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Amal Clooney spotted in Dolce & Gabbana and Versace in Notting Hill – 03.10.2015

Picture credit . Splashnews

Amal Clooney was spotted yesterday evening leaving a restaurant on Portobello Road with George Clooney and his friends Matt Damon and his wife Luciana, and Rande Gerber and wife Cindy Crawford.

The group was also spotted attending a party at the Electric Cinema.

Amal Clooney is back in London for a press conference regarding President Nasheed’s imprisonment. She will join the former president’s wife on Monday to discuss why they feel Nasheed should be released from jail.

Styles files :

Amal Clooney wore

a coat by Versace 

from the fall 2015-2016 collection


a dress by Dolce and Gabbana

floral dress 

which was on Farfetch available

IMG_2232 IMG_2234 IMG_2235 IMG_2236

with Akong London earrings


available here


Amal Clooney’s lace over knee boots are  by

Lace Over-The-Knee Boot

$1,195 (1)img_8695

and a black clutch.amal_cinema_026 Amal_cinema_024 amal_cinema_023 amal_cinema_021 amal_cinema_005 amal_cinema_008 Amal_cinema_009 Amal_cinema_010 amal_cinema_016 Amal_cinema_001 Amal_cinema_004 titul big

46 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted in Dolce & Gabbana and Versace in Notting Hill – 03.10.2015

  1. Love, the ensemble, do you have id for the coat? Love velvet coats.
    Amal looks tired. Sometimes I think excess of traveling takes a toll on her.
    Did you hear George say they have a house in Spain?


  2. Ayou should also note that Amal’s version of the dress does not have a high neck. It seems to have been modified to have a round neckline.


  3. What brand are her tights? In some other photos from this night it shows that the tights are a lace pattern and look like faux thigh highs…can you i.d. the brand? Thx!!!


      1. It is hard to tell that they are lace boots in the pic. I prefer to think they are opaque tights. The thigh high boots in the product picture look like something you might get from Frederick’s of Hollywood. (Reference to a 1970’s naughty lingerie catalogue from the US)


  4. Not my taste, but I like how she always looks more relaxed and at home in London. People here have been saying that GC looks old, but he’s 54 and simply looks his age. He’s still in good shape. Having a younger wife perhaps makes him look relatively older. Besides, GC isn’t used to this level of paparazzi attention and the stress shows on his face. Despite his fame GC was never stalked like AC is. The level of attention showered on AC is usually reserved for the likes of Kate Moss and perhaps Princess Diana. Beautiful female celebrities simply get more attention than their male equivalents.


  5. Amal’s make up looks beautiful & perfect, not too much & not too little. It looks natural & lovely. Pretty outfit and coat, too. Someone blogged earlier about George wearing the same shoes, jeans, and “uniform”. So true. I sure hope that all is well with him– he looks really bad: tired, worn, aged.


      1. i bet George shoes hide in the closet when George comes by and they scream: scream… “no!!!… help! au secours!! not me again!! ”

        poor shoes need a vacation hahaha


  6. You know the say that ” there is a shade of red for every woman ” or something like that , I believe Amal rocks every single shade of red. All her red outfits were in the perfection level , it seems that she love red and red really love her . although i hated the heels but the dress& coat ❤️❤️❤️ , I wanna see this gorgeous lady in more colorful outfits . It was an excellent choice since it seemed like they all manged to chose dark outfits ( i wonder why ) .

    – I love you Amal & love how you are standing on your own , now days celebrity are becoming celebrity for being stupid and no one wants to seem serious Everyone wants to be funny. I do love how you are sharing your passion for fashion and being your self and not trying to please others Cheap clothes will not make them happy, and other choices will not make you happy, so keep being your self because this world is gonna keep trying to make it hard for women to choose their way to live , If a woman wears Cheap clothes she is what she really is , and if she wears Expensive clothes she still what she really is , it’s just cloths we shire it , talk about it , love it or hate it , but we never judge or take it more far . Some people made clothes thier scal to classify women & they should understand that women aren’t Materials for measurement .


  7. Are you sure?
    Her short dress would show the upper end of the overknees what I personally would not like.
    Maybe we can see more pics.


      1. Thank you so much for not posting these pictures. This is a perfect example of the paparazzi engaging in aggressive activity that crosses every civilized line. I am not surprised the DM published them – this what they do. They are the gutter press fueled by paparazzi who have no limits. Frankly it makes me ill – and shamed for being a participant. I was not sure what this was all about so I clicked. Click bait at its finest. They count the damn clicks – looking at garbage and offensive photos encourages these people to do more of this.


      2. Call me crazy, but my fashion curiosity guided me to look for those pictures in order to see better the top portions of the boots, and from my point of you, whomever follows her as a fan, can appreciate even those photos. It is obvious though that the press will use them to discredit her…but that is so not important… 🙂


    1. I am also glad you didn’t repeat showing such paparazzi rubbish.
      On the other side: “These are the spirits which she called” …
      She obviously loves to “play” with the paparazzi and they ruthless use it for their business (see Diana, Caroline e.g.).

      AC should stop these paparazzi (as Caroline of Hannover did it) by the help of justice!


      1. That’s the point why don’t George use his old tricks to deal with the paparazzi ( although George never get all this attention but when he was dating Stacy the media get crazy and he kept the paparazzi under control ) I think Goerge & Amal must Keep a distance between them and the photographers until they figure out a way to control where, when and what pics the paparazzi gonna take , and they can possibly try to hiking in quiet places while they wearing Korean costumes with hats and masks – They should contact with me I have amazing ideas – it’s really hard to think of ways to keep the paparazzi under control especially with Amal day to day work .


  8. Ambos estão com um ar cansado! Normal as viagens são frequentes. Mas Amal continua sempre muito bonita e elegante, o George tem que ter cuidado com ele! bjs


  9. Agree that the DM pictures are offensive. Wish I can “unsee” them now. It is sad how such a high achieving woman can get stalked in such a shameless manner.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh dear. I haven’t been on here in a while and this is a very disappointing scenario to come back to!

      Perhaps, as intelligent beings, we must accept there are some significant inconsistencies in Amal’s presentation – and her preference to sustaining a high profile role in product placement – that cannot be glossed over with glib excuses and blaming of paparazzi/DM whenever she is presented in a less than favourable light… There are certainly some (repetitive and uncomfortable) mismatches between general societal expectations of a lawyer’s professionalism and the (recurring) realities seemingly spontaneously captured.

      The victim mentality and victim role ascribed to Amal in this circumstance dilutes her intelligence and removes her personal culpability and responsibility for the outcome of these very predictable circumstances.


  10. Not a fan of those “boots,” AT ALL. However, I like everything else on her here, and wish she’d just opted for heavy black tights and black suede pumps instead of adding those hiddeous “boots.”


  11. Shame on the daily mail for posting these 3 photos that the papaparazi captured of her getting into the vehicle …she should do something about those photos

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes. Not only were the photos inexcusable, but the accompanying text was sick. It leered, and was truly offensive.


  12. What about the picture who Amal appears with the legs up and we can see the peanties? I think she becomes vulgar as a little actresse…


  13. I find those boots/tights to be ugly and utterly vulgar. Don’t like the dress either. But waiting for the red coat id, Nati. 🙂 Thx !


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