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Amal Clooney meets Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt in London 12.12.2018

The case of the two Reuters journalists imprisoned for exposing the Rohingya crisis sends a chilling message. Journalism must never be a crime, as Jeremy Hunt discussed with Amal Clooney who is doing a great job representing Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo.

Jeremy Richard Streynsham Hunt (born 1 November 1966) is a British Conservative Party politician serving as Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs since 2018 and Member of Parliament (MP) for South West Surrey since 2005.


14 thoughts on “Amal Clooney meets Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt in London 12.12.2018

  1. Jeremy Hunt is also the idiot who in-famously mistook Japan for China (when referring to his wife’s birth country!!!) and who irreparably contributed for Brexit negotiations going downhill steeply by comparing the EU to a USSR prison – and never even having the guts to excuse for his extremely tasteless aberration. He is also a vivid supporter of limiting immigration, hence opposing the very segment of society Amal and her family represent. If they applied for asylumn these days, not decades ago – they would not have been accepted.

    What on earth drives Amal to meet with such british ‘dignitaries’? She tarnishes her professional and personal reputation.

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    1. All good points. But I think Amal is pretty single minded about her specific purpose of getting the journalists freed. ANd if Jeremy Hunt can help advance that, she’ll go meet him. At the level where she and Hunt are you do you and dont worry about reputations. Amal’s work is pretty stellar and Hunt’s not going to die from his mistakes.


      1. It’s not clear what the background is for this meeting and photo op. I think the context is important to have.

        What has been clear to me viewing Amal’s “work” via the internet is that she does not do trial work or nuts and bolts legal work on cases. What she does is PR via the media. I would be curious why you think this qualifies as stellar.. while utilizing PR/media/UN speeches will make a PR splash and exert enough pressure to get something done for someone like Nasheed. please remember that the way he escaped prison in his country was that his attorneys’ stated he needed medical care in England; he was released specifically for that. Now, once he was out of the country( the Maldives) he frankly wasn’t going to go back. That was trickery, not stellar legal work. And what I would say to you is what about all of the other human rights victims who are not the client of Doughty Street and a former head of state? What has Amal done for them? That is why, I responded as I did in the post about Trial watch.

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  2. After marrying George and fame and also after the Brexit, I suspect she is not interested in court cases in the UK, getting silk or even the European Union. Her focus is a much higher position, like the UN, that why she does conferences (some very political) and manages the press etc.
    Obviously she cannot be president of the US, but she can work at the UN, and clearly with fame and money, it is easy to move from law to politics.

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    1. I’m not British, but wouldn’t you think that ‘getting silk’ would be a goal for her as it makes a statement re:legal expertise? I also agree that a UN position may be a goal for her. I think she likes being in New York versus LA and it is a quicker commute back to Great Britain. I suspect this would pose an issue for her and George as George loves the LA lifestyle/weather.


  3. Amal has developed a powerful role as a public relations sounding board for the cases she picks. It’s true that her being a lawyer is less effective than her being a PR machine from her celebrity status, in helping these people, some of whom still face the same consequences regardless of her efforts. But afterall, she did originally specialize in entertainment law, not international criminal law. And the cases she has been successful at were more the result of the publicity she provided from her celebrity status rather than her legal skills. If she was not a celebrity, it would be much less likely that nasheed Mohamed or the the Egyptian journalist would have been free right now. This is also where wearing bright colors with pricey runway name labels can make a huge difference. The most powerful people these days are not lawyers, doctors or politicians, but rather celebrities.


  4. Amal has been off the radar for the past two months. Not even photos of her for a birthday outing. Wondering where she’s hiding out.


  5. I think that Amal is “hiding out” working behind the scenes
    while enjoying MOTHERHOOD with her husband and their
    adorable Twins.
    After all family life became late to both
    of them so I’d imagine they’re both énjoying it to the full.


    1. I think that those of us who have observed Amal since 2014 have formed the opinion that Amal is not a ‘behind the scenes’ person; she likes being in the public eye. The career modus operandi that she appears to have chosen is to use media, PR, photo opts frequently. I believe that is the role that she plays for her law firm on cases. George also uses the media for image purposes-I think this is common in Hollywood-IMO his public comments on Meghan Markle the other day were done for this reason. Having said all of this, kids are ‘little ones’ for a brief period, then they enter school, so spending as much time with them prior to entry into school seems to be a good prescription for any parents. However, I agree with other posters here who suspect there is something has changed in the marriage…we’ll see in time.


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