Amal Clooney spotted in New York 12.04.2018

Amal Clooney was spotted in New York yesterday evening .

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Amal and George Clooney spotted in New York on 05.04.2018

Amal Clooney stepped out to dinner in New York with George Clooney wearing a hybrid of denim cutoff shorts and black leather pants that will have you doing a double-take.

On Thursday evening, the couple was spotted holding hands as they headed to French restaurant Raoul’s in SoHo with their matching denim looks.

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Amal Clooney wore

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Amal and George Clooney step out together in Los Angeles / Lax 27.0.2017


Amal and George Clooney were spotted heading through LAX airport on Friday afternoon in Los Angeles.

Amal looked chic as always as she hurrried towards their waiting car.

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 // Credits Pure People / Daily Mail

Amal and George Clooney at The White Helmets documentary screening in London 09.01.2017


George and Amal Clooney attend the Netflix special screening and reception of The White Helmets hosted by The Clooney Foundation For Justice with George and Amal Clooney, at the Bvlgari Hotel on January 9, 2017 in London, England.

George Clooney is in early development on a feature version of Netflix’s “The White Helmets” documentary about first responders in Syria.

George Clooney and producing partner Grant Heslov are seeking a writer through their Smokehouse Pictures production company.

“The White Helmets,” directed by Orlando von Einsiedel and produced by Joanna Natasegara, is on the documentary shorts Oscar shortlist.


Via People Magazine 

George Clooney is weighing in on President-elect Donald Trump’s comments about Meryl Streep following her politically charged speech at the Golden Globes.

Trump lashed out at the actress via Twitter on Monday after she criticized him in her passionate Golden Globes speech about empathy Sunday night. In response, Trump called her “one of the most overrated actresses in Hollywood.”

Clooney, a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter and former costar of Streep’s, addressed the controversy at a reception hosted by The Clooney Foundation for Justice on Monday. The event was in support of the Netflix documentary White Helmets about the work done by heroic Syrians to help those hit by bombings in the country.

“I’ve always said that about Meryl,” George Clooney told PEOPLE sarcastically. “She’s maybe the most overrated actress of all-time. She and I worked together on Fantastic Mr. Fox as husband and wife and I will tell you even as a fox, a female fox, she’s overrated,” he said with a smile. “Aren’t you supposed to be running the country?” he asked Trump rhetorically.

3c02f5cc00000578-4104636-amal_clooney_wears_pretty_floral_mini_as_she_cosies_up_to_husban-a-18_1484036325046 3c02f5dc00000578-4104636-important_issue_the_couple_were_supporting_netflix_movie_the_whi-a-27_1484036487247 3c02f62400000578-4104636-amal_looked_incredible_dressed_in_a_beautiful_floral_mini_dress_-a-29_1484036549944

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3c02f60800000578-4104636-talking_at_a_reception_after_the_screening_george_said_on_freedo-a-33_1484036760113 3c02f69800000578-4104636-image-a-48_1484037056766 3c02f54c00000578-4104636-image-a-50_1484037131284




Twitter feed / DailyMail

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Amal Clooney wore here

DOLCE & GABBANA floral dress

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Black floral-flocked ankle boots



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Amal Clooney in Monse on the set of Suburbicon 04.10.2016


Amal and George Clooney looked extremely happy together on Tuesday while on the set of the actor’s latest project in Los Angeles.

George Clooney is directing upcoming comedy movie Suburbicon,

Amal was radiant with their dog Millie.


Amal Clooney wore a

MONSE dress

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Leather-paneled canvas ankle boots


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Amal Clooney meets Father Patrick Desbois in New York 15.09.2016


Amal Clooney met Father Patrick Dubois in New York disussing the Yazidi cause and genocide by Daesh on September 15th, 2016.


About Father Patrick Desbois

Father Patrick Desbois has devoted his life to researching the Holocaust, fighting anti-Semitism, and furthering relations between Catholics and Jews.
Father Desbois is a Catholic priest and President of Yahad – In Unum, a global humanitarian organization he founded in 2004 dedicated to identifying and commemorating the sites of Jewish and Roma mass executions in Eastern Europe during World War II.

He also serves as director of the Episcopal Committee for Catholic-Judeo Relations, under the auspices of the French Conference of Bishops. He is the grandson of a WWII French prisoner held in the Rawa Ruska camp on the Poland-Ukraine border. In 2004, he began to research the story of the Jews, Roma and other victims murdered in Eastern Europe during WWII by the Nazi mobile killing units, the Einsatzgruppen. His work has been recognized through numerous awards and public commentary in France and throughout the world.

2015, he founded Action Yazidis, a initiative to collects the words of survivors to document and offer evidence of every step of the genocide. The semi-structured interviews with Yazidi victims of all ages – women, men, children, and elderly people who escaped slavery and imprisonment by ISIS are crossed-referenced with other sources, including photographic and written material, as well as facts from separate testimonies.

More information here :

An interesting video in French



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Amal Clooney wore a



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Amal Clooney at Meet the Press on NBC with Chuck Todd 17.01.2016


Amal Clooney talks about her latest legal battle for former president of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed, in an exclusive Meet the Press interview with Chuck Todd. She explains also that she has taken on the case of a female journalist in Azerbaijan who has been jailed for exposing evidence of corruption by the regime.

Watch  the video here :



amal-clooney-1024 Capturemeetpress1 Capturemeetpress12 Capturemeetpress3 Capturemeetpress14 Capturemeetpress15 Capturemeetpress16 Capturemeetpress19 Capturemeetpress20

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