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Amal Clooney was spotted in New York, Manhattan, 01.11.2019


Amal Clooney always knows how to liven up a drab workday.

Heading to her job at Columbia University’s Law School in New York City, the human rights lawyer stepped out of her brownstone donning a chic midi dress by BALENCIAGA with a bold black-and-white floral print and oversized gold buttons. Holding her signature coffee cup in one hand and a DIOR black leather tote in the other, Amal Clooney trotted down the sidewalk in pointed black pumps by GIVENCHY and big black shades. For jewelry, she went the simple route with silver double-hooped earrings.



Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a beautiful BALENCIAGA mid-lenght dress in black and white printed cotton and silk.
Asymmetrical dress with large gold buttons.
Pre Fall 2015 collection.

This dress is available here on Vestiaire Collective







DIOR Bar bag




18 thoughts on “Amal Clooney was spotted in New York, Manhattan, 01.11.2019

  1. I am a trifle disappointed with the description and price of her apartment. Not necessary. It is enough that we have photographs of Amal looking fabulous for us to enjoy and appreciate and copy. We don’t need those details.


      1. Why are you allowing other people dictate how you run your blog? It the truth. Amal is not rich because she married George Freaking Clooney. It’s a fact.


  2. No , I want to know about it!!!
    Nati , please do not succumb to people ! There are people who are interested and Oh I can ID the Sunnies lol they are her Prada ones spr14ns Black with the Silver side .
    Many Many kisses to you Nati!


  3. It is a shame, I am also very interested – I do not know why, but it is so nice, after a hardworking day to look here and see nice outfits etc. And now I missed the price of the house or flat in New York – only because, one person claims about it.


  4. She looks elegant as ever, but I always wonder how she goes short sleeved year round. A couple of steps to her car but still. She doesn’t even have a coat with her this time.


  5. What did you write? Could you upload again? I want to know everything about Amal! I really appreciate of all what you are doing. Please~


  6. Well, for what it’s worth, real estate prices are not what I consider private information. They can be looked up. Location of homes are private but are already known.

    As far as her outfit, I like her dress. Doesn’t wow me. The coffee cup thing is definitely a prop.


  7. it’s been a while since we heard anything from the clooneys, I truly hope that everything’s fine. I miss those days when we used to see them daily.


  8. Lilia – me too – it is strange, but I love to see nice pictures. In the evening after work, it is so nice to see laughing, beautiful and perhaps lucky/happy people


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