19 thoughts on “Amal Clooney in HELLO ! Magazine UK 04.02.2015 Scans

  1. she is a courageous woman , she does’t need to work but she battles at least for noble causes , respect and admiration for this Great elegant and graceful Lady ,


  2. First and foremost, and with the greatest of respect, I am not jealous.
    Secondly, I used the term ‘ridiculous’ because Amal Clooney is a lawyer, not a movie star/singer/other type of entertainer. She made submissions that were 5 minutes in duration, preceding Mr Robertson QC’s submissions which were slightly longer, and basing her submissions on facts contained in Mr Robertson QC’s book on what he describes as the Armenian Genocide published in late 2014. Her ‘day’ in court, whereupon she read from written notes – she did not run a hearing – are then splashed all over Hello magazine.
    I was very happy to see a professional woman gaining some attention when her relationship with Mr Clooney was confirmed, but the manner in which she has been thrust into the spotlight and dare I submit – the manner in which she has sought out such attention – coupled with her obvious passion for fashion while trying to ‘save’ the world – is very distasteful.
    Not to worry – I wont be writing here again.
    I do wish you all the best.


    1. Thanks Sue,I completely agree with you..being a highprofile ,successful lawyer and passion for fashion and being in the spotlight all the time ,in my opinion ,loosing credibility in terms of professionalism ,on the other hand ,she will be getting clients who need publicity as in Armanian case..and of course those clients who need publicity will pay a fortune for it which will make her boss Mr.Robertson very happy..
      Dear ladies with the greatest of respect,I am not jealous of A.Clooney either..I only wanted to emphasize the seriousness of being a humanrights lawyer, ,and wont be writing here again like Sue..
      I wish you all the best


    2. I am glad that you will not be writing here again,! i wish that one day you will find what impresses you!untill then go spit your venom somewhere els, we don’t need your “talent” here.


      1. Oh wow, what a suspense…not!
        An advice: get a life dear and then maybe you can find a clooney or whomever on your own and allow people express their thoughts without jumping like a frustrated old girl. Nati my apologies for abusing your hospitality


    3. Sue, i guess you wont be reading my response… however i don’t get all this (intensity?) at all. the woman is not “saving the world”, she is merely doing her job. her submission is justly expected to be shorter than her BOSS’s submission… um… because he is her BOSS and the head of the chambers she works for. so what is wrong with that? Amal was stating FACTS in her submission, whether they are included in Mr. Robertson’s book or not. Armenia never had the chance to stand in court and state them so it was refreshing to finally hear someone undiplomatically do so.

      i don’t think she likes the attention, instead she seems so out of place in her husbands silly life. i was shocked by how a supposedly confident woman seemed so awkward, nervous, and uncomfortable.

      Moreover, from the second Amal and George got engaged, the tabloids have been reporting LITERALLY every other day LIES about the couple to the point where I ( who have been a regular celebrity gossip reader for years) got confused!!!

      Also, first i thought that like in every other celebrity engagement, the stories about them are implemented by george’s PR. but then the articles started to become (and still are) damaging to the point where the tabloids started insulting the religion of which Amal’s family comes from!

      Besides that, Amal was and still is wearing what she likes, meaning colorful and quirky things. this is where the focus on her style originated from. when people think of lawyers, they picture them in formal power suits. however, Amal the lawyer was photographed in very casual outfits that kind of ignited this interest in her style. and of course the tabloids over blown this and started referring to her as a fashion icon.

      i don’t mind others not liking her. however i get irritated when i see other WOMEN diminishing her accomplishments, criticizing the way God created her, calling her a tranny when she never proclaimed that, bashing the religion of her parents, criticizing her every move. what i read on other sites is disgusting to say the least. therefore, I, and i guess others, get defensive when we see the critics not sparing this site too. i’m sorry to see that you didn’t enjoy this site and i hope you can find other site which you enjoy…. i think you should try the Daily Mail or Just Jared.

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  3. Amal Clooney request to meet Egyptian President Mr Sissi to discuss the release of Al Jazeera Journalist Mohamad Fahmi jailed in Egypt.This is Amal Clooney.Please give her some respect and don’t criticize her for every single move.Personally I am Proud from her.Some lady wrote that Amal “read from written notes”in the court.Most of lawyers in court prepare and make a written notes.So stop this jaleousy and bad approach.At least Amal makes her studies in two great Universities.


  4. ‘Most of lawyers in court prepare and make a written notes.’
    Yes. But they don’t read from them verbatim. I certainly haven’t.
    I’m sorry to see that you didn’t enjoy this site and i hope you can find other site which you enjoy…. i think you should try the Daily Mail or Just Jared.’
    Your patronising and offensive comments are not appreciated.
    For the record, I agree that there have been some incredibly offensive and racist comments made about Ms Clooney that are astounding to say the least.
    My concern was about her compromising, and/or allowing others to compromise her integrity.

    May I ask that you not respond to this message. I won’t be coming to this site again.


    1. even if you won’t be coming to this site again, i still feel obligated to respond because others are still reading this… i clearly can’t distinguish between the people that love-hate Amal and the ones that hate-hate her. Can you blame me? No, simply because both people’s comments sound the same. Anyways, i don’t care when people criticize her outfits. Well because different people have different tastes. However, the one thing i can’t fathom is when people look at couple of photos of Amal and then go on to question her work ethics and integrity and dissect her personality like someone with a PhD in psychology. All her colleagues have nothing but praises for her. and what do we (the public) know about Amal? Nothing. till this day, she didn’t do ONE interview, not even when Barbara Walters requested one. If ever her integrity is in question, I’ll be the first one to question it. However, until today I still don’t know enough about Amal. what i see is a woman who the media, by playing very nice, is ruining her career. For example, yesterday, the Daily Mail wrote an article in which it gave a tone that Amal DEMANDED a meeting with the Egyptian President. That, of course, is false because if you read the official letter Amal wrote, you can see that the tone was not even close. that wasn’t the first article written by the DailyMail that showed Amal in a bad light. this is one of many examples I noticed. With this i can’t blame Amal, I blame the stupid rags that dare to cover under the umbrella of journalism. if you know something I don’t, I stand to be corrected.


  5. I understand that there is racist comments about her for the simple reason she is from the Middle East and born in Lebanon.we know very well who is orchestrating this bad comments for politic reasons and for the hateness about those people.I hope you understand what I mean.I am from her country and lived in Europe for study and now in North America.We feel the attitude of those racist (not all of them)towards us.


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