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Amal and George Clooney spotted at the Cipriani Restaurant in New York 08.04.2015


Amal and George Clooney have been spotted at the Cipriani restaurant in New York. Amal wore a high neck dress in white by Miu Miu. The other woman in these pictures is Sonia Sotomayor currently Supreme Court Justice . Amal Clooney was a student law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor when the justice was on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and Amal Clooney was a student at New York University’s law school.

The clutch is the same as at the civil wedding ceremony :

Beckett clutch by Stella McCartney



And I have the dress !

The dress is by Miu Miu and still available here 🙂

Miu Miu Robe en mousseline drapée et plissée    

Capturerobe miumiu3 Capturerobe miumiu2 Capturerobe miumiu


The New York Times mentioned our blog in this great article about Amal Clooney :
Fashion & Style

How Amal Clooney Took New York


Thank you so much !

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Picture via aquablue287

38 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney spotted at the Cipriani Restaurant in New York 08.04.2015

      1. I agree with you both. For the price, though, you’d think the dress would be 100% silk, not 100% polyester.


  1. Justice Sotomayor is truly one of the great women of our time. This is impressive. probably the most impressive company that Amal has been photographed with so far.


    1. Well Amal interned for Justice Sotomayor before she was appointed to the Supreme court. They have know each other for at least a decade… These are the circles that Amal used to frequent before George and so she is an old hand at this. She just did not used to get her every single move photographed so we ( the public) didn’t know of it every time it happened!
      On a more vain note, I too like this style a lot more. Simple and classy. We were getting an overdose of GV lately and I wasn’t sure I liked all of it !! Glad for the break 😝😀


  2. Nati, congrats for the mention!!! Your work deserves it. How can you have the dress with just a few photos? You’re terrific!!! The dress is nice. Talking about Amal the same day has worn a day outfit and a night outfit priced at over 3000 € each one. I think it’s excessive. A little bit posh attitude for me.

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    1. Thank you Sarah. I was quite desperate, and the pictures were so blurry. But finally, I had it. She was educated to buy expensive clothes and accessoiries. She is a compulsive buyer and has the money for that.


      1. I don’t know how you do it, either, Nati, but I agree that you do a wonderful job with the IDs. You must have quite the fashion knowledge!

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      2. Hi Nati: George und Amal erobern Manhattan”, schwärmten die “New York Daily News” und veröffentlichten eine Übersicht, in welchen Lokalen die beiden schon gesehen wurden. Outfits von Amal werden im Blog “Amal Clooney Style” analysiert und viele Zeugen werden befragt.

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  3. Hi Viewers,
    I love this blog. Say what you will about fashion… It comes and goes, but brains…Timeless and ALWAYS in style.
    I am impressed. Girl Power Rocks!
    There is nothing demure about beauty and brains.


  4. For all of you who said George was playing the paps card in carrying that book – you were right!! Read the article Nati posted! I’m sure Amal was playing the same card in carrying the NYU folder! And I’m sure it extends to beyond carrying things – it includes wearing things with the intention of being papped. Not genuine.

    Congrats on being mentioned in the article Nati! What an honour for your blog to come to people’s attention! We’ve lost some great minds on the blog, so hopefully other intelligent women will be drawn here too! Well done!! Wishing you bigger and better things! Maybe one day Amal will hire you as her stylist!!

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  5. Do you think she is given these clothes and accessories for free? If that is the case, then I’d wear them, too. If they are on loan, then that is less appealing and less genuine. I highly doubt she is purchasing all these $3,000 dresses and $2,000 purses, which assaults my midwest sensibilities anyway. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but not this.


    1. Giambattista Valli confirmed that she bought his collection in his showroom in New York. Camillo Bona too, 5 dresses on the same time. Ant Net-à-Porter has VIP treatments with pre-sales and personal shopper. She made a lot of publicity for Balenciaga with her motorcycle bags too. But, what is sure it is a lot of money ….


      1. Actually valli said she came to his showroom to try pieces so he never confirmed if she purchased them or if they are loaned/gifted to her.


      2. Nati hi,
        I am in the fashion business and I can assure you that for each dress she chooses, she gets other items sent as presents. From the info I have, Gucci had sent her a complete outfit ( the one with a snake collar she wore the other day), but she has worn boots with jeans a couple of months ago and the shirt and the skirt with a pair of heeled shoes.Rumor has it that even Valli clothes were first sent to her to check them out, then maybe she’s paid 2-3 she liked, but lots of it was sent also as presents to such a devoted shopper.

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    2. Hi Lulu,
      in our German magazines George Clooney`s fortune is estimated to an amount of 160.000.000,00 Million $. Amal could spend every day 10.000,00 $ for clothes without touching the fortune, just do it from the interests (or other gains) they get. Please correct me, if I am telling something wrong.


      1. Spending this type of money on clothing is ridiculous. That orange and beige outfit looked like it could have been put together from a discount store. I’m becoming less and less impressed. The Miu Miu outfit was unattractive.


  6. I’m portuguese too and so proud with Sonia she is a great representant of law’s justice around the world, great to see Amal, George and Sonia together. I’m very very happy! tks Nati!, we are a very small country, but we have a lot of brains celebrities.

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  7. For anyone that is interested there is an article in the New York post about Amal’s fashion. I really enjoy this blog and appreciate Nati’s work and everyone’s comments.

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  8. The dress and purse are nice but not together. Too matchy matchy. I am not a big fan of uneven hems on dresses. She definitely is not a high/low dresser. Wearing quality clothes do feel great 🙂


    1. Although I like the dress, in general, I’m not a fan of uneven dress hems, either. For instance, if I had the dress, I would likely have had a tailor even out the hem, which would make it a perfect style to suit my taste. But, I also wouldn’t invest in a 100% polyester piece at that price, to begin with.


    1. It makes sense if it is free to wear it. Maybe this explain why she doesn’t wear coats even NY is not that warm this time of the year…so she can show the outfit. I am not sure that this is doing good to her reputation. There is too much of talk about her short dress etc…She was more interesting where her style had an edge on it …


    2. Hi Patricia,
      but she can wear what she wants, she always looks great. With or without advices from Mrs. Wintertour. I cannot imagine any colour that would not flatter her. Is my english correct?


  9. I call bull on the New York post it has already been stated that Amal chooses her own clothes with no assistance. As for George helping her please I don’t think he cares what she wears as long as she is happy . This is the man who wears the same outfit everyday.


  10. She is super skinny so she probably fits in sample sizes. It would make sense that Vogue would lend or send her sample sizes. I can’t imagine she actually buys everything. It would be very expensive and she would have worn most things again unless they were loans.


  11. Very impressed to see Amal and judge Sotomayor together . Guess what is the first quality of Amal ? It´s not what you think ! I heard That Was first her kindness , ! This is the quality of usual exceptionnal persons ,


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