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Amal Alamuddin / Clooney and friends part III


Here some nice pictures of Amal Clooney and friends. She wears her clothes more than once 🙂 And the floral playsuit is from 2009, so very hard to identify. Have a nice evening 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Amal Alamuddin / Clooney and friends part III

  1. Yes that is Matt Damon’s wife in the first pic and the other woman is Grant Heslov’s wife. Grant is George Clooney’s business partner and he produced Monuments Men with George. This pic was taken as the ladies were getting ready for the film’s private showing at The White House last February. And yes, I love seeing Amal wears outfits more than just once in public,

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  2. I agree, I like to know that she wears outfits more than once in public… but does it have to be that jumpsuit. So many of her outfits are so much more flattering.


  3. Yes I recognize these outfits from other occasions. It doesn’t matter to me if she wears them more than once. I think she can basically wear what she wants and what makes her feel good, new or old. As for her weight loss I would think dating the most eligible US bachelor would bring some anxiety to be svelte. I think she is very pretty whatever she is wearing or whatever size.

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  4. She looks very sweet.
    But it does seem that even at that stage, namely well prior to the engagement, that the relationship was a ‘done deal’.


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