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Amal and George Clooney at Lax airport 05.12.2017

Amal and George Clooney arrived at Lax airport and greeted Cindy Crawford and her husband Randy Gerber. Perhaps they made their holiday together. Cindy Crawford posted some photos of her holiday on her Instagram account. From the comments it could be a Fiji island.


Amal Clooney wore a black top with grey jeans and her

ZANZAN ortolan sunglasses

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31 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney at Lax airport 05.12.2017

  1. Private plane sounds about right lol – is it just me or dos the baby look blonde ?? The winds in Los Angeles are insane and now she once again dresses opposite of weather – I wonder what they are up to ? Perhaps enjoying their new riches :))


    1. Soos: I do not understand your comment. It was 80 degrees in LA the day this photo was taken. It appears she was dressed appropriately for the weather.


      1. Jackson – I’m a cali girl born and raised and was alive that day – amal is not dressed for the season or the weather ( granted it has been crazy) seewhat Cindy is wearing – plus do u not agree that amal often always misses the weather and what she’s wearing ??? ( think back to October in New York and she was sleeveless) wouldn’t be the first time so why are u acting shocked


    2. Haha blond twins .. that would be too much weird, wouldnt it?
      All Alamuddin family is super dark, hair & eyes. Nothing blond from that gene pool. Clooney had dark hair & brown eyes and I saw a picture of young Clooney’s parents and they were the opposite to blond hair and had brown eyes. Nina’s hair now is not natural. Being blond hair (and blue eyes) a recessive gene not present in her genetics… their kids should have dark hair and eyes. ;- )


      1. Both parents are better looking than the 99.99% of the world’s blonde population, so that shouldn’t be a problem for the babies either. 🙂 Amal’s hair and eyebrows are gorgeous.


      2. Bliss, … really ?? …who are “better looking”, blond people vs non blond people? Now we are cataloging people here? Your comment is out of place and childish…
        My comment was about genetics, science, and not how physically “gorgeous” the Clooneys can present themselves.. as a matter of fact, this blog alteady shows that and everything you can purchase (including makeup and hair extensions) and where to look as “gorgeous” as she presents herself in every outing ;- )))
        And by the way, what makes someone more gorgeous is how they are Inside, how they act, how they behave, what they do, and no how they look or what they say. Rich people (nothing wrong with being super rich), like Clooneys, can buy anything, including plastic surgery, best treatment, they can even stop bad pictures and can pay to distribute good ones and become the most physically gorgeous people with the most gorgeous babies, … but at the end of our lives, what matters is what you did and how…


      3. What are you saying exactly? That there are no good looking people in the world? We’re talking about looks, not about the meaning of life, or what makes a better person inside. Amal and George are both way above average in the looks department. It hasn’t much to do with being rich, some people are simply born better looking with healthier, stronger bodies, more charismatic or attractive faces. Nobody should resent them for it, jealousy is ugly. As to blondness, you’re the one who brought up, and you sounded as if you were implying it a special quality that they or their babies might be aspiring to. I simply pointed out that they dont need to be blond, they’re exceptionally pretty as it is. Do not put so much importance on looks, you seem to be going crazy that good looking people are acknowledged.


    3. Soos- I really do not care what Amal chose to wear that day (or anything she wears). It was 80 degrees in LA. She chose what she wanted to wear.

      Let’s end this silly conversation. You choose what you want to wear, I choose what I want to wear, and Amal chooses what she wants to wear.


      1. Sorry Jackson, not sorry- as we both frequent a BLOG about AMAL and her ATTIRE I will definitely have an opinion. Move it along sister.. move it along. LOL


    4. Hi Soos, I often wear less than necessary as I’m always warm and have a coat on hand if need be. In Amal’s case, I’m sure someone had a warmer alternative standing by. I don’t see a problem here. 🙂


  2. This article is wrong George and Amal would not be visiting Cindy and Ranede. They have a home there. They are saying good bye it seems from Rande and Cindy’s instagram they were on vacation
    I think the Clooney’s were with them.


      1. Nati and Soos- The good thing about the extreme privacy that Amal and George are maintaining is that none of us know what they are doing, where they going or coming from, and who they were were with. I like this. Every comment here is pure speculation.

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  3. They haven’t traveled for awhile, so maybe it was a trip to see friends before the holidays, to be at their California home, and to give 14 of George’s “buddy pack” of friends, a suitcase filled with 1,000, 000, 000…a million each. For Christmas they will most likely spend with parents/siblings.


  4. Nati: What makes you think that Daily Mail took something from your blog? It is a public blog. Maybe because Amal and George are exercising extreme privacy it is a dry spell and bloggers are reaching back into Amal’s past. I hope you are not bothered by this since these are public domains.


  5. Without being made up heavily, Amal looks dreadful. Sorry but that is simply a fact. She could be any suburban lower class Cincinnati housewife on her way to shop for groceries. Only curlers in her hair are missing.


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