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Amal Clooney takes on Armenia genocide case at the ECHR in Strasbourg


Amal Clooney looks lovely as she arrives at the European Court of Human Rights to advocate for the defense of Armenia on Wednesday (January 28) in Strasbourg, France.

The 36-year-old lawyer spoke about the denial of the Armenian genocide in the appeal of Perincek vs. Switzerland before the Grand Chamber of the European Court.

The case involves the conviction by Swiss courts of Dogu Perincek, a Turkish political party leader, who had traveled to Switzerland in 2005 with the explicit intent of denying the truth of the Armenian Genocide. In 2008, Perincek appealed the Swiss ruling to the European Court of Human Rights.

There is a family link between Amal Clooney (née Alamuddin) and ‘Papa’ Jakob Kuenzler, a Swiss missionary known as “the father of Armenian orphans.” Kuenzler and his wife had diligently aided the Armenian community in Ourfa for 25 years until the Genocide. Then in the 1920’s, the Kuenzlers began working for Near East Relief, evacuating thousands of Armenian orphans from Turkey to Ghazir, Lebanon, where Armenian girls wove the famous ‘White House rug’ which was donated to U.S. Pres. Calvin Coolidge in 1925. The Kuenzlers’ daughter Ida married Najib Alamuddin, the cousin of Amal’s grandfather, Khalil Alamuddin. In 1970, Ida Kuenzler published a remarkable book about her father’s devoted humanitarian work: “Papa Kuenzler and the Armenians.”Source : HARUT SASSOUNIAN Publisher of The “California Courier”, USA

The cousin of Amal’s grandfather, Sheikh Najib, or the Flying Sheikh, as he was dubbed, was a man ahead of his time. In the pre-civil war period, which everyone agrees was something of a golden age, he embodied all of Lebanon’s achingly huge potential, first as chairman of Middle East Airlines and then as a government minister.


It was a court room and not a red carpet, but this journalist couldn’t resist to ask about her style. Yes, her style. She defended Armenia cause with more than 1 millions deaths and this journalist asked about her style …


The pointed pumps are by Paule Ka

available here 380 euros

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Here the video of Amal Clooney’s speech

Videos – Amal Clooney’s arrival

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44 thoughts on “Amal Clooney takes on Armenia genocide case at the ECHR in Strasbourg

    1. Im sorry but that is with respect an incredible question. UK barristers must wear ‘robes’ when they appear in Court. It isnt a designer outfit.


  1. These black coats have been worn for hundreds of years by lawyers. Her robes are from a company that make these special robes called Ede & Ravenscroft which dates back to 1689. So these robes are very specific to lawyers while in court. They are required to wear conservative business suits underneath these robes. Hope that helps. I agree it is nice to see her at work again. fascinating work


  2. Isn’t that excellent?
    Amal was asked about the fashion speculation today at the European Court of Human Rights in Strassbourg. She reportedly laughed and pointed to her robe: “I’m wearing Ede & Ravenscroft”! (=London’s oldest tailor and robe maker).


  3. I love seeing her at work! People that are critical of Amal would do well to remember that THIS is her passion and this is what she has worked so hard for in her years of schooling and interning. She happened to fall in love with a well known movie star and is now living in a fish bowl where people analyze and criticize her EVERY SINGLE move! But she is truly at her best when she’s doing what she loves. I’m a huge fan of hers! And not many people can pull off a misshapen black robe and still look amazing yet she has managed to do just that! Thank you Nati for this blog and all your research and photos!


    1. “People that are critical of Amal…” I find this kind of comment a bit foolish. It is possible to admire someone like Amal without worshipping her and believing she can do no wrong.


      1. Well Janet I neither worship her nor believe her infallible. I find your reply to my comment rather foolish however:)


      2. However, i find it silly to make judgements too deep, either good or bad. For me a person is great until they prove it wrong, and so far Amal has done nothing wrong to my eyes, nothing! I do not make much what anyone says, especially haters who would crucify anyone because they expect perfection on all terms and that is impossible. Nobody will ever be accepted by all, even if one was a saint. Remember Jesus and what was done to him! For the amount of lovers there will be same amount of haters, unfortunately. And for the haters, nobody will ever be good enough. I find it astonishing how much is said about her negatively without she opening her mouth or committing such accused actions! So much assumptions and speculations! For me and so far.. the only think i dislike about her is that she wears fur 😦 …or animal skins 😦 I wish she seriously didn’t :(-( ..but then… i would spend even more time chasing her news hahaha


  4. Loved her reply to the journalist about what she’s wearing. It’s an inappropriate question to ask her in court.

    On another fashion note, the black bag she carried at LAX on Sunday is the Dior Bar tote. Very tasteful, understated and professional…just like the lady herself.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I have been following your site since you began posting and I enjoy it so much! Amal is so classy and I absolutely love seeing her at work. I just wish the paparazzi would cut her a break and let her live her professional life without being on display.


  6. I love this blog and agree with you all… it is wonderful to be able to hear her defend her position in court. Thank you, thank you…


  7. Good speech.For the first time in court anybody can pronounce the word Genocide while in the past they were saying international criminals.I appreciate the speech of Amal.


  8. Amal has sought out the paps, dressed up for them, allowed herself to be photographed by them and in fact IMO has dolled herself up for them since her engagement to enable an image to be established for her given her newfound status marrying a movie star. She has also contributed in a huge way to product placement. And – noone forced her to wear those white gloves. Therefore, she cannot mock a reporter asking her such a question when she has done so much to fan that flame. She should have remained silent.
    She also needs, in my opinion, to decide what she wants – ‘hollywood meets human rights’ – I don’t think so, not if she wants to be taken seriously.


    1. You know, Sue, I agree with your analysis. She’s not going to be taken as seriously unless she puts her foot down to the “circus” the journalist referred to. It would have been more impressive to read about it, rather than seeing all those photographers and pictures. She has prepped herself for the media, and I think thoroughly enjoys it. Not saying that is bad, I would enjoy it too, but she needs to protect her professional image at this point with privacy and seriousness. Not joking around about what she is wearing.

      The journalists remarks were not a question, but a sarcastic reference to the hordes of photographers…something like…I think they expected Versace. She replied What she did. It was more a conversation. Personally, in the courtroom, I put her at fault. She shouldn’t have replied or smiled. Not that the journalist wasn’t being nice, but to be taken seriously, at this point, she shouldn’t have played along with the fashion question. Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now.


      1. Thank you Lulu for your support on this matter. I omitted to make reference to her acquiescing to her husband’s use of them as a couple to promote his tequila.


      2. I do find her fashion sense, style, makeup…the whole package, fun to read about and watch. The marriage is fascinating mainly due to the fact that George is so smitten by her. I’m sure all his ex’s are wondering “what does she have that i don’t”. And really, we can only speculate. Many were models and beautiful but that doesn’t make them airheads. Cindy Crawford is highly intelligent…she either was on her way, or did receive an engineering degree (I think), but yet she made her fortune as a model. So, what is it about her? I think it is the outside package of course. but, she is older, more mature, accomplished in her own rights, can carry on conversations on topics he is very interested in, looks like no love baggage. Plus..I think she has as family that is probably quite protective of her…he not only married her, but her family. She probably played coy a bit..she probably WAS skeptical of him…and let him know she could take him or leave him. And she meant THAT…and that was probably the clincher. I’m surprised she hadn’t been “caught” yet by someone else. To be honest, i would support my husbands projects.


    2. @Sue & Lulu348

      Amal knew what she would be getting into, once she married a world famous celebrity. And allowed herself to be a participant in the Clooney-Hollywood circus from the start. Needless to say, it comes with the territory, all this media attention, and ‘stupid’ questions.

      That said, her maiden name, Amal Alamuddin, flowed so beautifully. She traded down, even with the name. 🙂


    3. Ya’ know, I’m going to have to agree with you on this one. She’s going to have to choose. The whole ‘Hollywood Thing’ undermines her accomplishments. She’s beautiful, accomplished, and hard working. I think she should shun the limelight and focus on what really matters, her admirable work.


      1. yes but then we wont have his blog. i really enjoy following her. i don’t follow any other celebrity, not even her husband. she’s the only one i follow because she’s a really interesting woman. i hope she can find a balance between her world and her husband’s world. i think it’s a manageable thing if the media and tabloids give her a break.


  9. You guys should read these very well written articles about Amal, which seems have been written by real journalist and not wannabees,,

    to get the bigger picture. She is not trying anything, she is just being herself. She has NOT plotted this out in advance; i highly disbelieve that! She has the means to dress the way she does. BTW , that is how rich people dress up! Many of them wear much more expensive stuff than Amal. And i bet she is not paying a penny for those dress now. It is been sent to her on balks for product placement. But many rich people dress up very well, and expensively, that is what their money is there for. She is not chasing paps or media either! In fact, she has refused EVERY interview so far for all medias!! They are chasing her, with the same fascination that WE have, and for all sorts of different reasons than ours here on this blog 🙂 … since we are here on this blog everyday checking out what is new about her:) I am hahaha…just because i find her intriguing, sweet, REAl and i look up to her somehow, not because of George, but because she represents great things for women… so every successful woman is fascinating to me. And if they come with a sense of style that can feed my fashion fixes….and can wear it so well as she does… the better, for fashionistas such US:) So, lets face it…even for the haters, and especially for them, She IS fascinating. There is something about her that is very fascinating. She entices without pretentiousness. Yet, she has content and substance. Her world is REAL! By reading these articles, one can see she is a hard worker, she worked hard to be who she is now and where she is now. Indeed i do fear for her career could suffer because of this spotlight be so full of envious, haters and greedy websites that uses any excuse to make traffic to their sites, including writing whatever crap that is not true about her and the stupid people who believes them, which btw, she is not even reading, i am sure she is not. She is too busy with her work. To be a lawyer is not easy task and no glamor as many may think. It is a very demanding and solitary job with so much to read and research :((( . I just hope she will find the smarts to juggle these media frenzy and lies about her well enough to not allow it to ruin her career and life. Not easy task for sure; to continue to be who she is and make people believe she is not a fraud and respect her and her work, spite how much inferiority complex that may inflict in he ones with low self-esteem. Go AMAL! I am contemplating her in a positive way and wishing her the best!! ❤ …….and..of course…. i LOVE the white silk dress with the green vertical lines …and that darn Versace red coat… ah…and the Prada boots…and…and the glasses…and those bags…..well…you got my point 🙂


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