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Amal Clooney at the Glamour party in New York 16.04.2018

Amal Clooney rocked what may be her sexiest ensemble yet while heading to a party held at Anna Wintour’s home in New York City.

She opted for a vampy look, donning a red lace corset that featured multiple straps, a bustier and cascading train. Her bold lip complemented the sultry top perfectly.

Amal Clooney teamed up with Anna Wintour to host the bash, which was a party celebrating Samantha Barry’s new role as Editor-in-Chief of Glamour magazine. It was attended by fashion-forward stars like Sienna Miller, Ashley Graham, Lala, Megyn Kelly, Vera Wang, Michael Kors, Zac Posen, Diane Von Furstenberg and Huma Abedin.

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a

Vintage 1980s ISABELLE ALLARD Red Lace Corset with Sleeve and Chiffon Train

was available here

Big thanks to Jill for the ID


Kate distressed low-rise skinny jeans

Available here $395

MONSE booties


Available here

Via Samantha Barry Instagram

60 thoughts on “Amal Clooney at the Glamour party in New York 16.04.2018

    1. Funny Amal’s doppelgänger Huma Abedin was there too. It would have been interesting if they posed got a photo together. They have very similar features.

      The red cape gives her the illusion an hourglass shake. We’ve all seen her hips, she is not curvy, at all. It’s tacky as all heck, but it does give that optic illusion.


  1. This whole look is incredible. That red cape thing looks amazing, especially with her hair and lipstick and the way she paired it with the dark jeans and boots. Epic look.


  2. Amal always rocks in red – I am a fan of the red. Not a fan of the jeans matched with this – it’s the fit and the look of these particular jeans matched with the corset top I’m not digging . She looks gorgeous nonetheless.

    Side note – snap back queen after twins !!!!!


  3. She appears to have decided that she will try as many looks as come her way…At 39
    I was game to do so too. It’s fun. Some will work, others not.


  4. va va voom!!!! An incredible look–both naughty and nice. Very glamourous for a Glamour party, but perhaps too much so? Maybe a bit too much so, as to overwhelm the guest of honor? However, Ms. Barry looked sad and most unglamorous for what should have been her coming out party. Glamour magazine always took risks– in a feminist style– so the new editor’s look is distressingly dowdy. I think Amal may have overdone it, and Ms. Barry seriously underdone it. But lucky George!


  5. I would have given her points for creativity if she didn’t style it the SAME EXACT WAY as the model. C’mon, it’s tacky as heck but at least make it your own. Sigh…

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    1. There is picture: Amal with the phone (which is better than holding her hair) trying to catch up with the “in” younger crowd and her mother trailing behind trying to catch up herself.
      Her mother is okay with that. What matter to her is her daughter being successful (eg, being photographed with the younger celebrities instead of with her mother). Mission accomplished haha :- ))


  6. This is a fail. No one else was dressed in trash. She stood out like a Kardashian. She reminded me of Prince, MJ and Madonna. Lots of money but no sense. And probably snorting cocaine. Did you see how confused she seemed and how ungainly her gait was? She also ignored her mum. I’m not sure she’s the same Amal as before. The pleading “text me, text me” was sad.

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    1. oh geez this is not a fail. She never fails because there is always a reason and a purpose. :- )
      You all keep underestimating her ..
      This party was for Wintour and soon Amal will be hosting her annual Met gala, right ?
      Before any event, celebrities of any kind, need to capture the audience to sell what they sell, song, movie, gala, event, book, whatever. George (with her) do it with very single movie before the opening. This is her turn and she is just doing her job… she simply needs to stand up from the crowd (she did with this outfit) to get the audience interested in her gala, later on the Conferences where she speaks, maybe her next book, whatever she will sell later on. :- )))

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    2. Come on snorting coke lol that’s so out there – she didn’t ignore her mum she was literally walking to find her way – she was meeting everyone back in a few minutes they were going to have drinks.

      I would love to have a face to face group chat with some of you to see the expressions on ur faces when u type these things lol like are u serious or just messing around

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  7. Hello Nati

    why did you choose to publish the photo of Amal leaving the house with her baby? As I write this none of the other mainstreams news channels have published it. I have two questions; How did this photo come to you and do you personally feel it is ethically right to publish a baby’s photograph on social media.


    1. Give us a break. This blog/twitter has the approval of the Alamuddins and the photos are already a public domain and will be around soon if not already. Do you see Clooney suing Nati? he typically does, right ? but not here.
      Besides, all of you have been incessantly begging and discussing where are the babies/twins and her motherhood skills !!! geez
      well.. she (or her family/friends) did listen/read this blog, so here is one baby.
      Happy all ? guess you still “complain”..
      Do you want a formal family image in Vogue/Hello/Time ? well that would be later when the time is right for them. :- )) but for now, the audience needs to be content.


      1. Amanda and Coco2- Actually there is law when it comes to minors. California has such legislation and I believe other states do as well. Minors are protected and that is why you see their faces camouflaged.

        As for Amal approving the photo how do you know that she (or they) approved this?

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      2. I believe the first amendment protects the photographers from taking a picture in a public setting and publishing them is legal. Unless it is for perverted purposes it is illegal. JACKSON please cite the law you broadly mentioned saying it’s illlegal in California under this context ?

        Honestly, WITH OR WITHOUT a law – if a public person such as George doesn’t want his child pic taken and legally they can still snap a pic and post it that’s just disgusting. Morally wrong. I won’t buy it at all. I have personally seen their twins on a private social media account from family and they commented that George said it was ok his hand was even in the pic placing shades on the baby girl. Not one person posted it to the media because of trust and respect. ( maybe fear too haha) I would never share it regardless of the legality

        Bottton line – law or no law kids abound be off limits respecting the PARENTS wishes.


      3. Soos, you just said something very interesting, “public person such as George”..
        Pardon me, but I am curious. Why a picture now is “disgusting” if it related to George ?
        because he is a millionaire? because he is the most “gorgeous” actor?, because he is surrounded by bodyguards ? because his gang of attorneys will sue anyone in an instant ? because he is trying to be president ?
        Why on earth, journalist cannot take a picture of his child in a public area ? Journalists do it to both of them and their families constantly, almost every day, (and some of you still believe that the photographers are not being called to the scenes..) and all of them (Clooneys & Alamuddins) seem jumping of joy and smiles seeing their pictures in very media/newspaper available.
        These two (especially Amal) have exposed themselves constantly, incessantly, on purpose (except when she was pregnant of course) since their marriage. That is already disgusting because is using journalism to sell themselves.
        However, a picture taken that was not “requested” by George, is “disgusting” and should not be published? simply because George said so ?
        Bottom line, journalists should only work when is convenient for George/Amal.
        Thank you for finally clarifying..

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    2. Who cares!! I doubt they would mind, since they decided to show off the kids face in a public place.. no big deal.. nothing wrong can happens by just showing a toddler face.. lets not overdo this! Very different situation that the one on their backyard in Italy, dont compare that!


  8. I guess I’m the only one that hates this outfit. I think it is terrible, almost goofy. Amal looks beautiful, of course, but the outfit is bad news for me.

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      1. In the meantime she’s hosting this elite party and oh hosting the Met Gala— speaking in front of the masses presenting at the United Nations – yes indeed she’s so insecure and uneasy.


    1. Oh Jackson Jackson Jackson – I Indeed do and am disappointed you not only cited the wrong code but you also misinterpreted it. This is NOT banning papparazi from taking a child’s picture in a public place . No no no ur wrong. This would be helpful if we took Amals baby image and slapped it on a box of Cheerios and tried to sell the product.

      Further California Senate Code 606 may entice you a bit more however this is limiting it to harassing , putting child in danger etc to get a picture . That’s why you always hear Tinseltown folks in videos saying “ step back too close “ if Angelina Jolie is out with her kids at the pumpkin patch pictures can be taken and pictures can and have been posted as an example.

      It is not illegal at all in the context you mentioned.

      I passed the bar my first time and any further interpretations of law I will ask that you pay my hourly fee 🙂

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      1. It is hard to explain to a non lawyer like you how legislation is enacted in CA and what it means. You are not understanding the Senate Bill you identified or the Civil code I identified. In another post I will explain in layman’s terms what the Civil code means.


      2. Soos- beautifully stated, and thank you for clarifying that law, as many people keep complaining about the pictures and are misinformed about the legality of them.


      3. How many picture do we all see OF North and Saint Running around with the Kardashian’s when they try to hide from the cameras – out in public ——— Why the Kardashian’s hide kids for months to not get a picture taken ( without payment )

        Jackson – give it up ok – this is getting so lame ur wrong ok.



    2. Everyone stand by Jackson is on a google frenzy – lipping her lips drafting her reply – feverishly waiting for Nat to accept and post her comment —- tick tick… YAWN

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  9. Hi nati3873, nice blog you have here! Just wondering, do you know Amal or her family personally as the pictures are only available on your twitter but no where else? Where did you get the lovely baby pictures from? Hope you don’t mind clarifying.


      1. Nati, please take no notice of the po-faced hypocrites who are trying to make you feel guilty for posting the twitter baby pic. The Clooneys won’t mind in the least! 🙂


  10. I usually dont like to say negative things about Amal…but… the video of her walking around, pretending to be lost, shows more like she was trying too hard to be seen. Also, her rather prima-diva ways with the – at her service- man, her strange reply to the paparazzi about the event, and her walk.. on my my!!.. she has a terrible walk… looks like a Flamingo walking…. it does not matters how beautiful the clothing are, you must have an elegant, upright walk to go with it…. her rather curbed chest and raised shoulders needs to be watched if she has intention to do more of these cat walks parading her clothing. She should take some lessons on how to walk and pay attention to her posture or they can ruin any outfit she wears…. Yes the pictures looks good, but the video tells a different story. This outfit did not look as good on her LIVE, as it looks on the pictures, and that was based on her posture, attitude, and walk.

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  11. I have a question to the moms on this blog: does it looks normal for Amal to have gone back to her A cup size after only 10 months of breastfeeding two babies? On the interview Amal mentioned that she was breastfeeding, and even using sucking machines… her breast size looked huge when she was pregnant… so how come, suddenly she is near size A on this pictures??..can anyone say something…?….because i am having an out of control suspicious mind these days…. i dont want to pay attention to all those terrible posts accusing Amal of never being pregnant to start with.. or.. worse… to not be a woman….oh no… may the gods of suspicions leave me soon because that would be awful 😦
    ===> sorry Nati.. you know me from a long time i have always showed support to Amal.. but this last video of her.. she looked so much like a transvestite.. or a transgender??..Note that i am not being prejudice against transvestite or transgenders, i am just trying to clear out any possible notion of Amal being one….i am as lost as she looks on this event’s video 😦


  12. Sorry not a fan of this look. Usually love her vintage looks but I am not a fan of the red corset at all. It just comes across trashy. If it was in a more muted colour and less revealing it might have passed but I think the shape was unflattering and not a fan of it paired with jeans and boots. Too much going on here. Anna Wintour looks picture perfect as always though!


  13. Long-time reader and increasingly less frequent commenter here. All I can say is wow! Whatever happened to Amal’s quirky and fun sense of style? Before I am besieged by responses asserting that “fashion is subjective,” please allow me to say that this is true — to a point. Fashion also makes a statement about culture, gender, class and other aspects of society. So what is Amal trying to say with this outfit? Somehow I don’t think that it is a gesture of solidarity towards ladies of the night. I find many of Amal’s work outfits elegant, and I love that she recycles vintage clothing. But so many of her other ensembles lack creativity, flair and especially humility.

    And she is certainly not the only celebrity to parade around in sky-high stilettos. But please! We need more women like Emma Thompson to make the point that we don’t have to destroy our feet and posture to look good. I miss the old Amal.


  14. This outfit.
    First I thought her to be a daughter of Lily Munster (you know the old TV-Show ;))
    Omg what is the matter with AC? Why so tasteless, even vulgar?
    Maybe a gesture of solidarity towards ladies of the night as Janet wrote above? Ok, yes.
    Porn chic …

    But then I saw the pics where she really looks gorgeous. Maybe this outfit was chosen because her hips look slimmer especially on fotos and it helps her being noticed under the fashion people crowd of this party.
    The more she provokes attention the more I think her to be diffident.
    Does she have her own style or is her style only a result of her motivation to impress? Hmmm.

    But not important.
    I love to watch her fashion choices.

    But as a mother and childlover 🙂 I don’t want to see pics of the babies. They have to be securely protected from flashlights and maybe terrible behaviour of paparazzi.
    Can’t you imagine what a toddler or baby might feel when the family is chased by a crowd of loud people crying for fotos? No, this should be a no-go and be prohibited.

    Nice day @all!


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