Manolo Blahnik feed

Amal’s scarf could be by Dolce & Gabbana (not confirmed)


More pictures of the welcome party evening viaΒ augustakentuckygirlΒ on Instagram



FullSizeRender (3)

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I will update the style files later πŸ˜‰

39 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney in Augusta 02.06.2015

    1. Hey betty, maybe you should read before you think? Because if you read you would figure out that the infamous fine has nothing to do with George and was not issued for George and Amal’s sake, it was the Mayor initiative and it that happens to be on George street. The Mayor himself stated said that the fine was not made because of George and Amal. so please do your homework before you post, otherwise you could be interpreted as uninformed, just venting out nay πŸ˜‰ … i am sure you are not a troll:)


      1. Nadia
        Why the hostility towards Betty.? There are ways to correct and inform someone without being so petulant. This is a blog about a lawyer wearing expensive clothes, for god sake. Calm down. And enjoy.


  1. Smart of Amal to know- she is in Kentucky- small town, simple people. Not in NYC, London or LA to dress over the top- sky high heels and crazy expensive clothes. She is smart for staying simple


      1. I stand corrected LOL. HOWEVER, it still “looks” like she took it down a notch! hehe. Its pretty cool they attended their annual family reunion- it shows some down to earthness.


      2. I think she may be wearing that Valentino brown sandals, the one with the fringes, with that Pocahontas dress (on the other post) …one pic shows a tiny bit of it, i am not sure…however, it seems she had some really casual and simple clothing there too, like just jeans and a shirt…however, any shirt she wears now may be pricy, that may just be her new reality after being sent out so much designer stuff to wear.


  2. Oh my gosh! Does George never wear anything but that T-shirt? I understand him wanting to advertise his tequila/bar, but come on!


  3. George and Amal are in Kentucky his home town. As for the Italian fines that is the Mayor of Laglio the street where George lives is just a road and it is dangerous to have people out there. George has said himself people don’t bother him he has security and a wall around the property also the press are intrusive and make it hazardous for people.

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  4. Wow, that looks like one bad, bad bunion in that shoe. Not sure if it’s the angle, the shoe, or reality. I’d be interested in seeing a close-up of the shoes as, on initial glance, I think they are absolutely hideous.


    1. I agree, that looks like a very pronounced bunion. I could recommend a very good specialist surgeon in London who could take care of that for her! And yes, those shoes are not very flattering and they bring attention to the bunion as well.


  5. Can we all agree her extensions not in during Kentucky was a wise idea too. I finally spotted her real hair when she is wearing the robe during her armenain speech. its thin not as thick as it lays on her robe


  6. I think they look great here (also love Kate and William’s outfits!). I agree the next photo with the $3000 dress tag seems weird to be wearing there but I agree with Soos that it actually doesn’t look like a dress of that price.

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  7. Nice relax look for Amal, except the shoes…me not like these shoes…it divides her feet, weird looking…i hate flat shoes anyways:)

    and George… that jacket belongs to a different pants George!! That is a formal cut, not sporty, go get a more sporty blazer to wear with those pants! Learn with the French, they are masters of wearing jeans with jackets….there got top be a jacket that fits those jeans of yours…(really?? hahah), cause these pants… ah!!! If those poor pants could talk hahaha they would say…pleeeeease save me! i am so tired!! he gives me no break, it is back to back, non stop, i am dead hahahaha and drunk from his tequila shirt hahaha


  8. Yes, I think you might be correct on the condition of Amal’s feet. I noticed in various other posts that her feet looked to be in pretty bad shape; crooked toes and both big toes criss-crossed over the other toes. Unfortunately, this is the result of very pointed shoes, high heels, and fancy closed toe shoes. Years of wear in these types of shoes ruin your feet permenantly. If you wear them all the time, then your toe’s never have a chance to spread and flatten out. Hence, bunions and mangled feet.


    1. You are right about high-heeled shoes promoting bunion formation ( I know a couple of people who are still struggling with painful bunions. For this reasons, I was glad to see her wearing flats, for once, although I’m not particularly excited about the style of them. There are many other, prettier flats that can be worn. πŸ™‚

      I, myself, wear flats almost all the time, mostly due to comfort issues (and I don’t want to ruin my feet). As a scientist, wearing heels to work would be difficult, too, on some days. And, as a feminist, I see the wearing of high heels as somewhat limiting to my movement. The only times I wear heels is when I have a formal event to attend.


      1. Wow – my grammar was off a lot in that previous comment! πŸ™‚ Sorry – written in a hurry, and I swear I don’t speak like that! Just writing too fast! πŸ™‚


      1. hhhmmmm, Nati….my picture didn’t come out. Not sure why? Can you add it for me?
        It’s the one of the close-up of AC’s feet in the white dress (May 2nd at the Theatre).


  9. love the 2nd photo of them. So cute ❀ they look happy and relaxed and that's the most important thing honestly. George seems so proud of where he comes from and genuinely happy to be there. i hope they are enjoying their time there and i wish them more happiness!

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  10. Nothing like a nice jeans and a black shirt, loving this jeans+black shirt outfit for a night out in some bar in Kentucky , she looks great! Would love to know the shoes with this outfit πŸ™‚ It seems all this pics were taken by the local folks hanging out with them, so we will never know, no paps around, it seems πŸ™‚

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  11. I am wondering why in one of these pictures – her lips loop more red and her face is more polished why was her face photshopped a bit for that IG post?! Keep it real people- shes natural and I am sad to see photo enhancements!


  12. How on earth could you ever compare her to Duchess Kate who wears high street affordable clothes that all women can identify with. Kate doesn’t need Β£2000 outfits constantly to stamp her style. She pulls it off with her beauty and grace – due to her position she can’t wear mid riffs or minis. And I quite like the less is more.


    1. Duchess Kate is mother of two, wife of Prince William and the press cannot approach her. I never saw her go to work and I personally I prefered her sister Pippa. Less boring.


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