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Amal Clooney spotted in New York in Gucci 08.04.2015


Amal Clooney was spotted in New York yesterday leaving the Morandi Restaurant. Her look was perfect mixing brown and orange tones.

The top is by Gucci and available here

Gucci Python-collar silk top (1004220)

1004220000_1_large 1004220000_2_large 1004220000_3_large 1004220000_5_large

The skirt is by Gucci too

caramel brown light matte cady skirt

available here 850 $


367337_ZEA41_9530_001_web_full 367337_ZEA41_9530_002_web_full

The bag by Balenciaga

Balenciaga Le Dix Cartable M



 Gaela has found the ID for the shoes !

They are by LK Bennett and on sale 🙂

Cannes Laser-Cut Flower Pattern Heel

$205.00 Heel Height: 9cm

Color: Pink – BLUSH


HD_0000065848_115976_06 HD_0000065848_115976_03 HD_0000065848_115976_05 HD_0000065848_115976_02








 Celebrity Sightings In New York City - April 07, 2015

86 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted in New York in Gucci 08.04.2015

  1. Hope this doesn’t sound too weird, but has Amal suddenly grown a pair of breasts? She looks great, but I don’t remember ever seeing her so endowed before. Love her outfit! Perfect for Spring. Must be warm again in NYC.


    1. It was not that warm yesterday… i wore a sweater and a lightbtop coat. I came home and took off my kicks and put on socks with my shoes. She is a little premature with the sleeveless and bare-legged styles. Today it is in the 40’s F.


      1. i guess she is just one of those people who dont get cold that easily… that or she relies on inside venues being very warm and having a jacket waiting for her in her car…. the time she spends on the cold is so little, see videos.


    2. how else would push up padded bras stay in business right? hahaha someone has wear them!! Me included hahaha it is all for a good cause LOL


    3. Judging from her past pics, the size of her bust go back and forth, from flat to well-endowed. My guess, she’s wearing a padded bra.

      it’s cold and wet here in New York.. Yesterday was in the 40s, last nite was in the 30’s (fahrenheit) . I guess fashonistas don’t feel the cold. 🙂

      She looks so much younger, softer, without the heavy makeup.


      1. Nothing wrong with padded bras as long as they look natural.

        Amal shouldn’t go too large, otherwise it’ll look unnatural with her super thin frame. .. In these pics she’s on that borderline of drawing suspicion. Less is best.


      2. Tack’s “drawing suspicion” hahahaha i love it:) … you are right though 😉 Not good to create too much expectations hehehe


      1. Nati, I hope you publish this because it needs to be said. I am personally shattered that Amal has stooped to such a low as to wear snake skin – her status as a fashion icon and as a moral crusader is irrecoverable in my mind.

        Wearing snake skin is not “fun”. Nor is it “fashion”. It involves the exploitation of third world people with real damage to the ecosystems in countries like Indonesia, Vietnam etc where the beautiful reticulated pythons are needed as a natural form of vermin (rat) control and pesticide management to prevent illness spreading amongst an already disadvantaged and exploited population in some of the world’s poorest nations.

        To be a member of the first world and plead ignorance is unacceptable. To be a tertiary educated member of the first world and plead ignorance is simply unbelievable. To be a human rights lawyer and wear snake skin, harvested through the exploitation of third world labour, contributing to damaging the already shrinking habitat and vermin management of the delicate ecosystems in countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia – wearing an animal that had to be beaten and nailed by its head, then suffocated with water whilst it is skinned alive, in order to preserve its intricate patterning for you to wear, in your vanity-filled quest for clothes of luxury and exoticism – that is simply base.

        This obsession with snake skin is barbaric, medieval and cruel – it is a practice that belongs in the dark ages. It has no place on an educated, professional and sophisticated woman’s neck. It has no place on a prominent human rights lawyer’s neck.

        Forget the animal rights for a moment and think of the exploitation of the people working in jungles for $2 a month to catch the pythons so a lawyer in New York can wear the python as a collar – how far removed is Amal from reality? How far has her conscience regressed in her vanity? Why this disconnect between her brain and her pursuit to be a fashion princess????

        Please, help me someone – how does one wear wildlife? And indeed, with such nonchalance?

        My stomach churns and out of respect for you Nati, I am withholding more strong words in describing Amal’s lack of sense. I will only say: Disgusting. Immoral. Hypocritical. Base.


      2. I will leave my 2 cents on this topic. I truly regret that Amal doesn’t have more of a sense of “Animal Rights”…since she is so interested in “Human Rights”. I have written to her and asked her to view some undercover video that was taken by PETA, which is the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals group that works to stop the suffering of animals inflicted by humans.
        Do you realize that in China dogs are being skinned alive for their skins in the “Leather Goods” trade. Most likely your gloves and cat toys made in China are made of dog skin? (REALLY) These dogs suffer/die so the Chinese can produce “made in China leather products” Don’t believe me…go to the PETA sight and type in Chinese Leather Trade. You will see for yourself. It will make you cry to see the fear/terror/suffering these dogs endure.
        Furthermore…several Southeast Asian countries capture dogs and the dogs suffer cruel deaths so that their meat can be eaten. She could be such a powerful source for the suffering of animals.
        Such a shame that she appears to have no interest in ending the suffering of animals. I am 67 years old, still working, and I contribute money each month to organizations that help animal suffering. IMAGINE what Amal could do with her powerful position and money???????????


  2. Nati,

    I am in Australia and I thank you for your prompt response. I am aware we are on very different timelines and you are in the northern hemisphere.

    Disappointment and anger, disgust and horror – I cannot get the right words out to describe how backwards Amal is in her conscience. Luxus has no morality – true, but then by extension, neither does Amal – the clothing industry would not harvest wildlife and exploit third world people if the market was not there and if people like Amal simply did not wear it. I don’t. You don’t. Amal does. That is a conscious decision. She has enormous responsibility in fuelling it’s proliferation. If I’m not wrong, she has those snake skin boots too.

    Nati, what does it mean if you represent all the high profile past-presidents guilty of human rights violations, when you cannot control your own greed for fashion?

    I wish you all the best with your blog which I have enjoyed immensely, but I have better things to do than follow Amal’s career and fashion.

    ‘Another one bites the dust’, as we say down under 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Down Under – you have articulated my thoughts perfectly. She wears snake and python skins regularly and I too find it horrific and lacking any moral judgment. Disgusting. She has lost all credibility in my eyes.


  3. I just found following “Python cannot be sold or shipped to California” so this shirt cannot be sold in California. Interesting because Amal wore her new Gucci python boots in LA.


    1. Consumers who simply must have accessories fashioned out of the majestic python can and do buy such goods outside California and bring them back in. The law does not forbid this, but would forbid the person from ever selling the goods in California.


      1. Oh dear Nati. Please don’t tell me more to disappoint me! That is truly a soul corrupted by vanity – you are saying the state she is wearing those clothes in, prohibits the sale of python clothing – and yet she blatantly elects to purchase it elsewhere and wear it? It is defiant! Or she accepts it as a gift to advertise the brand which of course is aware they have no other way to sell their product in California – she accepts such a role? It is abhorric!

        Is there one rule for others and another for Amal? Is the law created only to be circumvented when we choose? Is she not educated? Is she not intelligent? Is she not a lawyer? Please, tell me no more – I am not sure I can think of her with any more disgust.

        The snake skin added nothing to her outfit. The brown skirt-orange blouse ensemble could’ve been worn without wildlife or the cost of third world labour attached to it, and still been striking on her.


  4. Amal probably buys her clothes all over the world where ever she is. People should wear what they like if you don’t like it don’t wear it everyone has a choice.


      1. We all should consider, that she is a lawyer for human rights. But which people does she legally represent? People without money? I just heard of Julian Assange, Julia Timoschenko, this fine lady from the Philippines – Arroyo -, the Armenian Country – so – please be sure, that they all pay lots of money for their being represented in human rights.
        What is about : Saudi-Arabien lässt Blogger Raif Badawi auspeitschen? Does she represent him, too? How can we expect her to consider the harm of animals? She is defenitely not the holy person, some people want her to be.
        Perhaps we all should be aware that she is a normal lady – frankly admitted very beautiful and surely very intelligent – with a lot of greed for very, very expensive clothes, bags and shoes. I am looking forward to your comments.


    1. No aw – to those who are given much, much more will be expected. None of us in the first world – and certainly not a high profile person who has the means (and indeed is intelligent enough) to do otherwise – has the ‘right’ to translate her fashion desires into third world exploitation and wildlife harvesting.

      The privilege of being in the first world means we have a responsibility to those who do not. Isn’t that what the UN Conventions on human rights are all about?

      However, I would like to thank you for your comment as it allows me some insight into the mentality that might have allowed Amal the justification of such practices – and it speaks of entitlement and individualism with disregard for the collective good. Educated women should not endorse this.

      And for an educated high profile woman, who alleges to champion human rights – who alleges to represent the rights of those who cannot represent themselves – and who has a worldwide platform to espouse her views (e.g. ‘Je suis Charlie’ badge style) – there is no role, ever, ever, ever, for python collars. The damage in these photos is immeasurable to the families surviving on the fringes of jungles. Who is Amal that ‘she should wear what she likes’ and ignore the repercussions on those she has affected to do so? You are correct in saying she has a choice and she just exercised it in the most baseful and horrendous way in violating other people’s human rights.


      1. Down Under, Thank you so much for your passion and for raising this issue here. I write about the environment and even I did not know about the depths of depravity involved in the python skin trade. I hope you continue to add your voice and convictions here on this blog.


      2. Thank you Rose, I did.

        PETA has repeatedly protested the python trade and the organisation continues to call out celebrities for wearing python – Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Reese Witherspoon, Kylie Minogue and Ashley Olsen have all been cited – they can now sadly add the human rights lawyer Amal Clooney to the batch of celebrities who feel they are excluded from making environmentally and sociologically responsible decisions regarding their wardrobe choices.

        Snakeskin is a luxury wardrobe item, it is a want, not a need. Even if animal rights were not an issue here (and they are), there are significant human rights and illegal issues involved in the trafficking and harvesting of wildlife skins.

        A particularly pernicious element of the trade in snakeskins is that it is largely a black market, unregulated and illegal industry in many places – not because of conservation issues or animal rights – but because there are human exploitation issues involved – people who are paid meagre earnings to bring in snakes so fashion houses can make exorbitant profits.

        Amal is obsessively devoted to being a fashionista and presenting and setting the latest trends. There is no problem with that in itself – but the wearing of a python collar (or python shoes) by a human rights lawyer driving the trade and advertising it proudly (in spite of Californian laws prohibiting its sale) – I have a massive problem with that.

        I hope PETA calls her out on it.


      1. It is Amal that is not genuine.

        The collar is genuinely a dead snake that has been sewed to the material around her neck.

        (Gucci has also been called out by PETA.)


    2. aw, you are constantly defending Amal’s actions. Apparently you think it is okay to wear clothing that exploits and inflicts much pain on wildlife and people. I wonder, where do you draw the line? Is there anything she could wear that you would find morally wrong?


      1. Bravo Janet
        AW, amal does not buy her clothes around the world, she gets most of it for free and you know it 😉


    1. Yes jzzphrsing, I am wondering how she does it? There a 6 degrees Celsius in New York, that means 42,8 Fahrenheit. Here in Germany we all go out with coats, thick shoes and so on, when the temperatures are under 10 degrees.


      1. similar in Korea too. we all don trench coats even now when it’s mid-way spring. am amazed at Amal’s resistance to cold weather!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Yep, just look at how the group of people are dressed in the photo behind her. She dresses for the cameras not the weather. She wears coats but it depends on whether she wants to show off her clothes or not.

        And this outfit is not original – someone said here, wear this top and skirt that we have put together. How creative is that anyway? Where is her own uniqueness? Oh, and we killed a snake to get it made for you, you okay with that? I am not happy with Ms Clooney at the moment. That is just gross.


  5. I really don’t like that Amal chose to wear python. I would never wear snakeskin or real fur. I’m trying to imagine how Amal justifies wearing these items. She’s a smart woman with a very analyitical mind. I will assume she eats meat. Unless it’s organic the conditions in which animals are treated before they get to the slaughterhouse are not very humane. She wears leather shoes and carries leather handbags. I doubt that the conditions in which animals are treated prior to being skinned are less than humane. She may see it as hypocritical to condone some inhumane practices and not others. I really don’t know.

    I do want to give her the benefit of the doubt. I wish we knew more about her and the kind of person she really is. I don’t want to condemn her outright because of some of her fashion choices. Amal has become a public personality. Without George she make news on her own now. But whether she likes it or not her fashion choices are driving her image right now. Her brilliance as a lawyer and her high powered cases she handles become the second paragraph in the media coverage. Is she ok with that? Maybe she doesn’t care and doesn’t read the opinions formed about her .

    I’ve always admired Amal as a self-confident, strong minded and independent woman with a great sense of style. I don’t want that to change but I do think if she doesn’t want her fashion to drive her image she needs to change the perception.


    1. How much more do you need to know about the kind of person she is?

      She is intelligent. YES.
      She is preoccupied with wearing the latest fashion. YES.
      She is a human rights lawyer. YES.
      She is a resident of the first world. YES.
      She is not ignorant. YES.
      She has not been living under a rock for the past 20 years. YES.
      She is wearing a python collar. YES.
      There are significant human rights, animal rights and legal issues surrounding the sale and wearing of dead snakes. YES.

      What else would you like to know?


      1. I’m sorry if that came across as rude to you Belladonna – it is my frustration at people not calling a spade a spade – a very Australian preoccupation ;).

        Australia as you know borders Southeast Asia. SE Asia is ‘rich’ in tropical forests, bio-diversity, pythons – and corruption – but because it is ‘poor’ in its human rights records, it is a global hub for the illegal wildlife trade. Amal would know this.

        Snakes are bludgeoned on the back of the skull using a metal pipe or a hammer (anything heavy and accessible) and hung on wooden rafters or a tree using a hook or a nail (or anything sharp and accessible) which is inserted through the lower jaw – to allow the mouth to be opened so a hose pipe can be inserted under the skin – the anus is blocked by the way. The snake is then filled with water, like a balloon, in order to stretch the skin away from the snake muscle – to make it easier to remove whole because this brings more money (a pair of $2000 pants can be made from one large female python). Using a Stanley knife, an incision is then made in the snake’s belly skin and drawn through the length of the body and then the skin is peeled off whole. The snake is alive. Cognizant, feeling.

        As you can see, it takes simple utensils and a crude and unsophisticated method to feed a poor family for a month in SE Asia.

        Amal would know this.


      2. Down Under,, thank you so much dear for your concern, it should be all of us concerns. I am so proud of you, and myself, and of so many wonderful commentators on this Blog, including Nati, who have stated they would NEVER wear skins or fur. BRAVO everyone! You are making more for the preservation of nature than Amal, that is for sure, so tap yourselves on the shoulder and be proud. That is the way to be; a responsible, kind and sensible human being. It is also very very smart to think that if we destroy nature we will be destroying ourselves. To wear fur or skins is so primitive as a practice, it is never appealing and it should never had been take in as fashion statement. I find it rather ugly!

        It is disappointing how such an intelligent and world traveled woman such as Amal seems completely;y nonchalant to such causes. I do credit her for not having ever claimed to be a world saver, or to be here to do more than just cash in for her work as a lawyer. Human rights practice is just another branch of law, like civil, criminal, etc, and it has nothing to do with being a world compassionate concerned human being. Amal has certainly never claimed to be that and, for the price her outfits goes for, i hope she does charge very high fees, otherwise her life style would suffer. So i guess we must only look at her with compassion and hope that one day she will wake up and choose to be more than just a lawyer and a fashion billboard.


  6. I cannot remember the last time a waitor held the door for me at morandi, or at babbo for that matter. We spend the same money at those restaurants. She does make good choices in where to eat.

    I wonder why if she is working at columbia university on 116th street, why she is having lunch in the west villlage. Maybe she is looking for a home down here?


  7. I’m surprised Georgey Boy hasn’t said something to her about wearing endangered animals. I mean she is her own women, but if my husband did this I would be all over him. The fact that she does wear animal skins tells me she lacks empathy. For that reason – this outfit is a FAIL. Besides I think the skirt is a horrid colour and does nothing for her. And for God’s sake put a goat on. It’s not a runway fashion show.


    1. I have to laugh at your comment “for God’s sake put a goat (think you mean coat) on”. Since when did you become her mother???


    2. Worth reading:


      I hope to leave you all in peace now.

      Nati, thank you. I have enjoyed following your blog from its inception.

      We all have different thresholds for what we find acceptable and not acceptable behaviour in celebrities. And, we all have different expectations for ethical and moral behaviours in those that are educated in upholding our laws. For all of us women interested in our appearance, who find fun in dressing up and enjoy fashion, we all have different levels of vanity that will drive our different choices of clothing – and it is these choices that allows us to express our individuality.

      We do, in every sphere (our behaviour, following the law, wearing fashion), have a responsibility to not affect the less fortunate in the world, who often enable us, because of their deprived livelihoods, this privilege of ‘expressing our individuality’ through fashion — we should not lie to ourselves, our wardrobe choices do tell us much about ourselves! And that is more true for those people who can materially afford more choice.

      Do not ever doubt that “a picture is worth a 1000 words”. Do not doubt that Amal’s character can be read in the pictures posted by Nati on this blog. The pictures tell the story of a human rights lawyer and her choices. Her choices are at times fun and imaginative – other times they are corrupt, reflective of greed, selfishness and extreme vanity.

      I have made a full circle from admiring Amal to strongly disliking all she represents.

      Sadly, this ends my journey following Amal and thus following your blog.

      I have tried my utmost to be respectful and not cause offence. I wish you all well.


      1. “Down Under”…PLEASE DON’T GO …because it is voice like yours that makes the difference. It is so important that you continue to speak up so we can influence others and maybe even her, to step outside of her narrow window and take a look at the bigger picture. You must never silence your voice because the world needs it. We need you here to keep us checked to not over consume fashion beyond ethics. It has been a privilege to read you, Thank you much!


      2. The great fun of this blog is not to just have glimpses of fashion, but to also read the so many very bright, kind and intelligent people who come here. it has been a pleasure to see that it does not matter if we all live so far apart, one can still see that when it comes to kindness, compassion, ethics, and even fashion, we are one world. It is so nice to read peoples different of opinions and some of you are really remarkably bright:) A lot of knowledge is shared and concerns are brought up that brings in debate and awareness. The credit for that is not to Amal, it is to us, the people who love fashion, class, elegant things and the good stuff Amal projects, but we are not just that; we got A LOT MORE to offer than just our vanity and fashion craves. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I really like the tone of conversation we have here Ladies, I enjoy your comments as well as Amal style


    3. Has anyone else noticed that she doesn’t have her usual big smile and hair tossing in the photos from the last couple of days? She must be reading this blog ! Hopefully , she will get the hint about the snakeskin too.😉


  8. @Down Under – agree, sadly, disgustedly and wholeheartedly with your above posts. I was already side-eyeing her for her love of fur and her (seeming) carelessness about the message she was sending out by buying/wearing it. But this is a step too far.

    By the way, this is not the first instance of Amal wearing this particular endangered species. She wore python skin boots and carried a python clutch on some dinner date a few weeks back (I’m pretty sure it was the evening she wore that light-coloured suede cape…?)

    It’s absolutely impossible for her not to be aware of the issues surrounding the wearing of endangered skins so it seems her love of high end so-called ‘luxury’ fashion comes before everything else.

    The absolute death of ‘style’. (Sorry, Nati, but no excuses for this.)


  9. This is approximately the 5th time Amal has worn an outfit or shoes bearing snakeskin. Although I am not a fan of snakes, I am intelligent enough to realize they have a place in our fragile eco-system as “Down Under” so intelligently summed up. Not to mention, the abhorrent cruelty inflicted on a living creature. This blatant disregard for wildlife truly makes her unappealing. George’s PR time should get on the bandwagon and caution against such a blatant disregard in order to play dress-up. Undoubtedly, she has enough of an ego to trivialize the public’s concern, however, let’s defend those who are defenseless. PETA, please get on the bandwagon with this woman who is making distasteful choices. Here is a photo of jacket with snakeskin. Nati, this is a great blog and the fact that you post all opinions, makes it all the more interesting.



    1. YES Luceine Wolf… she had that entire jacket on Python she had to come to LA at airport… i cant even think of getting close to snake anything… but such practices are negative from every angle and i really dont think it is attractive as a fashion choice!

      It is becoming hard to some her up (Amal) into a comprehensible whole!


  10. Shouldn’t you be getting more upset with the designers that include endangered animals in their clothing? To me they are even more guilty for putting it out there. I don’t agree with wearing fur and skins but we are all guilty with our shoes, belts and handbags.


    1. @KIm,
      The designers share the shame, absolutely, but the bottom line is, they are feeding a demand for (engangered) animal skins, and Amal is now a very visible and shameful part of that demand.

      Buying/wearing these products perpetuates the idea that these ‘fabrics’ are stylish, fashionable and desireable and send out the apalling message that, in this instance, pythons are seen as nothing more than just another fashion ingredient, there to be used and horribly abused in order to satisfy the high-end luxury goods market.

      Python skins belong only on pythons. If the demand stops, the designers stop. End of.


  11. Yeah, I agree with posters who are not in favor of this snake skin thing.

    I do like the longer skirt length on her, but question how she would be warm enough?

    Also, has she lost weight? I hope not.


  12. Amal was having lunch at this restaurant on Tuesday. She lectures at Columbia on Mondays and Wednesdays. There could many reasons for why she was having lunch in the west village.

    For anyone who thinks Amal lacks empathy for wearing animal fur and skins well many vegans/vegatarians could say the same thing about meat eaters. Some women won’t use leather handbags for the same reason. We all need to be careful of not being hypocritical and overly judgemental. If any of us had a friend who wore fur or animal skins would you drop that person as a friend simply for that reason. Maybe some would because their convictions are that strong. Others might be willing to give her a pass because she’s a friend and she’s entitled to live her life the way she’s pleases.


  13. I definitely agree with everyone’s sentiments regarding the animal and human rights issues in fashion. And, it’s right to point out that Amal should be careful about what she chooses to promote. Furthermore, I find that collar to be both impractical and tacky. For instance, how does one clean a shirt with a snakeskin collar? In my opinion, the collar doesn’t even look good on the shirt. I actually think that the outfit would have been lovelier if the collar was made of the same material/color as the rest of the shirt.


  14. What a SHAME to ruin such a beautiful outfit with a snake collar!! also SHAME TO GUCCI TOO!! They have not ethics apparently. And Amal.. oh Amal, come on! it is not about being a role model, it is just about being kind, human, compassionate to other lives. That should be every human being goal! What is it with this obsession you have with animal skins?? it is NOT attractive! It ruins the fun. Most of us become repulsed by it, so your attempt to wow us with your fashion fails, because it’s hard to stare at it without feeling disgusted by such lack of awareness. Domage cher Amal Quelle domage!!!


  15. Th binder she is carrying says “NYU/Law” on the front. Isn’t she teaching at Columbia?

    This outfit is seriously unflattering. She is too thin to wear it. Plus, in some photos you can see the imprint of her undergarments. I think her street style before she got married was much nicer. I think the problem is that she has now become too trendy (bell bottoms, etc) and is wearing the look straight off the runway rather than mixing and matching and putting her spin on it.


  16. Personally, I think this outfit is quite unattractive altogether. It’s just insane the cost of these items. I wish she would stop playing the designer game.


  17. It was so cold after a certain point yesterday in NYC, that hats had to be worn. I’m pretty laid back when it comes to these things, but this outfit is ridiculous for this weather. Clearly, the nonchalant thing is an act, and the preening is obvious. Not that it’s illegal. It just makes her seem silly.


  18. I think overall she dresses really great. Agreed her pre George style was more Street Style but her current style is FAB it looks good on her most of the time. Some of her recent choices have been kind of weird. I like the tan skirt and orange top but the outifit she wore tonight the white mui mui dress….UMMMMMM…. NO…


  19. I’m quite surprised at her fascination with animal prints/patterns/skins/furs for her choice of fashion style. I wouldn’t have predicted this fashion choice from her. It looks like she is just wearing off of the total rack (head to toe), rather than her own selection of piecing items together. She demonstrates this by this particular outfit with the black bag. It’s the model’s look and not her own look. She’s definitely dressing for the designer—head to toe. Beautiful look….but not her own. It’s coordinated looks from head to toe. In no way is any of it authentically her. Add up all her bags alone…at $2,000 + a piece…I bet her bags alone add up to $50,000. She never carries anything twice. Anyone know why she is carrying an NYU Law Manual in her hand? Aside from the fact she graduated from there?


  20. I’m quite surprised at her fascination with animal prints/patterns/skins/furs for her choice of fashion style. I wouldn’t have predicted this fashion choice from her. It looks like she is just wearing off of the total rack (head to toe), rather than her own selection of piecing items together. She demonstrates this by this particular outfit with the black bag. It’s the model’s look and not her own look. She’s definitely dressing for the designer—head to toe. Beautiful look….but not her own. It’s coordinated looks from head to toe. In no way is any of it authentically her. Add up all her bags alone…at $2,000 + a piece…I bet her bags alone add up to $50,000. She never carries anything twice. Anyone know why she is carrying an NYU Law Manual in her hand? Aside from the fact she graduated from there?
    Remember, Amal owns the Gucci Python Boots also that goes with this collection.


    1. I agree with some of your points, but we need more positivity. That is her money and she spents it as she wants. NYU Law manuel is for diplomats, perhaps a new projet in her career.


      1. She doesn’t buy these clothes. Some are gifted, some are loaned. I’ll keep the identity of my employer under wraps, but suffice to say that the company I work for has loaned her some items of clothing which I have seen on this blog. It’s hardly her own cash being spent — designers benefit hugely from the free advertising Amal provides.


  21. I think Amal dresses for herself. She has a very strong sense of her style and had even before George. She pushes the envelope sometimes. And I don’t like some of her outfits. But hey she can dress anyway she likes. It’s her business. I too wish she would mix off the rack and designer pieces more often. Maybe she does but we don’t see it. We see her photographed out and about less than 1% of time. Her net worth is about $2million. Read that somewhere. She’s used to buying expensive clothes. It’s obviously a passion for her.

    There’s a really informative article by NY Times posted yesterday online “How Amal Clooney Took New York”. Really good read and a bit insightful into who she is. Google her or George and you can find it.


  22. It is a pity that the fashion industry doesn’t use the Burmese pythons that have established themselves as an invasive species in the Florida Everglades thanks to pet owners abandoning them.


  23. When I saw the pics I thought : great look!
    When I realized the snakeskin I was shocked.
    Shame on Gucci, shame on AC!

    When I was pretty young I dreamt of designer clothes, the Vogue was my bible.
    But when I discovered the often egoistic, brainless and heartless background of fashion, I changed my opinion.
    Probably in autumn, winter I can’t follow this blog, because seeing pics Amal Clooney wearing real fur makes me sad and angry.

    Thank you so much Downunder and writer of similiar posts!!

    Just my 2 cents, maybe a bit late …



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