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Amal Clooney in the 2015 International Best-Dressed List by Vanity Fair


©  Amal Clooney Style 

Yes, one of the newcomers in the Best-Dressed List 2015 by Vanity Fair is Amal Clooney 🙂

She is ranked on the 4# place. The full list can be read here and is published in the September issue :


Via Vanity Fair

35 thoughts on “Amal Clooney in the 2015 International Best-Dressed List by Vanity Fair

  1. I like it that she is named on the list and does not have a stylist, but I would rather the list contained people who also bought all their own clothes, or who mixed and matched high and low end items. To have a virtually unlimited budget to buy designer clothes…well then we would all be on the list!

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  2. 4th i’m so glad 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️❤️
    although she looks stunning on the red carpet I admire her street style more . 🌹🌹 Columbia University, oh those were the days

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      1. Anna, what makes you think she is not working? It is not because we dont see her all the time that the woman is not working. So much assumtion without any facts 🙂 Actually this is for people who say she is on tne spot light all the time…. she is not, look, it has been a long while again without she showing her face and before she married George we never hear of her, BUT she was working… they dont need to be on the media all the time and on her case she is being very carefull and that is very wise of her.


      2. Nati! Your blog has been showing on very top (#1) up on my Google search on Amal two days in a roll !!! prettty cool:).. you need to get some advertisement here and make a buck or two, for all your hard work! ❤

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      3. Actually Nadia, I said she needs to ‘return to work’ to see her office looks. Unless you’re suggesting that AC is somehow secretly flying back to Doughty Street, it is no assumption that she has been holidaying for some time now. Of course she is probably working from vacation as it were, but that doesn’t involve office fashion for those of us interested in that sort of thing.

        Calm down on the defensiveness will you.


      4. No defence here Anna, just common sense. These people work form whereever they are. And i think she wears business , looks, we just dont see it. You are not assuming she only steps out of the house when we see her, are you? I am sure we miss so many looks that the paps are not warned for it. I think George and Amal has a good understanding with paparazzis for when to show pics or not, because i am sure she is wearing some thing that we dont see by now. There is a whople life going on for them outside the spotlight. Like now, it has been a while and no pics of her… what do you think she is doing, and wearing all this time? BTW Amal, time to come back, i am missing seeing you hahaha and Anna is double missing you now right Anna? heheh Lets face, we crave for it hahaha


      5. She still teaching at Columbia university right ?
        I am impressed by the students, they kept the privacy of lectures and didn’t share anything with the media.


      6. Nadia, let me interject here. First, Ms Clooney seems only to wear her ‘business’ looks when she is ‘at work’ in the coventional sense. Ie when she is in Chambers, meeting clients, or at court. This much is evident from the years of clothing habits we have seen on this blog – and, being rational human beings, we can only go on the evidence we have.

        Secondly, if one is interested then in her business looks – as Anna seems to be – then Ms Clooney must be photographed going to work in the conventional sense. This means going to Chambers, meeting clients, or at court.

        Thirdly, I think it is incredibly naive of anyone to assume that Ms Clooney could show up at court or her Chambers without being photographed. Not impossible, but highly unlikely. I work around the corner from Doughty Street and, from speaking to my colleagues, it is clear that whenever Ms Clooney is in Chambers the papparazi are outside. Most frustrating for clients.

        That is not to say Ms Clooney is not ‘working’, but to see her business attire we would need to see her at work in the conventional sense. I hope that clears up the misunderstanding between yourself and Anna here.

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      7. Nadia, are you seriously suggesting she wears business clothes on days when she isn’t in the office? Are you nuts – Amal’s off duty fashion is quirky and fun, that much is obv from this blog. So I stand by what I said – to see her office looks she needs to actually go into work.


  3. These ‘style icons’ and ‘best dressed’ lists are like buses. There’s always another one coming over the hill with a completely different list of passengers. 🙂

    Amal’s business wear certainly warrants a mention so she’s a valid inclusion on that list, but ‘best dressed’ for me is so much more than a handful of good and/or expensive designer outfits.

    The one real stand out on that list is the always rakishly stylish (and fiercely talented) Bill Nighy. Style is inate and, even at his most scruffy – and I’ve seen him at his most scruffy – Nighy has it in spades and is living proof that ‘how you wear it’ always trumps ‘what you wear’.


    1. Totally agree! Nighy IS style whatever he wears, cheap or pricey, nameless or designer. It’s the way he carries himself – he wears the clothes, not the other way round.


  4. “@StephenAtHome: George Clooney will be my first-ever #LSSC guest on September 8th! Could one of you let him know?””
    I’m so excited 🎉😍 waiting to the part where he talks about Amal .. 👏🏻🌹

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  5. First of all, Nati, I am following your blog on daily basis for more than a year now! You are doing a really fantastic job!
    Needless to say, I love Amal and her style! Finally somebody not only with great looks, but also with brain and with that so personal quirky style! She never fails to impress me!
    To Psemsk and the other similar comments: it’s obvious her financial means are way above the average, but Amal is not alone in the celebrities world having access to the best of the designer stuff. She manages to truly stand out though and guess that is why she has so many fans of her style.
    Can we all look like Amal? Probably not, but what we can learn is not to be afraid to match, mix, invest only in good quality stuff (she does recycle, remember?) and not to take yourself too seriously!

    I created a blog called spendersparadise com to illustrate that one does not have to have endless budget to be able to afford really good quality designer’s stuff, which can be mixed and matched and great style CAN indeed be achieved without a huge hit to the budget.


    1. I like the way you think Spenderparadise. I totally agree, i think Amal’s choices are not particularly out of this world on style, only the prices are 🙂 And is her fearless and bold atittude in matching pieces (that dont really match sometimes:) ) that makes her stand out. We can all do that with less budget for sure 🙂 What i like the most about her is that she seems to take good care of herself and has a high self steem, she wear stuff that we would perhaprs think is for a better ocasion. We all have that glorious dress or shoes or accessories in our closets that we are saving to that better ocasion. But in fact, we should wear it anytime, inside the house if you feel like it 🙂 We should dress for ourselves above all else and feel great for ourselves. We are worth it ladies, so lets get those stuff out of the closet and bags and wear it now! Go around the block with it and feel awesome:) That is the message i get from Amal. If she intended it or not, i dont care, that is what i get and that is what i enjoy:)


      1. 100% agree Nati! There are quite some people in the world who genuinely like fashion, clothes and shopping (I assume confirmed by the growing number of visitors to your blog too). Unfortunately for such people, a recent trend worldwide has been to dress down.
        Amal is so refreshing as she is just the opposite of that, and with all the World watching her, she has the guts to dress up so bravely and embrace her fashion sense.
        Regarding the prices: yes, her choices are expensive. But it really IS possible to have designer stuff for much less than shocking prices.
        My blog is all about it- I would be interested to hear what you think of it.
        I visit various outlets, sample sales, discount stores around the world and write about them. These finds can be then mixed and matched in the most crazy way (just like Amal is doing) and everyone can create an (expensive looking but in reality not too expensive) but very cool and personal style.


    2. Amal should follow your bog and not spend outrageously….she could send her savings to PETA to do some real good in this world. She would be much more admired for making the world a better place.


      1. so you not making anything for it Nati? :-// ? Can you place your own ads? Google ad sense? There are a lot of free tutorials on youtube on how to profit from a blog Nati. Go for it!! Then send me a cheerleader commission hahahahahahaha just kidding, you deserve it all 🙂

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      2. Nati: I am not a huge WordPress expert- by no means, but if you upgrade your current plan with them from being totally free to up to 100 USD or so I believe, then they remove their own adds. This means, you can start placing yours! You can find more details on WordPress site or your own WordPress account.
        I agree with Nadia- your blog is awesome- you deserve to be paid for it!

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  6. “”Finally somebody not only with great looks, but also with brain and… ”

    Oh please, stop insulting his former girlfriends. They all had brains, e.g. Celine Beltrane also studied Law. And stop insulting the women at Hollywood, like saying, Amal was the most elegant at the Golden Globe Award show and the others were all so tacky and trashy. I could imagine, that insulting remarks like these will not make it easy for Amal to be welcomed in Hollywood.

    If all that is so below Amal Clooney, why are they – she, her parents as well as brothers, sister and cousin – so eager to have their photo taken with them.

    It is a very easy calculation. Clooney’s fans might not like some of the remarks and maybe will stop spending money to watch Clooneys films. As a consequence his value on the market, also as far as commercials are concerned, will sink. He would not be the first actor, who is suddenly completely broke. This also means, that Amal will not receive anymore designer clothes for free and she will no longer be paid for wearing them and being photographed.

    And then, maybe, Amal will have to learn how to cook, if she wants to eat.

    Just stop being so presumptuous!

    I promise, this was my last comment on your blog.


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