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Amal Alamuddin spotted in beige with Paule Ka plexi necklace 18.05.2014


Amal Alamuddin looked like a model caught in a fashion shoot as the wind blew her hair whilst she crossed a London street on Monday.

I love the look in beige with the yellow contrasting plexi necklace. Sadly, I couldn’t find all the IDs.

Plexi necklace by Paule Ka (2012 collection)


Prada brown havana tortoise sunglasses available on Bluefly


About the clothes and shoes, they could be by Paule Ka.

About the bag, it is the Ballin Amal bag


1400586650836 amal-alamuddin-george-clooney-marry-in-fall-01 (1) amal-alamuddin-george-clooney-marry-in-fall-02 amal-alamuddin-george-clooney-marry-in-fall-03 amal-alamuddin-george-clooney-marry-in-fall-04 (1) amal-alamuddin-george-clooney-marry-in-fall-05 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1 photo 3 (1)

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