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Amal and George Clooney attend OMEGA 50th Anniversary Moon Landing Event in Orlando, Florida, 09.05.2019

Amal and George Clooney attend OMEGA 50th Anniversary Moon Landing Event on May 09, 2019 in Orlando, Florida.

Amal Clooney was every inch the golden girl when she stepped out with her husband last night.

She wore a stunning golden gown for an Omega event in Florida to mark the 50th anniversary of the first moon landings.

Amal Clooney stole the spotlight in the beautiful asymmetrical dress, with 1920s-style fringe detailing, which swished as she walked.

Amal swept her luscious brunette locks into a classic side-parting leaving glossy waves cascading over her shoulders and down her back.

She enhanced her natural beauty with lashings of mascara and berry red lips, which matched her statement purple earrings.

She finished off her glamorous look with metallic gold pumps and a co-ordinating purse which she held in her hands.

George Clooney, who premiered his new TV show Catch-22 earlier this week, looked very dapper in a timeless black tuxedo.

The Oscar-winning actor, who is an ambassador for Omega watches, posed for pictures at the Florida event with several former NASA engineers and astronauts.

One of the attendees was Charles Duke, 83, who become the 10th person to walk on the moon in 1972 as a Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 16.

The Swiss luxury watchmakers Omega are releasing a limited edition Speedmaster Moonwatch, like the one worn by Buzz Aldrin during the 1969 moon landing, to mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing.

All videos by Alexandre Maras

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a custom fringed midi dress by ARMANI PRIVÉ

Here a similar dress from Spring 2019 Couture collection

JIMMY CHOO custom clutch

DIOR pointy metallic pumps


44 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney attend OMEGA 50th Anniversary Moon Landing Event in Orlando, Florida, 09.05.2019

  1. As a career professional working at NASA for 20 plus years I was elated to see the Clooneys and Omega partner together and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. To share this historic event with the combination of the Clooneys and Omega is touching to me. Thank you Nati for this post – it is sentimental to me for so many reasons.

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    1. Amal should stop microblading her eyebrows. I don’t understand why she does it. She has very strong, thick hairy brows. She looks so much better before George when she left them alone. It’s less severe and Joan Crawford-ish.

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  2. Amal behaves like if she were persuaded of being so beautiful that everyone only looks at her. Clooney speeks and Amal poses. She’s irritating.

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    1. Amal is a great example that regular looking women should be allowed to feel beautiful. Amal is a regular looking, ordinary woman, but she has the confidence of a beautiful, stunning model. Reality does not match her appearance but more power to her. Her delusion has helped her marry one of Hollywood’s long held bachelors.

      Granted, she didn’t marry George Clooney at his peak in appearance but an older, graying older less appealing version, she nonetheless married George Clooney. You think that would have happened, if she had a realistic view of her looks? No way, she needed her delusion as George was attracted to her confidence. Plus George is attracted to masculine-looking women. Actually, George and Amal look very similar like siblings!


      1. Many women don’t understand that Amal’s appeal is her confidence, which has no boundaries! She thinks so highly of herself and expects and demands that men around her should as well. It’s not what she says, but her energy (or her actions or lack of action) and how shes moves through the world. She will not settle for anything less than what she feels she deserves – hence, she was able to draw in a star like George Clooney. Plus she moved in those circles so that she would have an opportunity to meet George.

        Her appeal to the masses: she did what no woman thought was possible. It’s the fantasy story that every middle American woman dreams of. Amal believes she’s irresistibly charming, plus she has the intelligence to back up her wit. She does it with a faux-humility as not to offend. But, she’s a regular looking, average girl with exceptional charm and confidence. Her confidence is often confused for beauty because … her she exudes and indelible level of confidence that it’s often confused for beauty. Let’s all learn from her!


      2. Dear Gawd! Are you serious? Regular women should be ALLOWED to feel beautiful? Women don’t need to be ALLOWED to do ANYTHING. We do what we please.

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      3. @Twinnie You didn’t understand the jist of the post. Sigh.

        In short, ‘society’ doesn’t allow regular women the ‘right’ to feel anything other than regular, if not less than. Amal is an example of a woman who defied society’s message and lives her life as though she’s amazingly beautiful, even though she’s not.

        Learn from her. There’s nothing insulting. See the message and drop the unnecessary defensiveness.

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  3. It did not go unnoticed to me that her gown’s color matches perfectly to Omega’s branding. Lol. Coincidence? No. Amal’s game is hard to beat. She looks gorgeous here.

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      1. I know she was matching the logo. I just commented that very thing. Yes, I realize that this isn’t the first time Amal has matched her outfit to the occasion.


      1. In your opinion she looks like a model. Would she ever get booked and make a living as a professional model. No. I’m a booker and I can tell you, Amal is not a model.

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  4. So, George, after promoting coffee and his own booze now promotes watches, because his movies mainly tank? Well, i suppose that still counts as a ‘carreer’.

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    1. Gee… what is this? jalousy? come on…. a person does not have to be on top of their game their entire life to claim they had a career. Most of us wont accomplish halkf of what he did in 20 years. Did you?

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      1. His acting career was based on his former good looks, certainly not on his (non-existent abundant) acting skills or intellect (uni drop-out after 2 terms). He made most of his fortune from advertising.

        Nothing wrong with that, just not exactly proof of class. Many people make a fortune from selling trash, Rupert Murdoch and Tim Martin are other examples.

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  5. @Jessie
    “In short, ‘society’ doesn’t allow regular women the ‘right’ to feel anything other than regular, if not less than. ”

    Speak for yourself, you certainly do NOT speak for my and many other females segment of society. If you let your emotions and self-esteem be defined and influenced by the standards of the society you live in, you clearly have a problem.

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    1. @ Catherine Sewell /Twinnie Why so defensive?

      In short, very happy that you and other females in your segment of society are like Amal and believe you’re unbelievably beautiful, albeit average. Another cyber psychologist who analyzes from the comfort from her sofa, another handle on this blog?


      1. “Why so defensive?”

        I am not ‘defensive’ on my behalf, no need for that. Your assuming we / I look average has no effect on reality, it only speak volumes of your envy of others’ good looks and healthy self esteem. Your assumptions on my or Twinnie’s looks are as irrelevant as ‘society’s’, they simply don’t count.

        I was, if at all, ‘defensive’ against your concept that women, no matter what they actually look like, need anybody’s / society’s permission for feeling good about their looks which you call ‘average looks’. Maybe the segment of society you happen to live in is that oppressive, no clue, i suspect we roam rather different realms, but in MY neck of society’s woods we don’t need anybody’s permission. We are too accomplished, too well educated and too well-bred for that.

        You support and promote a rather oppressive notion towards female aestetics. Quite a disgrace and rather bitchy, from a female point of view, fankly.

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      2. “Another cyber psychologist who analyzes from the comfort from her sofa, another handle on this blog?”

        Thank you for introducing yourself. Much appreciated.

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      3. @Catherine Sewell –
        Once you stop trying to prove to the internet you’re so “well-bred” and educated, you may want to brush up on 4th grade grammar.

        It’s you’re, not your.

        I know you’re average-looking. And that’s why you’re really upset and defensive. Attractive, pretty women don’t get defensive about their appearance, they know they look good and don’t need to prove it.

        Oh and another tell is that people with good upbringing and ‘class’ never refer to themselves as being “well-bred.”


      4. Reading these comments, it seems as though some of your commenters lack basic reading comprehension skills. The original poster seemed to be suggesting that one SHOULDN’T use society’s standards as a benchmark for attractiveness. S/he uses Amal as an example of a person who does not care for society’s standard. I agree. Amal is not beautiful but is super confident. In my opinion, that’s way important.

        I don’t understand why all of these responses are attacking the original post? Makes no sense. Only can assume that these responders took what was written as a personal attack of ordinary looking women. Jesus why are women so quick to be so defensive when nothing offensive was said?


    2. I work at a modeling agency as a booker. Been doing the work for over 10+ years. My observation is as follows: the most beautiful stunning models have low to moderate self esteem. However, on the street, the ordinary, not-so-striking, fashion is very basic women are the ones who seem to have an air of offensively high self-esteem. One should like the form that one was given but I find it funny when I read these quotes and see that it’s always the basic women who disregard standards and think they’re beyond them. Going back to lurking. Have a nice day Nati.


      1. I went to grad school with an Alanis Morissette twin. I remember she would tell me that she’s considered modeling and was a dead ringer for Cindy Crawford? WTF? It was amusing and I politely smiled and did a fake head nod. I was astounded how does a 5 think she’s a 10?


      2. To Ledo2- if you have to ask what is a basic woman … I’m sorry to say you’re mostly one of them.


      3. You must know that “basic” and “average” are relative terms. Beauty is not objective, it’s subjective. Standards of beauty vary from epoch to epoch, culture to culture.

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  6. Well whatever she’s selling, I’m buying. She’s the total package. Brains, looks, confidence, and chutzpah. We should all be so lucky. I think she looks fantastic in this outfit. I especially love the purple drop earrings.


      1. Looks don’t matter when you are George Clooney’s wife. Amal is one of the luckiest women in the world to have found a man that truly loves her, children she seemed to always want, fame, access to high society, money and all things materialistic etc etc….this doesn’t change the fact that her body has always looked like a man’s – a feminine man – with no hips or shape below the chest….I once was at a dance show and some very attractive “women” were on stage….until I learned they were actually men in disguise….not to say that Amal is not a genuine XX chromosome…but these days, a good makeup artist and quality hair extensions can make just about anyone look good for the cameras.


  7. Dear Booker: My thought is that if you are not what you call an “ordinary” (!)
    or “basic”(!) woman in appearance, you would not be a Booker. You would probably be a model. Many times sales staff in expensive stores act as if they are economically well-off customers.


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