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Amal Clooney spotted in Valentino in Cannes 14.05.2016


Amal and George Clooney were spotted leaving their Hotel Eden Roc in Antibes.

Amal Clooney was flawless with bright colors. Will they return to New York ? or London ?


Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a


rainbow dress

from the resort 2015 collection

currently out of stock

valentino-1973-rainbow-grid-silk-dress-resort-2015-collection Valentino-Resort-2015-rainbow-looks 7806803a106247c2de8ff70a9d603ed8




Item 39939091

in Elderberry

available here

 The Bucket Bag in tiered suede fringing with detachable leather wristlet. A runway icon designed in London and crafted in Italy. Hand-finished details capture the collection’s bohemian attitude.

10e71b99d8388ab0bf265731d71ecfe20be1ef9c 65cd2378001a898669aab943da0ff8d10e3a0801 8c93f04f10ac345ad76ce60ad596a89e0582c2fd



Emma taupe suede pumps

2 inch (50mm) block heel pump, suede upper, leather lining and insole, leather outsole with rubber insert, stacked leather heel.


available here

Emma-Taupe-Suede_a1219544-babe-4cc7-a9a7-16954c4237c9_large (1) Emma-Taupe-Suede_3cd9a962-2b28-4893-8d87-55c2443c51d9_large Emma-Taupe-Suede_38d840b0-e049-4e72-b740-78bb86019d19_large





 available here at Wolf and Badger
Amal-et-George-Clooney-3-photos_exact1900x908_l (1) Amal-et-George-Clooney-3-photos_exact1900x908_l
 amal1 cannes Amal Valentino dress 2 Amal Valentino rainbow dress 3
-2sFl6zvlM0 Amal-and-her-husband-George-held-hands-as-they-left-their-hotel-538860 amal-clooney-is-picture-perfect-in-rainbow-dress-in-cannes-01 amal-clooney-is-picture-perfect-in-rainbow-dress-in-cannes-05 amal-clooney-is-picture-perfect-in-rainbow-dress-in-cannes-06 amal-clooney-is-picture-perfect-in-rainbow-dress-in-cannes-07 amal-clooney-is-picture-perfect-in-rainbow-dress-in-cannes-08 amal-clooney-is-picture-perfect-in-rainbow-dress-in-cannes-09 amal-clooney-is-picture-perfect-in-rainbow-dress-in-cannes-10 (1) amal-clooney-is-picture-perfect-in-rainbow-dress-in-cannes-11 amal-clooney-is-picture-perfect-in-rainbow-dress-in-cannes-15


54 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted in Valentino in Cannes 14.05.2016

    1. I agree , while I’m no prude , and I love her style …. There have been a few frocks that would have been much better if the hemline were lowered a bit . 😀


  1. I don’t like anything about this outfit and think the dress, in particular, is awful. The tailoring at the waist is (a) so messy and (b) really not suited to Amal who has a much longer torso and needs to learn how to dress it.

    Nati, no offence but really, why not save ‘flawless’ for when the occasion and outfit warrants it, rather than pushing ‘flawless’ for everything Amal wears?

    Amal can look so good when she dresses to her strengths. Please stop making people feel guilty for having opinions on style that may disagree with but are just as valid as yours.

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  2. Geez.. Is George ever going to change from that t-shirt, ill- fitting jeans and those same old shoes? Clearly they spend so much time dressing Amal to the nines, you’d think he wants to look like her partner and not the hobo escort. He has simply got to start to care about HIS appearance – just once even (and not only tuxedo).

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    1. Kageyworld, I agree. They are becoming a real “mismatched” pair. Off the red carpet, they rarely compliment each other by what they wear. If they were going on a hike, to an NBA game, to a street festival, to Disneyland,….I still think she would wear Runway & Haute Couture and carry a bag, put sunglasses on her head, wear 3.5 in. heels, schedule a blowout, and a make up artist for the above activities. Amal—it’s ok to have flat hair, minimal make up, and no accessories. Really! It’s ok. It’s ok to leave the high heels @ home. I hope she doesn’t feel pressure to commit to pleasing these designers by always displaying their works of art for them. In a sense, Amal seems to have a lot of “endorcements”.

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  3. No. Not for me.
    She can’t have the super serious lawyer image AND the super funky girly at the same time. She will have to create her very own style. But not there yet.
    The dress looks great on the young model and might even look great on someone who never grew up, but Amal has been trying hard to proof, how grown-up she is lately.

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    1. Eve456, agree with you with your comments. Before Amal married George…..I liked her designer choices and style. After all, that’s what caught my attention in the first place. She selected her pieces (as we all do), created her very own style, and it turned all of our heads. After marrying George, these designer hounds are thirsty to ‘Use Her’ to wear their brands; current & future seasons. All runway & haute couture branding. Sure, she gets to “pick out” (probably) her choices to wear, but is she really when they are showing her what their collections are? That would be limited, too. In other words, are we really seeing HER style? Or does she just have the perfect body/heighth to wear what THEY want her to wear? Her designer style pre-George was something all of us could wear often & for a variety of occasions. Also. most of it timeless selections. After George, I can’t say the designer choices are timeless. Or anything that any of us could wear often or for a variety of occasions. What we are seeing now is Amal wearing clothes (she is their model) for designers. Wearing them for the purpose of exposure for them. Everything she wears sells out. They know this truth. It has shifted from us seeing her authentic & raw style TO…..a “tweaked” style to accommodate the designers and sales. Meaning, she’s going to wear it even if it’s not something she would necessarily buy for herself. It’s noticeably different. Just my own opinion. 🙂

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  4. OMG!! I don’t even know where to start with this dress! The cut, the color, the tailoring (or lack thereof), the length, the waist, the bow tie!! I’m sure that some people will like this dress – different tastes – but I think that clothes are supposed to make you look better and this dress doesn’t help any body shape.

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    1. It’s such a mismatch that it starts looking like a cheap chinese copy. I loved her pre George style: so diverse, boyish, well studied and accessorized. Nowdays, all I see is lots of brands, mixed in an unfortunate way. I loved her wedding edition, all of it, and the red carped at the Cannes festival. This choice, in my opinion, makes her look ‘lost in a fashion closet’.

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  5. I’m mixed on the tone of this, too. Here we have George….comfy, cool, relaxed. Can’t Amal just for once come out….throw on a pair of jeans, relaxed hair, etcetera and nothing fancy? Why the big production all the time? Don’t get me wrong, it has its moments. And of course, I like her. Perfect make up, high fashion, high volume hair, perfect bag, perfect sunglasses…..why does it have to be the entire theme for the weekend?? Every day does not have to be a runway day. Or a catwalk day. It’s shouting staged, planned, big production, get ready for the cameras, rather than just “living life” and whatever happens today happens today. Instead it’s becoming…”today I will wear this designer, this fall 2016 preview outfit, and this bag. Tomorrow I will wear this runway haute couture piece, this designer shoe, and these earrings from the upcoming 2017 spring trunk show”. That would be the day that #1. I would make $$$$$ for the designers by show casing their goods. And #2. If they were paying me for it, I would surely donate 100% of my earnings to a great great cause. Otherwise, I would not be allowing me to “cash in” on me, as they appear to be doing with Amal. I guess I just expect Amal to be a lot bigger than this.
    Perhaps I have it all wrong. However, after long observation, following her from the beginning, and seeing “a pattern” I’m kind of wondering why why why every day is a high end runway day. No doubt she is eye candy on George’s arm….but in this particular photo……She’s definitely eye candy for the day hanging on George’s arm. It’s all a mixed up “tone” for the lack of a better description. (Er, sorry everyone. :-/ )

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    1. *cough*, Amal allegedly gets paid for wearing these clothes. Therefore this blog exists, so that everybody is informed about designers, prices, where to buy and so on. 🙂

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      1. Claudia, es ist üblich, dass sog. VIPs allerlei Sachen, u.a. Kleidung umsonst oder sehr günstig erhalten, vor allem Frauen, weil sie somit Werbung für die Designer machen, was ja weniger kostet als eine Werbekampagne z.B. in der Vogue. Das ist sicher auch mit Amal der Fall, zumal sie mit Anna Wintour befreundet ist, somit an der Quelle :). Es ist sehr wahrscheinlich, dass sie die Kleidung geschenkt bekommte oder wenig zahlt oder die Kleider leihen kann, das ist alles üblich in der Modebranche.

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      2. Sorry Nati, all Actors get payed for wearing designer clothes on red carpets. Amal allegedly took it a little bit further and said, okay, I will be followed by the press and I will not advertise these clothes for nothing. Photos of her are nearly in every Magazine around the globe, so it is pretty smart of her to get payed for it. Why do it for nothing? It will still be cheaper for the designers than pay those magazines for directly for advertising.


      3. To be honest, my first reaction when I saw this dress it was ughh, but after a while it sort of grew on me. However I think that the bag should have stayed with bohemian model, showing this bag. A rectangular clutch would have been better, and the dress should definitely be acompagnied by flat shoes. Having said that, I like to comment on something else. I don’t know wether she gets clothes for free or has special deals with designers, but if so I really don’t know why she should. Why would you as an independent woman and free spirit ‘ sell ‘ yourself to this industry? Just because you can and love fashion is not a good enough reason for me. I would really like to she her wearing something twice (or more) On this occasion, if she wanted to dress up, I would have loved to she her again in the Stella McCartney wedding outfit or the striped dress she wore back than. She looked simply gorgeous in those and Cannes would be the perfect time and place to wear them. ( a bit of topic perhaps but I have also never understood why one day after her marriage there was a press release that Amal, having her own career, would be named Clooney from then on. Btw this is definitly no Amal bashing but I just think and wonder about those things)


      4. Some people pay lots of money to buy designer clothes,like “you”, and some people get payed lots of money to wear them,like “Amal” and i think she looks FAB, in any thing she choses to wear,,,. are you jealous?


  6. Nati – I adore your site. Ok …. This outfit just seems weird for a day out in Cannes. Love the bag. Love the shoes. Love the dress pattern but the dress itself does nothing for her. The portions are all off. It’s definitely to short especially with that neck line. Her hair is way to coiffed for a day out in a resort town. She looks silly next to George who is wearing jeans and a tshirt. This outfit is just trying to hard. Not one of her best.

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  7. I love the pattern and colours and tie — the dress looks great on her. (Personally, I would have a tailor take it apart and have a thick strip of dark-red added to the waste.) Amal should think about buying the red Burberry dress on the model – she would rock it.


  8. Amal is vacationing so she can wear whatever she pleases. She’s certainly got the legs for this dress, that is for sure.

    I think it would be nicer a bit longer, and with some sort of belt at the waist. Although I like the shoes and the bag, I don’t think either of them really work with the dress. It amuses me that George has on his trusty tshirt, leather jacket, jeans and beat up shoes – but again, they are on their own time and so I don’t care what he wears. I think he always looks very handsome, and I like his views on things.

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  9. I like it. It’s colourful and has a nice spring feel to it. Of course Amal can wear whatever clothes she likes on free time, and then dress appropriately for work. There are too many ‘rules’ for women to follow and men get away with old faded jeans and t shirts.


  10. This is perfect! Love everything about it- I thought because she has such a catchy dress she SHOUKD be careful to have a statement loud purse too but it did get pulled off. The dress , the colors , being in France – all of it is tres awesome Love love love the fresh funky vibrancy!


  11. Wow! She looks lovely and I really like the dress on her! I don’t think I’ve seen such a dress before, but I really like the look it has. It reminds me of the 1960s! I looked up the bag and I prefer the cognac color for myself, but it’s a great handmade, high-quality bag either way when you zoom in for the details. The black version is gorgeous too.

    I also like the color choice for the heels and the fact that they’re only a couple of inches. I love walking around in heels around the city, but I realized that the ~2inch heel is the best for walking around comfortably and still getting the nice heel look for your outfit and legs. Hers look especially comfortable!


  12. I agree with others above about her always being dressed to the nines, even for casual occasions. And him,OMG copy paste tequila-jeans-suede shoes. She should dress down a notch once in a while, she is beginning to be a Barbie doll getting dressed by designers for $$$. Where is the pre wedding Amal who has her own style? Mix and match haute couture with haute couture is NOT one’s own style!
    By the way, the dress is fit for the model being 20 and wearing flats and maybe for a fancy lunch at the beach but with George dressed as he is it looks ridiculously dolled up.

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  13. Woman steps on dress and “wardrobe malfunction” is international headline, which gets more play than any film at the film festival. So sad.

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  14. I like the colours of the dress and above all the fringebag.
    But the school girl silhouette of the dress is awful. As we know from AC there are more classy ways to show hot legs.

    His relaxed (not)style amuses me, love it. 🙂

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  15. Oh dear. I think this dress screams “look at me, look at me”.It’s way too short & over the top compared to George’s casual attire. I wish she would relax the high maintenace look. It’s starting to look like a runway show every day. Time to relax the OTT image.

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  16. From an interview (, 11/4/2015 ) with Anita Flavin, the designer behind Italian label Ennio Mecozzi on Amal:

    How did Clooney discover the brand?

    Amal visited our website last June and placed orders from our classic collection, which is for both formal and professional occasions. Amal chose the style “Amal,” which is a combination of nude and black leather offering an alternative to the classic pump with flattering crisscross straps that secure the feet, enabling her to walk with confidence and sophistication. She ordered “Daphne” in royal blue suede, which is loved for its simple, chic and timeless silhouette and also ordered the “Alexa,” which is crafted from a tactile variety of leathers and suedes combined with neutral hues and embellishment. Ennio delivered Amal’s orders personally to her and George’s Italian residence.

    What is your favorite Ennio Mecozzi shoe Amal has worn so far?

    I believe a woman decides on the shoes she will wear as a reflection of how she wishes to interpret herself to the world. Amal Clooney stepped out in Ennio Mecozzi at an international high profile court case in Egypt. When designing these shoes I had Amal in mind and I had visualized them with a similarly chic look that Amal chose to wear them with — a satin trimmed crepe beige Gucci suit with a single-breasted jacket and flared trousers.

    How do you work together?

    Initially Amal’s stylist corresponded with my team, however since our relationship has developed I liaise directly with her PA at present. We were delighted when Amal ordered more shoes and is currently reviewing our party range.


  17. First, Nati thanks for your blog! You do an amazing job staying on top of things and bringing us up to date info about Amal’s fashion. I love Amal and George and kudos for George for finding a wife in the real world. They are a great couple. Although Nati brings us a lot of news and information about Amal’s work this remains ultimately a fashion blog where we can share our views and if someone does not like what Amal is wearing on a specific occasion and why they think so it makes for interesting reading (together with opposite views). In my opinion, the last great international fashion icon was the late Princess Diana. She was a great fashion leader, setting trends and widely watched and followed. After Princess Diana, Amal is the first woman whose fashion style I followed (OK, maybe a bit also Angeline Jolie since she does have a more definitive style although not as bold as Amal’s).

    I agree with others that this dress does not make me run out to get something similar. Previous comments about the emperor’s clothes come to mind…. This dress cannot decide if it is young at the bottom or old at the top; it cannot decide if its is summer or winter; if it is serious or more fun – and I agree that the accessories do very little to enhance the picture. I do take the point that Amal’s style lately is all over the place, comes directly from runways (sometimes even similar styling) and follow or copy what is current fashion rather than setting trends. On the other hand it does seem that Amal is having great fun with her clothes and fashion and she is always full of surprises and keeps us talking and that is great.

    One place where I can see Amal’s personal taste coming through strongly though is in her choice of earrings. I love her somewhat blingy but bold approach to earrings! In fact, I dusted off some of my old pairs and wear them again.

    Nati, please keep it up and let’s play the ball and not the man (myself included – my apologies to Mariah!)


    1. Lady Diana—so true what a style icon! 🙂 Princess Kate, also! Her personal style is great! She was just on TV tonight wearing a Banana Republic skirt for $130 !!! And is using her fame/title/influence to launch a new program with William & Harry called, “Heads Together”. Her style has remained the same pre-prince William and after marriage to William. She wears her personal style well. Kate is so grounded! 🙂


  18. I agree that other dress that the model was wearing would look great on her – the one with her bag. Maybe if she wore her hair in a ponytail and some flat heeled boots it would work. It looks like George was visiting her at the office on his day off.


  19. I like the pattern, but not all over…maybe if it was just the skirt OR if the top had been a V cut. That bow looks terrible. I don’t mind the length.


  20. That dress is just two inches too short to look elegant. Good thing it wasn’t a windy day. I love the bag but the effect of the fringe, the pattern on the heel of her shoe and the pattern on her dress makes the outfit look… busy.

    Before her marriage she had great personal style mixing and matching her own way. Now that she gets ‘freebies’ she just seems to wear the whole outfit as it came off the runway. I still like her work style best.

    As for George he needs to up his game.He used to dress so nicely but now he looks sloppy.


  21. Contrary to every body else’s opinion that I do respect ,in my own personal opinion this kind of pattern/geometric design and synergy of colors actually does AC a big favor/advantage by enhancing giving her some volume/fullness to her whole upper body even mid section all the way down to her thighs and legs even making her look like she has put on some few pounds not there’s anything wrong with her thin figure but again I think this was a very smart choice on her behalf !!! I do agree with others that the bureberry suede purse doesn’t really match this type of dress but never the less she looks so confident and classy in this attire ❤️❤️❤️


  22. Who the the hell is Jan Moir$. And why would we care about her worries, questions and jealousy, ect.? The fact is that Amal was incredibly lovely and classy. The fact is that she, and George, offered a damn (Sorry Nati) good show. If people can’t deal with her, it’s their problem. Art, media, film business is about glamour and charisma…and she embodies both, at least! Sorry for the ones who don’t understand that, really!


  23. Hi Nati. So, I bought these glasses recently, as I had lost my beloved Prada. I bought it thinking that because its polarised, it would help with the glare but in reality its very much a ‘fashion’ glasses. It’s got a graduated tint, ranging from darkest to the top and it gets lighter and lighter on the bottom. The frame looks fantastic and fits well but in all honesty, its not THE most practical glasses if you wanted to protect your eyes. It’s really for the look of it, as it doesn’t do much more than that. Not sure if the other Heidi London’s are the same but its slightly put me off buying the other styles, if the frames are all like this.

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