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Amal Clooney in Bill Blass for the Suburbicon premiere in LA – 22.10.2017

Amal and George Clooney made the Los Angeles premiere of Suburbicon a family affair on Sunday night.

Amal and George Clooney hit the red carpet with Amal’s mother, Baria, at the Regency Village Theater in Westwood, CA.

Amal in her stunning Bill Blass dress steals the show 🙂


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Ayer domingo 22/10 en el Regency Village and Bruin Theatres de Los Ángeles, California se llevó a cabo el estreno de la nueva película 🎬de George Clooney, #Suburbicon La pareja ❤️conformada por George de 56 años y Amal de 39 años se mostraron felices en la alfombra roja! Para tal ocasión la experta en derecho internacional lució un vestido azul 💙y blanco sin tirantes. Su madre, Baria Alamuddin, también asistió al evento con un hermoso vestido verde. 💚 Julianne Moore y Matt Damon, que llegó con su esposa Luciana Damon, también asistieron al estreno. La comedia negra llegará a los cines el 27 de octubre. #georgeclooney #amalclooney #losangeles #estreno #pelicula #cine #hollywood #farandula #notiespartano

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Amal Clooney wore a


Dress from the Spring Collection 2007



with a JUDITH LEIBER clutch


First Kiss Leather Ankle Strap Sandals

available here



white gold and diamond torpedo earrings









34 thoughts on “Amal Clooney in Bill Blass for the Suburbicon premiere in LA – 22.10.2017

  1. Wow!Wow! What a beautiful dress on Amal. And her eyes and make up look gorgeous. She definitely knows how to work the red carpet for the photogs. Her mother looks wonderful, too.


  2. Love this color on her and of course Baria and the Lebanese elegance showed up ! I will say her makeup is 100000 times better than the harsh bold crap Charlotte Tilsbury keeps piling on her and aging Amal. Love how George is so thoughtful and asks amal where is your mom? He’s a class act this one . SHOW US UR BABIES ALREADY PLEASE


      1. There is a mutual benefit and interest between her and the photographers/media. She did her best to attract the media since her engagement and with her last name change, and she did succeed indeed :- )) It is the power of a famous and popular last-name (her actor husband) and the power of controlling the media (her journalist/PR mother). It such a successful story! Fame, money, fashion, luxury, VIPs and media changed the life of an unknown young Lebanese-British barrister ;- )) there is material here for a TV show that Clooney could produce & direct and maybe be successful at it :- ))))))


      1. Coco, very TRUE!!

        Amal beautiful as always, love the dress!!! Don´t like her rigid arms, the hunched back and insecure smile; if she is able to fix these problems, she would look even more beautiful.


    1. I don’t care for the dress but the model looks stunning in it. With her broad shoulders, tight cut waist and curves. The dress is seamed in at the waist on the model, -/ it should be. Amal in the sane dress is a pale comparison to the model. The waist seams on Amal’s dress are much higher more like an empire waist and she has Nooooo hips. She looks like a hanger for the dress. But the photographers are dumb enough to
      Go for it. Amal definitely knows how to keep the dummies under her influence and feed into them.


    1. Agreed. It is a strange print with a strange design I’ve felt as my initial response. Your right it looks more like beach wear, not appropriate for the red carpet or any type of cocktail event. It’s more of a lunging dress you wear of your having a beach party of friends over to your house or just hanging at the beach. For this occasion, it’s just loud and borderline gaudy. She still hasnotlearned how to dress appropriately for the occasion but part of that is that she uses the dresses to satisfy her love of the camera. Many other celebrities are famous for other things. Amal makes herself mainly famous for her clothing choices which attract the camera not because they are good choices but because they are just loud choices in some way.


      1. Well, I don’t think she needs to learn what’s appropriate for the occasion. Following her attire choices, I would say she chooses what is given to her or what she is asked to wear… Of course as long as the photographers will be there.
        She is already a celebrity because she is a Clooney and she clearly and truly loves being a celebrity. She is now making sure she will stay on top of her new celebrity status because frankly Mr Clooney is losing professional “points” as we speak.. and I don’t think she or her mother were expecting that so early in the game ..sorry I mean the marriage :- (


  3. What a beautiful dress! The color, the way it hugs her above the waist, the way it moves around her, and the design..Wow, Again, Amal wears it better than the model.


      1. Agreed. But that’s because the model is very slim in the waist and stomach. Amal is wearing a lot more loose fitting clothes lately around her waistline to hide her post pregnancy body changes. Shenaturallly has very thin arms and legs regardless of her other body changes so she’s wearing pieces to highlight her thin areas and play down her central body changes.


  4. I like Amal’s dress from the front, but not the back. But, at least it’s vintage. On another note: I guess Baria needs advertising for her PR company. It’s weird that she keeps showing up at events with the couple.


    1. Her mother is the most important piece in this marriage. She is and will always be by Amal’s success and fame.
      Her mother has important socialite contacts in the UK, works for the BBC, has her own PR company and an incredible ambition for her and her daughter. Nothing wrong with all this.. If an unknown barrister can now walk the red carpet like a show biz star, then a journalist for the BBC especialized in political Middle East affairs and interviewing some infamous dictators, can do the same :- )) it is Hollywood (with a pinch of politics too) .. Usual stuff ;- )))


    1. Amal’s makeup artist does a great job at covering up her imperfections to make her look good for the camera since she is not naturally pretty. Amal is overall attractive but not pretty. She has very dark circles and hollows under her eyes, deep smiles lines, her outer brows are droopy and her upper face is quite narrow. She won’t age well if she didn’t already start using a plastic surgeon which is evident with the way her lips look.


  5. George is known as a terrible hypocrite, since his comments in the Weinstein scandal his hypocrisy is obvious, he gets now openly criticized by many media. Why did Amal marry him?


  6. hummm not liking this dress…love the lipstick color…. but whoever photographer who took these pictures need to go back to Prom photography 101….really bad

    – Nati thank you always for posting this.. you treat as so sweet! ❤


  7. I don’t like George’s make up and fake tan. He looks leathery and old. Like a reptile.

    The mother needs to do something about those wisps of hair she insists are a fringe! She really looks Lebanese in her make up, manner and style (“OTT” as the rich Lebanese usually are). Though I did like the contrast in colours between her and Amal’s outfits.

    The comment made previously was perfect:

    The Clooneys are the quintessential sanctimonious champagne socialists.

    George has no insight into why his movies repeatedly flop. He has no connection with normal people and their interests. Amal has forgotten her roots and morphed into an extension of George.

    She seems to be experiencing hair loss where her hair is parted. I hope it’s only temporary.


  8. The dress is unique and gorgeous. Looks so comfortable too. Amal’s makeup is still overdone. She doesn’t need all that and it really detracts from her beauty. Not a fan of the earrings 😦 Baria looks beautiful


  9. It’s becoming unbecoming to watch Amal with the paparazzi. She is looking more and more narcissist and less appealing. Money grabber too. And the dress? Looks like resortwear,, not red carpet.


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