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Amal Clooney leaving New York 06.12.2018

Amal Clooney was spotted leaving the Hotel Four Seasons in New York carrying Ella and Alexander.

She was leaving New York for the Massachusetts Conference for Women in Boston.

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17 thoughts on “Amal Clooney leaving New York 06.12.2018

  1. Alexander looks like the love child of Nina & Baria (especially the brows & cheeks), while Ella looks a bit like Amal. Hard to tell who Ella looks like, actually, because so much of her brow is covered. They’re both cute, though.


  2. Nati, what a great selection of photos…These two are adorable and it looks like Ella has grown tremendously since the last photos in August; good for her. Alex looks like he is way ahead of the curve in growth. Their combined weight must be over 50 lbs and I am wondering why they aren’t walking the short distance to the van? With all of the traveling they have done in 18 months, I bet their passports are already so full of stamps that they need new ones. I wonder why George and Amal can’t coordinate their careers so that the kids can stay home with one parent, while the other one does their career thing. Little ones need a schedule and consistency. Just my opinion.


  3. I love seeing those two little cute baby twins of Amal and George but I do not like the fact that Alexander is not dressed apppropriately for those winter temperatures in NYC. It was on Nov,14 and it was on Dec.6 that Amal was carrying him out of a hotel without any cappy and shawl on. He is a boy but still a baby boy, who has to be protected from cold especially in the head area. It is such a contrast to the way Ella was dressed to keep her appropriately warm. Isn’t it ironical that even the bodyguard was wearing a knitted cappy and the teddy bears themselves had a shawl round their necks.
    The TMZ video showed how heavy the children were for Amal to carry on those high heel boots. She was staggering and for a moment I thought she would fall or drop one of them down. Why on earth did she have to carry both of them to the car? There were her mother-in-law,her husband as seen in your blog and the video and for sure some nannies or helping stuff and bodyguards to help her on that pap operation walk?. Was she willingly put on scene like that?

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    1. I agree. After I watched the video, I realized how phony and staged that was. It looked really awkward. She could have easily lost her grip if one of them had pulled back strongly as toddlers do.


  4. 1) Why is George not helping her carry the twins? That is a lot of weight to be carrying for skinny Amal. 2) Her coat vest if horrific. Tacky. 3) She looks exhausted. I guess two kids, speaking engagements, travel, and lawyer stuff must be taking a toll.


    1. If you look at the sequence of photos and review what the security guard is wearing, George left alone either before or after her.

      At the UN dinner arrival and departure, I notice the body language between them is not what it used to be. They used to always face in towards each other and seem more enamored. George looks sad, whereas, Amal looks like the cat that caught the canary.

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    2. Donnie….very simple: Amal knew the photographers were there waiting, and she obviously wanted to be photographed carrying them BOTH. Do you see her crying in pain ? No, she is having the biggest smile. They have nannies, assistants, body guards and family around her that typically (when photographers are not nearby) do this job.
      About her looks, she is just not eating enough to be skinny and look good in fashion..

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  5. Why is she residing in a hotel in NY city when they own a huge residence there?

    She looks skinny to almost skeletal and stressed, the outfit in it’s entirety is ugly. She can do better.

    The childrens’ faces should be pixeled.


  6. OMG!! Alexander is George’s miniature and Ella Amal’s miniature. Ella is already a fashionista hahahah carrying her own little bag already, lol


  7. This sounds so staged. I have troubles carying my 6kg dog on one hand, and can’t imagine I’d cary one in each hand, so I wondered how the hell could she hold so much weight. Well the press was there and when they show one pic in the magazines she looks like the perfect Wonder woman who does everything including holding a kid on each arm. But I guessed it was just like for barely 5 minutes, from the entrance to the car. The little videos you posted confirmed it.


  8. I have fraternal twins and this brings back lots of memories when I’ve had to carry both at the same time. Sometimes the twins were super attached to me and wanted to be carried at once and because twins have essentially the same life until they get separated at school or at play dates, they always want to be together. At the age of the Clooney’s children, it is not impossible for them to carry them both at the same time, it’s just depends on how strong you are. Now, despite my twins weighing at least 25 kg each, I can honestly say that if I really had to, I can get one piggy back on the back and lift the other at the front, as both can hold on. The difficult moments was when they were super tiny and they couldn’t support their necks by themselves, so you’d have to get a baby carrier at the back and front if you wanted to carry them and still do something with your hands. Twin mums just get stuff done and progressively become stronger physically to compensate when the twins get bigger.


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