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Amal Clooney speaks about her work at Google Zeitgeist ’16 in a Madame Grès dress 24.05.2016



Google’s Zeitgeist events are a series of intimate gatherings of top global thinkers and leader’s.

Amal Clooney takes part to this event as speaker at the Grove Hotel in London.

You can watch her video here :

For more information about this event visit following link.

Style Files :

Amal Clooney wore a draped green dress


Haute couture green dress, circa 1945

via William Vintage

Constructed in green silk jersey
Featuring an unfinished hemline and sash detail to the front



100964_01_2 (1) 100964_02_2 (1) 100964_03_2 100964_04_2



Amsterdam earrings


available here


and pointed pumps.

CjNTIIIXIAA2Fk9 Screenshot_2016-05-24-11-54-44 Screenshot_2016-05-24-13-05-21

Some beautiful pictures by Geraldine Lemeur



Amal Clooney with the woman of the year 2016 : Juliana Rotich



Amal Clooney discovers the IdeasBox by Libraries without Borders and speaks about the refugees crisis in Lebanon and the legal support to the migrants in Europe.


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49 thoughts on “Amal Clooney speaks about her work at Google Zeitgeist ’16 in a Madame Grès dress 24.05.2016

  1. While I was watching the video I was afraid that her ear would fall down because of the heavy earrings. And I think she tries really hard to not to toss her hair so instead, she sits crossing her hands on her knees; doesn’t look proffessional.
    I must say, she really has an impressive voice, quiet characteristic.


  2. I noticed that in all her televised interviews there’s always an undercurrent of slight and sarcasm. She comes across as soft-spoken that it’s hard to see that her comments are snide and smug.


    1. I think there’s a cultural disconnect there. I think, being British, with the supposed “sarcasm” she’s actually trying not to come across as very firm and blunt and showy, which Americans for example would get immediately and find perfectly acceptable. It’s that Brit-mandated irony or need to to appear too sure of yourself – that’s how I interpret it.


    2. Having worked in the legal field my entire life, I have to honestly say I do not see the smugness or sarcasm often broadcasted by arrogant attorneys. I see a woman who is really proud (a bit giddy even) of her accomplishments trying not to brag or express bravado. Maybe that’s an English thing. If she were an American lawyer she would be recounting blow-by-blow, word-for-word all the great things she did or said to accomplish her goal single handedly and how ridiculously stupid and inept the other side was. Such a common theme at our attorney lunches and cocktail hours.


      1. I worked with Amal at S&C a million years ago. She was always sweet and extremely ambitious and hardworking. Our billables were god awful but she even managed to always go above and beyond. I have to admit the women did snicker about her style of dress. It was always quirky on the other side of tacky. I did chuckle to myself as she thought she was really gorgeous and she loved to humblebrag about all the guys at work and her events who were pursuing her. Trust me, I went to all the events. Yes, men noticed her. But, I had many more beautiful accomplished girlfriends who really snagged the A+++ but I humoured her like a immature child.

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  3. I like the simplicity of her make up. Beautiful features are more noticeable. She looks very pretty in this shade of green. I like the softer, simpler, and less volume style to her hair, too. Relaxed look and appealing. Nice change. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Agree, asylum was on the cards from the very beginning. That was predictable. I’m not as convinced of his innocence though. I think he abused his position of power also when in govt. Another story for another day though.

        Gorgeous shade of green dress. Very appropriate for the setting and her make up, just perfect, not mannequin’ish. The earrings though seem out of place to me.


  4. Amal in this picture doesn’t wear the extensions hair than the festival of Cannes ,
    She is simple woman ,not sophistiquéd


  5. Interesting, there was a rumor that Amal and Eric dated before she was with George and even hosted a party for his book. I wonder if it’s true…


  6. And excellent news for Khadija Ismayilova, since she was freed today. While the substance of what exactly Amal Clooney does legally on each of her cases may be somewhat mysterious, it seems clear to me that her public advocacy is getting some results.


  7. Love the dress. So sophisticated and yet looks so comfortable. Color is great for her. Length is perfect. The whole look is so polished. Hair and makeup so much better and more natural than it has been in some of the recent pics we’ve seen of her in Cannes. I do agree with the comment about a hint of sarcasm and hopefully that will resolve. Maybe it is nervousness or she needs to prepare a little better for these interviews.

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  8. Hi there Nati, I’m curious why you don’t post anything about Amal’s previous romantic relationship with Eric Schmidt? You even posted pictures of them together years ago.


      1. It is true it was her ex- I know this for sure being close with her family I knew this was true. So what – he seems nice too


      2. @ Soos Thank you for confirming. I don’t understand the cover up of this relationship? She dated him and she liked to tell her friends about it. To me, it wasn’t impressive. It wasn’t as though she was dating a single, (Schmidt is technically still married), handsome, age-appropriate, rich billionaire. She met a gnome-looking, rich, over the hill, pudgy faced man. Now it’s come out in the open and people think it’s idle gossip, but it’s true.


    1. In what is it relevant to a blog about Amal’s news & style??? Really!! If it’s true, it’s an old story, if not true, cheap gossiping…Nati, please don’t go there. Your blog is way beyond this.

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      1. I have to agree , it is irrelevant to post about her old replationships, i dont care to see or read about that hehehe Lets stay Present Time, shall we? ❤


      1. @Jackson/Laura, because it is from his yacht. She was very proud of knowing Eric and being “in that circle.” I know that was taken on his yacht because she would like to drop here and there “oh on Eric’s yacht…”


      1. MIchelle, Sorry but your answer is not credible to me

        This is an invention of yours, you’re like the journalists of daily mail & Co.


    1. Guauuu!!!! Michelle = Meet the Clooneys

      Now I understand, no wonder your comment….

      You’re a sick person and you should go to a psychiatrist

      You just hang the same 2 pictures in Instagram with TAG #amalclooney


      1. Just a shame. The same person who steals the pictures here and re-post them with hate messages against Amal, George and Hilary Clinton on Instagram.


      2. Dear ladies,
        What is going on here? For a foreigner it is not easy to understand?
        Has Michelle created a Block Called “Meeting the Clooneys” with hate comments or what?
        If so, how can she dare to take Nati’s blog as a Platform for These mean things?
        Please explain it to me. Thank you very much.


  9. great look for her I love her earrings especially because she has worn these a few times! Very cute. PLEASE IF ANYONE HAS A FULL VIDEO Share I want to see her thoughts on the Leb refugees. Braco Amal. I wonder if her sister helps her dress cause her sister is a fashionista too!! Tala:) Mabrook Amoula for the great news today


    1. Soos, sorry how can you Compare the two Styles. Her Sister only blamed herself, e.g. The red one leg trowsers she wore at Wimbledon.


      1. her sis set her up with contacts and fashin experts- like Sarahs bAg and makeup while in UAE


    1. Because she’s got an iPhone …… and you see the time very well on the screen ……. 🙂

      Well, this is what I do, I don’t wear a watch either …..

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  10. i always get the impression she’s more than friends with the males around her, also some of the males that she’s defending, i feel the relationship is more than a friend, flirtatious at a minimum and for sure some of them more than that. this is not jealous talk either, i think she knows that she has charm and looks and she uses it to her advantage.


  11. Michelle or Meet the Clooneys,

    if all your arguments are so you have zero credibility in all the barbarities you write under the name “meet the Clooneys”

    And the truth is that part of having a mental emfermedad are little brave. Why do you write your comments on this blog by the name of Michelle and others instead “Meet the Clooneys”

    I think you write many comments of hate and senseless in this blog also hidden under other names.

    Goof Luck in your life because I fear that you will need.

    May 26, 2016 at 3:41 pm
    @Jackson/Laura, because it is from his yacht. She was very proud of knowing Eric and being “in that circle.” I know that was taken on his yacht because she would like to drop here and there “oh on Eric’s yacht…”

    Nati, THANKS for posting this comment.


    1. This makes no sense as though you directly copied and pasted through Google Translation. Just because someone had some background intel about Amal and it wasn’t already in the magazines – it’s not true and this person is now some obsessed mentally ill person? Wow that is some crazy jumps in logic and there is no modicum of rationality.


  12. I like the dress, shoes, and more natural look, and congratulations on the Nasheed case! It’s great that Amal mentions how difficult these cases are. On a more trivial note: I agree with those who say that the earrings are a bit much. Studs or no earrings at all would have been better choices. Dark/emerald green is another great color for Amal.


  13. It’s funny and interesting to see that many people don’t like her earrings with this dress. I do like them, they are a nice complement to the simplicity of this very classical dress. Vintage clothes suit her so well. Amal is lovely, simply lovely.

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