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Amal Clooney meets Christiane Amanpour on CNN 26.01.2016


Christiane Amanpour interviewed yesterday on CNN former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed with Amal Clooney.

Everything seems to be very half-baked,” he said.

“I’d rather sit and read and watch a film. But I think there’s lot to be done.”

During the interview, Amal Clooney said the only crime committed by the “most liberal, moderate leader Maldives has ever had” was that he was a threat to the government.

“They probably think that he’d win the “next” election,” she said.

Mohamed Nasheed also reiterated his comments that he was in talks with his lawyers about returning to the Maldives after his surgery.

“Ideally I’d like to go to a Maldives, which is free, where peaceful political activities can happen,” he said.




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Amal Clooney wore a gorgeous tweed dress by


It was available on Farfetch


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31 thoughts on “Amal Clooney meets Christiane Amanpour on CNN 26.01.2016

  1. Bonjour

    Je suis surprise que l acier président des Maldives puissent aller et venir comme il l entend. Pour une opération urgente il n à pas l air d être très malade. Je pense que c est plus pour une opération médiatique qu autre chose et me clooney joue la dessus. Il n à pas l’air d être mal en point de sa prison …. bizarre comme défense


  2. I lost all respect for Amanpour after her repeated advocacy for Western military intervention in Syria. The correct way to have addressed the problem would have been diplomatic, as experts on the matter were trying to push at the time. Unfortunately, she’s not much more than a mouthpiece for the Democratic establishment, which is like a milder, but still heavily military industrial complex-influenced version of the Republican party.

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      1. I agree that black tights can seem almost like pants, but there’s also a business etichette, especially in her case, where you’re expected at least a knee lenght skirt or dress.
        I don’ t want to sound mean, but with all the dresses she is given, I ‘m sure she could find a longer one, no mather how thin or well she looks in it.
        Consider that I was the one who defended her when she wore that white romper, but here we’re talking formal attire for a tv interview, not a night out with friends (to my disappointment).

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      1. Desparate to show she still looks young and good in it.
        Not necessary at all…we all appreciate her success and fashion choices but dressing like a middle school girl at meetings like such, in my opinion, makes her look ridiculous


  3. I thought what they each presented was excellent and worth listening to … at least once. I listened to it twice and a lot of questions I had were answered.


  4. Just noticed that Nasheed is listed as one of the clients that JMP Verdant lists on their webpage. So, I suppose that he’s paying for all of this and paying for Amal to bring attention to his story, through her celebrity status. However, I think that this PR blitz may not be the best strategy in the long run.

    Meanwhile, PM Cameron (who is Conservative) has been in the news for another reason:

    As you can see, the government of the U.K. can’t claim moral superiority here (and neither can the U.S. government).

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  5. Love the fabric and the belt on this dress. Personally would prefer it longer and straighter, though Amal would be able to carry off this shorter version as it is still a classically designed expensive looking dress, especially with black tights as you suggested Nati.


    1. I notice this, too. It happens often. Body language. It reflects, perhaps, that she really isn’t comfortable or perhaps doesn’t know how to be in the spotlight, but if others are arranging it for you or connections make it happen…I guess you just have to “go with it”.
      George can make anything happen behind the scenes. He has catapulted her career significantly. Privelages she would not have otherwise. Way to use George’s celebrity
      status! Whatever it takes, right?

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      1. Jaclyn: Be careful about interpreting behavior. You do not know Amal (none of us do) and none of us are at any of the events Amal and/or George are in. I see you do a lot of interpretation of behavior — Amal’s and George’s. I teach doctoral students how to conduct observation studies and the golden rule is to report what you see but do not interpret the behavior. It is a good habit to acquire.

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  6. Amal looks poised and confident and very well spoken in the interview.
    She and her legal team are smart and savvy. It amazes me that there is criticism on her handling of this case from people who have no legal experience or inside knowledge of Nasheed’s case. As far as dress length it is shorter but still appropriate. And it was a sit down interview so we never see her from the waist down. She always appears appropriately dressed for business. She doesn’t look desperate to me at all. She is an intelligent and accomplished lawyer doing her job. And looking good as she does it. Bravo Amal!

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  7. This tweed-y number is a master piece. The mix of colors are fabulous! Shades of teal with yellow threads. I really like this one. If you are looking for “Runway”, this one is definitely it! The shoes on the model with the open toe in dark teal look great! I like it together with the dress. 🙂 The rhinestone dress belt is super cute! Who needs jewelry with this overall look? Win! 🙂

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  8. I am still a bit confused. Is this release temporary for the purpose of surgery? Or is it a permanent release? If temporary, how is he able to have so much freedom? Aka. Wear civilian clothes, go unguarded, appear on TV, and more. I’m not following or understanding this. I thought he was a prisoner and released only for the purpose of surgery & medical. What is his ailment? He appears fine and healthy. When is this surgery due to happen? And why is he being treated like a rock star? Isn’t it risky for Nasheed or Amal to speak against authority in the Maldives when all of this seems to be pending? Again, I am confused.


    1. Jaclyn: I really want to read what you write and share on this blog but it is so judgmental that it is hard. If you do some background reading you will know why he was released and for how long. Treated as a rock star? Really? I think your confusion will abate if you do some background reading.

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  9. FloraJ: No, I am not related to Amal. None of us are. I live in the US and teach doctoral students how to conduct research, including observation research. I like the blog for the photos and I read many of the comments. Some writers are very judgmental and base their critical comments on a static photo they see or based on what they feel she ought to wear or do. I have no problem with someone saying she wished Amal’s dress was longer but to then say she is desperate is ridiculous.


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