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Amal Clooney and Meghan Markle left New York for London 22.02.2019

Amal Clooney looks after her friends. Past month she took care of the Duchess of Sussex’s travel arrangements. Amal Clooney hired a private jet to fly Meghan Markle home from her baby shower in New York. She hopped aboard too, with her twins, Ella and Alexander. 

After Meghan Markle landed at Farnborough Airport in Hampshire.

MailOnline can reveal the Gulfstream G450 private jet is owned by a US company with the same name as one registered to the same Los Angeles address as two of George Clooney’s film companies, and all three appear to have the same agent.

The Clooneys were at Meghan’s wedding and have hosted her and Prince Harry at their home in Lake Como. Amal and Meghan have a lot in common — both are proud feminists and have been flung into the spotlight since meeting their high-profile husbands — both faced a public backlash for it, too. George Clooney and Prince Harry were the world’s most eligible bachelors and their wives have faced flack for taking them off the market.

Meghan and Amal were introduced by their husbands, who met at a private charity event in the UK and have become close friends. “When he started getting serious with Meghan, Harry introduced her to George and Amal, and the couple quickly started hanging out regularly,” says a Kensington Palace source. “It was a natural friendship from day one,” says another insider. When Markle moved across the pond, Amal Clooney helped her settle into London life and introduced her to her hairstylist, Miguel Martin-Perez. 

The pair have a similar style. Both are fans of shoes by designer Sarah Flint and Amal wore a yellow Stella McCartney dress to the royal wedding last May — the designer of Meghan’s second gown that day. They were invited to the after party and George brought along his own- brand Casamigos tequila to share around. He is protective of Meghan and has spoken out, defending her against negative press coverage. 

And Cindy Crawford too

In October 2018, Amal and Meghan wore both a dress by Safiyaa London

and they have the same Gabriela Hearst bag.

Meanwhile, both women are committed to Pilates — Meghan is a fan of Megaformer classes in London and LA and Clooney practises for 30 minutes a day. 

They share a taste for Italian food and wine. Clooney’s go-to drink is Franciacorta and she craved risotto during her pregnancy, while the Duchess named her blog after her favourite red wine — Tignanello Sangiovese. Her dish of choice is courgette Bolognese. She calls it “filthy, sexy pasta”.  

It’s not all fashion and food — both women do humanitarian work. Amal specialises in international law and human rights. Meanwhile, Meghan has been a UN advocate since 2015, and both were on Vogue’s list of the 25 most influential women in the UK. They are both also friends with Saudi activist Loujain Al-Hathloul, who was jailed last year for criticising her government and who appeared alongside Meghan in a Vanity Fair shoot in 2016. 

George and Amal Clooney with the same private jet on past summer.

Amal’s security guards

Amal’s security guard checking the private jet

21 thoughts on “Amal Clooney and Meghan Markle left New York for London 22.02.2019

    1. Wearing white to stand out AGAIN. Amal has VERY very square shoulders and that gown enhanced the broadness of her shoulders which exaggerates her masculine build. Bad choice.

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    2. Amal may have married the legendary movie star George Clooney, lives in riches beyond my belief and wear clothes that merit a blog such as this. But, she still looks like a man. As evidenced by Nati’s amazing chronicling of this blog, that money can not buy class, taste or true beauty.

      Thank you Nati for the work you put into his blog.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. @Nati We respect you and the hard work and research you put into this blog. But she does have very traditionally masculine features – it’s very obvious. Just because you don’t like people saying she looks like a man, doesn’t make it less true. Sorry.

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  1. Yeah i agreed they both turned out to be so similar, best buddies.
    I also expect any day an official comunication about “welcoming the arrival of twins” from Meghan…


  2. I’m curious what people’s thoughts are about the story in this attached link? This was just published a day after your post here
    I, for one, am not for cheap, gossipy… let’s create drama for people in the spotlight.. stories. I find them tasteless, crass, and seriously lacking in class when gossipy rag magazines pull crap like that.
    This article doesnt read like that. Thankfully. And it really does have some sound evidence that lends credence to what the author is assessing about this couple.
    I wanted to know what others thought…


    1. I think it sounds ridiculous to be honest. They are being watched and photographed, of course they are posing in many instances. I don’t believe any of it.


      1. It’s contextual in texture. Take the article WITH the thousands of photos of Amal posing, preening and prancing for the cameras – then the article supports the additional evidence. The article on its own doesn’t prove anything.

        George Clooney knew he had to marry the “right” woman. A woman who would not be afraid of cameras and would like the publicity. Otherwise, it wouldn’t work. George is a show man and he needed to marry a woman, who also loved the celebrity life. Boy, did he find the perfect match in Daily Mail heaven.

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  3. “Amal Clooney looks after her friends. Past month she took care of the Duchess of Sussex’s travel arrangements. Amal Clooney hired a private jet to fly Meghan Markle home from her baby shower in New York.”

    Meghan Markle is, thanks to her marriage into the Royal Family, rich enough to pay for her own transport.

    Amal should have donated the 300k $$ to a charitable cause, like supporting Nadia Murad and her co-victims.

    Also, hiring a private plane contradicts statements about caring for the climate, respectivly pretending to care about the climate.

    Apart from that, it does not help Amal’s reputation to socialize with the likes of Meghan Markle who managed to turn herself from everybody’s darling into Wallis Simpson Mk 2 within less than a year. Not only are her neverending feuds with her father and siblings tacky and embarrassing, so are her childish attempts of ’empowering’ sex-workers AKA modern slaves by scribbllng silly slogans on bananas. Meghan is a walking-talkng-scribbling-bumpcradling PR disaster of the worst kind. Amal will damage her reputation if she sticks to her.


      1. Thank you for the response, but the British and international MSM suggest otherwise. Can you name a reputable source who actually paid for this private lear-jet? It was not Meghan herself or Harry, for that matter. So far nobody else claimed payment, either.


  4. Truth, don’t we all have to marry the right person. I agree he was looking for certain qualities in a wife that you suggested, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t live and adore her. He never wanted to be a father, he’s pushing 60. Yet, he loved her enough to give her a family.

    I agree she loves the camera and attention, but that had nothing to do with their live for each other.


    1. I don’t understand your logic. I stated that her married the perfect woman because she loves celebrity and attention as much as him. That doesn’t exclude that he loves her and she loves him. Nor does it exclude any notion that they’re NOT right for each other – I supported your claim – they are PERFECT for each other – each is a celebrity fame monger. These are not mutually exclusive.

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      1. For example: JFK Jr and Carolyn Bessette were in many ways a horrible fit. She hated the attention, the paps, the cameras but that was the package of marrying JFK Jr. – a celebrity. You could tell how much she loathed the invasion of her privacy and the attention. But take Amal, she absolutely LOVES, relishes and beams in the spotlight – which makes her a perfect wife of a celebrity.

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      2. It sounded as if you were suggesting that He knew he had to marry someone that loved the limelight and somehow that validated that article. Which just keeps saying by the pose of their pictures, you can tell they aren’t on love or close. I think the article is ridiculous, I agree he wanted to marry someone to show off and she was game!


      3. @ Lulu Err did you actually read any of my posts? Your reading comprehension is faulty. I said HE DOES LOVE HER AND SHE LOVES HIM. Her loving the attention and him loving her and NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE!!! Please read comments before responding.

        SIgh does any do critical analysis anymore?


      4. @ Lulu George has been a celebrity for decades before he met Amal. Do you think she wasn’t savvy enough to know the TYPE of woman he had to marry? Yes, he knew that IF HE MARRIED AMAL she would have to be game for all the cameras and attention. SO YES YES YES YES he had to marry a famewhore like Amal. AND NO I DID NOT VALIDATE THE ARTICLE.

        Sigh, the public school education system needs a major overhaul.


  5. It’s good for the Clooney’s standing to be linked to royal family members. Harry and Meghan are not that rich, so they need rich friends, who can help them keep the high end comfortable life while not having to pay for it. In French they say: on ne prête qu’aux riches. When you have a name you don’t have to pay for much. This is why I believe that being big friends with the Clooneys was well calculatted by Meghan. I can’t even remember that she would have played in a movie with George.


  6. Truth, why so hateful and nasty? Just because I didn’t understand what you were trying to say, I see no reason for your behavior. Is that how you behave IRL?


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