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Amal Clooney attends Kalisher Trust event in London 24.03.2019

Yesterday Amal Clooney attends an event organised by the Kalisher Trust at Middle Temple Hall in London.

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a


Double-breasted houndstooth wool-tweed mini dress

It is available here 40% off on myTheresa

And a DIOR Lady studded tote

5 thoughts on “Amal Clooney attends Kalisher Trust event in London 24.03.2019

  1. Was Amal upset that a younger woman wore an off a shoulder top and could even fractionally upstage her or take a minuscule amount of attention away from her?

    This outfit is the most the professional outfit she ever wore with the Dior purse. Gasp, is she finally looking situation-appropriate? *grasping pearls tightly*

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    1. I would love to second your statement if it was not for the ersatz-heavy metal Dior bag which i find utterly tacky. She should have opted for the classic black padded version Princess Diana often would sport.

      Also the rolled up sleeves are inappropriate. One can have sleeves shortened by a tailor.

      It appears she is wearing this attire either with black pants or black overknees. Here’s hoping for the pants.


      1. Ha, it’s all relative my dear. When I stated Amal finally is situation-appropriate I meant within the context of her usual sartorial decisions.

        I didn’t state that I thought her blazer/dress/Forever21-themed situation and her Dior-heavy-metal was tasteful. But compared to some eye-deadening choices, remember the red lace Elvira Meets Dracula coat/top monstrosity at the Anna Wintour event – this selection seems actually ‘good.’

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  2. @Jancie
    MARCH 26, 2019 AT 5:35 PM

    Thank your for the explanation. I see we are on the same side. I can second every word you said.


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