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Amal Clooney spotted in New York 01.10.2019


Amal Clooney reinforced her fashion icon status as she stepped out in style while sipping a coffee in New York today.

Amal looked fashionable in a sleek purple dress which she paired with a bright Proenza Schouler trench coat amid the dreary weather and a vintage Bottega Veneta purple dress.

She perfectly clashed a Dior  bag with matching Dior Essence heels to complete the bold look.

Amal, who was on her way to teach at Columbia University, opted for minimal make-up – except for a layer of glossy pink lipstick.

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a

Bonded Cotton Trench Coat

Available here 

download (13)download (12)download (17)download (16)



Purple Fitted Dress US 6

was availabe here on 1stdibs

6164302_master (1)a162732_3_mastera162732_2_mastera162732_4_mastera162732_5_mastera162732_6_master


DIOR Bar bag



and DIOR Essence pumps

Available here 



VERSACE Sunglasses

Colour: ONUL

Available here


and VANLELES earrings


19166938-7526025-image-a-7_1569951721022 (1)19166916-7526025-The_41_year_old_teamed_dark_glasses_with_black_court_heels_and_a-a-1_156995400113619166910-7526025-image-a-9_156995241703819166942-7526025-image-a-5_1569951000394GettyImages-1178362252

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10 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted in New York 01.10.2019

    1. In other words, it only matters that he finds her beautiful. Our personal opinion is irrelevant. She’s a thin, average-looking woman with intelligence and charm.


      1. and multimillionaire thanks to George :- )))
        As a matter of fact, her physical appearance, her jewels, makeup, hair extensions, her haute couture pieces, even her “speeches” are very irrelevant; what matters, at the end of the day, and what she will be remembered by.. is what she DOES.. her “doing”.


      2. @Nikki She’s a great example of ‘reaching for the stars.’ You don’t have to be a super model to marry a George Clooney.

        He wasn’t looking for the most beautiful woman, if he were he wouldn’t marry Amal. He was attracted to what Amal brought to the table. He finds her attractive, gravitas and intellectual pedigree. The whole package. So what if we don’t find her pretty, George does!


  1. Beloved Queen! Thou must-eth purchase a reusable coffee mug! I’m trying to avoid all things disposable myself…

    Thank you for your continued hard work. At a time when democratic ideals are under attack, your calm fabulosity buoys my sinking spirits.


    1. Sometimes people are told to carry an item such as a cell phone, a cup, papers, a bag by PR advisors for people who tend to be fidgety. Amal has a habit of flipping her hair and fiddling with her hair. Perhaps she was advised to hold onto something to avoid her habit.


  2. You are right Truth, she wanted to be famous and she reached to the “star” Clooney and married him. She will be remembered for that. :- )
    The truth is, Truth, that before her marriage, no one knew her.
    The second truth is, that unless we are George or Amal, and we are not, no one, Truth, no one, knows why he really married her, much less what he was attracted to .. thats the real truth, the rest is only gossip and speculations, like the tabloids being fed by their PR team.


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